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Chanel US Price Increase 2023: Prices + Thoughts

Chanel has just hit the market with another steep price increase that positions the brand right next to Hermes. The biggest price increase before that happened in November 2021.

The March 2023 was a global increase, affecting many markets, including the Chanel home market. Below you can find the new, updated prices of Chanel Bags for 2023.


​Chanel Classic Flap New 2023 Prices

chanel flap bag price increases

Classic Flaps faced a double-digit price increase of 11-17% in 2023, with smaller purses having the least price changes and the bigger sizes going up by more than 15%. Customers who were eyeing the most popular medium size had to pay $1,400 more overnight, something that caused a backlash in the social media.

Classic Bags New Price Old Price % Increase Delta
Chanel Classic Mini Square Flap Bag $4,700 $4,200 12% $500
Chanel Classic Mini Rectangular Flap Bag $4,900 $4,400 11% $500
Chanel Classic Small Flap Bag $9,600 $8,200 17% $1,400
Chanel Classic Medium Flap Bag $10,200 $8,800 16% $1,400
Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag $11,000 $9,500 16% $1,500
Chanel Classic Maxi Flap Bag $11,500 $10,000 15% $1,500


To learn more about pricing in other regions, please refer to our evergreen price lists:


Chanel Reissue Bags New 2023 Prices

Reissue saw price increases very similar to the ones for classic bags.

Reissue Bags New Price Old Price % Increase Delta
Chanel Reissue Mini Bag $4,900 $4,400 12% $500
Chanel Reissue Regular Bag $10,200 $8,800 16% $1,400
Chanel Reissue Large Bag $11,000 $9,500 16% $1,500
Chanel Reissue Maxi Bag $11,500 $10,100 14% $1,400


Chanel WOC Bags New 2023 Prices

One of the most affordable Chanel bags is not that starter-friendly anymore. An entry-level bag is out of the $2,000s range forever.

WOC bags New Price Old price % Increase Delta
Chanel Classic WOC bag $3,350 $2,950 14% $400
Chanel Boy WOC bag $3,425 $3,000 14% $425


Chanel Boy Bags New 2023 Prices

Compared to classic flap bags, Chanel kept other silhouettes affordable. At least the majority of handbags are still within $5,000-$6,000. This price tag may drive regular people crazy but for fashion lovers it means they're still in the game.

Boy Bags New Price Old Price % Increase Delta
Chanel Small Boy Flap Bag $6,100 $5,400 13% $700
Chanel Medium Boy Flap Bag $6,600 $5,900 12% $700
Chanel Large Boy Flap Bag $7,000 $6,200 13% $800

Chanel 19/22 Bags New 2023 Prices

The price increase was not that steep for the Chanel 19/22 that is continuing to gain popularity.

Chanel 19/22 Bags New Price Old Price % Increase Delta
Chanel 19 Small Bag $6,400 $5,700 12% $700
Chanel 19 Large Bag $6,800 $6,300 9% $500
Chanel 19 Maxi Bag $7,500 $6,900 9% $600
Chanel 22 $5,800 $5,300 9% $500


Chanel Coco Handle 2023 Prices

Coco Handle bags New Price Old Price Increase % Delta
Chanel Coco Handle Mini $5,400 $4,800 13% $600
Chanel Coco Handle Small $5,900 $5,000 18% $900
Chanel Coco Handle Medium - $5,500 - -


Is Chanel Still Worth it?

What does it mean for fashion enthusiasts? For years Chanel has mostly been competing in the Louis Vuitton price range. Now a classic flap in the most popular medium size has crossed a psychological threshold of $10,000, which positions the brand in the premium Hermes price range.

A maxi classic flap is $11,500, while the Hermes Birkin retails for $11,600. That's something that still has to sink in. Some people would argue that with this kind of money you could buy a car. Will the exorbitant price and the constant price increases impact core Chanel consumer?

However, the price increase of 20-30% over recent years will probably squeeze out fashion lovers with average income towards the secondhand luxury market. Even though Chanel classic bags retain their value pretty well, the opportunity to save several thousand dollars on a dream purse will apparently seduce a lot of collectors and enthusiasts.



If these prices seem like a lot, you can always save by buying a preloved Chanel bag. Don't forget to authenticate Chanel bag before buying (you can also use our Free Chanel Serial Number Checker) to make sure you're investing in a real deal! We at Bagaholic have over 10 years of experience working with preloved Chanel purses and are ready to share our expertise.

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