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Louis Vuitton Neverfull Online Authentication Course (ADVANCED)

  • $299.00
  • $499.00
This online authentication course is a complete guide to authenticating a Neverfull tote (including mirror replicas!)

This course is for you if you already know what a heat stamp is and why fonts are important, and how to read date codes but you're unsure when it comes to mirror replicas.

This course is a 4-hour screencast full of practice. During this screencast, we'll review 150+ Neverfull handbags from Louis Vuitton emphasizing in detail why this or that Neverfull handbag is authentic / not authentic.

I collected 10 years of daily authentication experience to offer the course on how to authenticate a handbag that counterfeiters from all over the world fail to copy.

Basically, by reviewing only one purse, you'll be able to identify how fakes and super fakes are different from authentic items. You'll master the general approach to verifying the best replicas that are impossible to tell for most people even if they know how to authenticate.

After purchasing the course, you'll get a login/password to our learning system within 24 hours.