Refund policy

With regard to the authentication services provided, the company holds the following refund policy:

The company:

  • Will refund the authentication fee if, after Client has provided the information requested by the authenticator in full, the Company is unable to complete the authentication and render the verdict.
  • Will not refund the Client’s authentication fee merely because the verdict regarding authenticity does not meet the outcome they were hoping.
  • Will not refund due to factors outside of the Company’s control, such as when Client sent an item for authentication, and the item sold while the authentication was in progress.
  • Will not refund if the Client is unable to provide the pictures required for proper authentication. The required pictures are listed on the page. The verdict will then be issued as a probability percent (e.g. Authentic 95%)
  • Will not refund if photos for the examination have not been provided within three (3) days of authentication service order. The Company will declare the authentication “inconclusive” and completed based on lack of photographic evidence.

With regard to the digital products, the company holds the following refund policy:

The company:

  • Will refund if a request for refund was sent within one hour of purchase.
  • Will not refund if over one hour has passed from the moment of purchase / if a refund is requested due to any other reason.