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Why Are Louis Vuitton Bags So Popular and Expensive

Why Are Louis Vuitton Bags So Popular and Expensive

The main question of the ages about Louis Vuitton is: why are LV bags so popular and expensive? Why most fashionistas all over the world desire to buy at least one luxury Louis Vuitton handbag in their collection? 

Over the years Louis Vuitton remains one of the most successful designers. Here are some of the big reasons of a huge demand for their luxury handbags:

  • advantageous location of factories and innovative way of bag manufacturing
  • high-quality products
  • exclusivity of used materials and decorations
  • glamorous brand image

However, there are a lot of other reasons Louis Vuitton is such a popular brand that attracts attention.

 We will discuss all these aspects in detail below.


How Louis Vuitton Bags Are Made

Until 2005 to produce a Louis Vuitton bag was needed about 8 days and between 20 and 30 craftsmen. This traditional process was the synonym of quality for customers, but it was not efficient to the growing demand, the company was not prepared to speed up production. That is why in 2005 the LV Company has changed its strategy to produce products faster and at the same time to maintain high quality.

In 2020 its staff of leather goods specialists expanded to around 4,000 workers and they are able to carry out different tasks in the assembly process. Computer technology allowed to identify flaws in the skin and reduce defects before the bags will go to the store for sale. To preserve the centuries-old name of the brand and continue to delight the buyers with unique and high-quality bags, handbags were assembled by hand on the premises by some 250 workers trained to work on specialist stitching machines.

Thus, Louis Vuitton reached a combination of automation and hand-made processes leading to a better ratio between quality and speed, maintaining the reputation of the brand.

For greater prestige, you can buy a custom-made Louis Vuitton bag (which means it was made completely by hand) at the atelier in France, but you should know that it will cost much more money.


Where Louis Vuitton Bags Are Made?

This is the second most popular question and feature of success Louis Vuitton’s bags. The peculiarity of Louis Vuitton is in declaring that their products can be made only in Western Europe because Western European artisans are the only people who know what real quality is. Let’s dispel all the myths about it!

To be authentic, Louis Vuitton produces the goods not only in France, the company ownes some factories in Spain and Southern California. That is why authentic Louis Vuitton leather bags collections are exclusively produced in workshops located also in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the United States. In the USA there are three known Louis Vuitton factory locations:

  • San Dimas, California;
  • Irwindale, California;
  • Keene, Texas.

The USA factories mainly produce canvas products: Monogram, Damier and Multicolore canvas that is discontinued now.

Some customers ask if the authentic LV handbags can be produced in China. I assure you that real Louis Vuitton bags are not made there. If you see the inscription “Made in China”, it is a fake!

You can also see more information about authentic LV handbags production in our article on where authentic bags from the renowned designer brand are made.


What Louis Vuitton Bags Are Made of?

Authentic LV handbags are made out of costly materials such as high-quality leather, boa, crocodile, lambskin, camel skin and others.

Let's take a look at each individual material of the bags.


What Is Canvas Made of


Canvas is a woven material that is made of cotton with a layer of PVC coat. It is actually more durable and water-resistant than any type of leather that is why it is used for bags, belts, and wallets. Canvas is a fabric that does fade over time but you'll notice it only after 10 years or more. Do not worry about it.

Furthermore, the material is stitched to leather, and it provides the form and rigidity of the accessory. Aside from Monogram canvas, there are Damier Ebene and Damier Azur canvas, as well as Monogram Multicolore canvas, which is colored.


What Is Vachetta Leather Made of

Vachetta leather is an untreated and unprotected vegetable-tanned leather made from cowhide. The feature of Vachetta leather is in the fat content that creates a soft, oily touch finish.  


What Is Louis Vuitton Vernis Leather Made of

Some Louis Vuitton fans consider that authentic Vernis handbags are made of vinyl due to its shiny surface. However, it's a myth. Vernis leather is made of embossed calfskin leather, which is coated with a patent finish that gives the fabric a shiny look. Consequently, Vernis leather is quite expensive.


What Is Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Made of

Epi leather is tanned with special plant extracts and then deep-dyed. After this, a special coloration is applied to the surface of the grain, which creates its distinctive colored two-toned effect and resistance to water and scratching.


What Is Louis Vuitton Empreinte Leather Made of


Empreinte leather is made of high-quality calfskin, which makes the bag very supple, durable and easy to take care of.


What Is Exotic Leather Made of

It all starts with leather procured from all over the world, like South Asia, Africa, and America. To make one bag, craftsmen work on 3-5 crocodile skins more than 16 weeks, tanning, dyeing and nourishing them. To get that shiny surface of the leather, artisans use a natural agate stone. This is a really difficult and labor-intensive process!

Aside from crocodilian skin Louis Vuitton uses python and lizard skins in their manufacturing process.


Can Louis Vuitton Bags Be Repaired?

If your LV handbag is too dirty, I advise you to read our article to know how to safely clean your Louis Vuitton handbag

The feature of LV is that if all written methods of cleaning will not help you to remove all the stains, you can easily repair particular elements of your bag at a Louis Vuitton repair service. The official current prices of repaired parts you can also find at the following link.


Celebrities Carrying Louis Vuitton Bags

Another thing that makes this brand so popular is the fact that we see some of the biggest celebrities in the world carrying Louis Vuitton bags. This makes them an instant hit because looking at our idol, we want to buy the same items and look as gorgeous as they are!


Such celebrities as Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and Taylor Swift adore Louis Vuitton bags and have a big collection of them! Actually, Louis Vuitton handbags are practical and never will go out of style! 


Why Does Louis Vuitton Burn All Their Unsold Bags?

A certain oddity as it may seem to you, but there is an explanation for burning all the unsold stuff in the end of the year.

Once the LV bags are removed from sale, the items can be gifted to someone, or the employees can buy them at a very low price, even at cost.

But, if the handbag doesn’t sell, isn’t gifted, or isn’t bought by internal customers, it should be destroyed. As Louis Vuitton handbags are fireproof, they can’t be burnt and fabrics sell them off to recyclers. The reason is that luxury items are considered luxury for their scarcity and by destroying the remaining, you can control the demand and protect the value, worth and brand identity of the product. When products come out in small numbers, a buzz is created instantly and people crave the latest style of bag!

Anyway, why would they destroy the bags?

Louis Vuitton doesn't have sales ever. There are also no outlets. By maintaining their prices and destroying all the unsold inventory at the end of the year, they make darn sure that LV will be always expensive and popular.

Luckily, at Bagaholic handbag authentication service, we offer a lot of authentic Louis Vuitton items at 30-70% off their retail price. Shop now and enjoy the discounts. 


Why do you like Louis Vuitton bags? Do you think they're too expensive? Share your thoughts in comments!

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  • Posted by V. Gorham on

    Welll.. Let’s start with my LV story. I live in California, and at the ripe age of 19yrs old, I was working at a fast food restaurant. I saved up money to buy my first LV bag. Was the speedy..(originally known in the streets and the bowling bag). I paid $450.00 plus tax for this purse. That was 35 years ago. Since then I have acquired 8 LV bags, 1 bumbag, 5 wallets, 2 pairs of sandals and 1 pair of sunglasses.. My first Louie that I still have til this day looks like it’s been to war and back. The inside has the old brown suede lining and all. The quality has indeed changed over the years, but I truly believe the value and beauty is worth it. I often tell my two adult sons, that the day I’m no longer on the beautiful earth..(sell these items) do not give away or disregard in any way! There is money to be made.. Didn’t mean for this to be sooo long. Needless to say! I LOVE LV.. If I knew they burn bags, I’d go to the factory in California and beg for the opportunity to purchase one or two pieces. What a story that would be. For any execs that may read this. Please contact me! I’d love to talk about it!!
    A loyal LV lover!!
    V. Gorham

  • Posted by Maria Rolon on

    I purchased a chocolate Muria bag one week ago. Turns out this color was introduced in the 2020 collection but not in 2021. Yet, I bought mine in 2021.🧐
    This is proof not all LV products are destroyed.
    By the way, it is my first ever LV at age 61. This bag was made for me. The leather is a deep chocolate which makes it exquisite to look at and touch. I am so happy we came together at the right time, right place.

  • Posted by Latrece R WALLACE on
    I am really proud and love carry all my Louis Vuitton’s . I have a collection that I am working on from duffle bags to purse’s. I believe the best way to store your purse is in its dust cover and away from the light on a top shelf. Enjoy them and take them out for a spin on the town. Sincerely, Latrece W.

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