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Chanel Bag Authentication Service [Online]

chanel bag jewelry authentication service

Are you purchasing a secondhand Chanel bag or wallet? Congratulations! We know that Chanel bags are crazy expensive so secondhand / vintage Chanel handbag is a savvy purchase, especially considering that the quality of vintage items is often better.

However, shopping secondhand also involves a greater degree of risk, as market is flooded with Chanel replicas. That is why, it's important to authenticate a Chanel bag before purchasing it.

Do you want a Chanel expert to look at your items and give a green light for your purchase? Look no further, you'll only need to send us high-resolution pictures of your item or a link for the item you're purchasing. Authentication is done online and you'll get your verdict within 24 hours.

At Bagaholic Authentication Services, we strive to protect buyers of secondhand Chanel bags and accessories from counterfeit.


Chanel Bag Authentication

chanel bag authentication service

Whether you're eyeing a Chanel Flap, Boy bag or a vintage Chanel bag, we'll not only help you to authenticate your Chanel bag, but also analyze the listing to determine whether there is something suspicious about this purchase and let you know accordingly.

If you already have a specific Chanel purse in mind and want to authenticate it before purchasing, be sure that it's possible to authenticate your Chanel item online. To do that, you only need a specific set of pictures.


Chanel Wallet Authentication

Aside from handbags, we also offer Chanel wallet authentication services. We basically authenticate any Chanel leather accessories, such as coin purses, belts etc. The price is fixed for any Chanel item and it starts with $20 per verbal authentication.

To have your Chanel wallet checked, order the service and send us detailed pictures of your item, including hardware, signs of wear, inside, stamp and serial number.

Scroll down to order Chanel wallet authentication.


Vintage Chanel Authentication

Are you keen on vintage Chanel items? We totally get you. Not only it means higher quality, but also has a beautiful story.

Don't hesitate to send us your item for a check. Vintage Chanel authentication requires the same set of pictures as any other item, however, it's more difficult to perform as some parts of the item may be missing due to age and use.

Scroll down to order vintage Chanel authentication service.


Chanel Jewelry Authentication Service

vintage jewelry chanel authentication service onlineChanel pearl necklaces, brooches and earrings have become staples of the French brand. It's the iconic accessory that elevates any outfit.

We authenticate Chanel jewelry, such as brooches, earrings, necklaces. To authenticate Chanel jewelry, make sure you have the pictures of the tiny stamp that is usually located on the back side of the brooch or necklace.


Chanel Authentication for PayPal / Ebay disputes

chanel bag online authentication ebay paypal disputes

Have you purchased a Chanel bag on Ebay and discovered that it might be fake? Let us help you return your hard-earned money.

We'll create a 3-4 pages statement explaining in detail why the purse is authentic or fake. Each report requires 2-4 hours of an authentication expert's time.

Bagaholic letters of explanation are accepted by the major payment providers and marketplaces, such as PayPal and Ebay. We have helped over 100 people to return their money after they were sold a fake bag instead of a real one and we're proud to stand for authenticity.


Check New Chanel Chip Authenticity 

chanel with chip authentication

From 2021, Chanel stopped using serial numbers and introduced RFID chips. Now Chanel authentication has become even more complicated. We authenticate Chanel bags with newer RFID chip.


Reliable Chanel Authenticator

Each Chanel item is worth at least several thousand dollars. Having sold over 500 Chanel purses, we understand the responsibility behind every decision. Bagaholic is a Chanel authenticator that will support you on the journey to your luxury handbag collection or reselling business. Trusted by over 100 resellers from all over the world, we are proud of having saved our customers over $1,000,000 total.


How to Authenticate a Chanel bag, jewelry or accessory

To authenticate a Chanel bag, follow the steps below.

1)  Choose the service you need below (verbal online authentication, certificate of authenticity or a certificate with a letter for disputes).

2) Order the service.

3) Send the pictures of your item or a link to your item to

4) Get your Chanel bag's authenticity check within 24 hours.

Please check that if you have the full set of pictures. Here are the pictures required to have your item checked by an expert.

Chanel Bag Online Authentication Service set of pictures



Note: Picture of all the details must be crystal clear and taken directly to the camera. If item pictures are not clear enough, the verdict will be provided with a percentage degree (For instance, 'Authentic 70%').

Important! Please note that at the moment we only offer authentication of vintage Chanel bags and items that have serial numbers. We do not offer authentication of newer handbags without serials.

We also authenticate Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior and YSL.