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Free Louis Vuitton Authentication: Check Louis Vuitton Date Code Online


 check louis vuitton date code online free

Check your Louis Vuitton bag's date code and learn if your bag is real or fake!

(last update 5/23/2024)


ATTENTION! Please note that even if a successful date code check doesn't guarantee that the item is authentic.


To thoroughly check a Louis Vuitton bag or accessory and be 100% sure if a bag is real or fake, order professional Louis Vuitton authentication online for as low as $10.

48% of Louis Vuitton bags we authenticated last year were proven to be replicas

... their date codes were legit!

If you think about it, this horrendous statistics means 2 things.

  • First, over 50% of sellers who claim their Louis Vuitton secondhand purse to be authentic, are actually selling a fake bag, consciously or unconsciously.
  • Second, for a luxury purse lover there's over a 50% chance that instead of investing in a designer purse, a buyer may end up with wasting a big pile of money on a replica.

Replicas have become tremendously good. One of the two date codes from Louis Vuitton handbags listed below is authentic, while another one is a replica. Can you tell which handbag is real and which is not?

louis vuitton authentication

In fact, 48% of Louis Vuitton replica bags we authenticated last year had legit date codes.

Don't give away your hard-earned money to counterfeiters. Authenticating Louis Vuitton purses before buying prevents bitter resentment and money loss.


My Louis Vuitton item does not have a date code

Here's what might be the explanation:
  • Your item is vintage and was manufactured before 1980
  • The date code (often referred to as a serial number) was stamped into lining and worn off. It is very typical for alcantra lining. Looks at the examples below - it's barely visible.
  • Your handbag is manufactured after March 2021. These have microchips and no date codes.
  • On extremely rare occasions, you can find an authentic Louis Vuitton bag without a date code and manufactured between 1980-2021. It can be a production defect or appear as a result of handbag repair (note that it's not a standard process, it basically means that something went wrong).

Where can I find my Louis Vuitton bag's date code / serial number?

Louis Vuitton's date codes are always located on different parts of a bag. Follow the guidelines to find your item's date code.
  1. Check the item's pockets for a small rectangular leather tab.
  2. Check the item's pockets for a date code embossed on the top inside part of the pocket.
  3. Check the item's pockets for a date code embossed next to the sewing in the pocket.
  4. If it's a Keepall gym bag or a Speedy doctor bag, open the purse and find 4 leather tabs. One of them will have a date code on it, most typically this tab will be located under the pocket.
  5. If your item has a D-ring inside, then check out the D-ring leather holder to see if there's a date code on it.
  6. Look inside the item for a date code. Occasionally, it'll be just be inside the purse.

where can I find the date code serial number on my louis vuitton bag

The most typical location, not exclusive though, can be inside a pocket (next to the sewing line). The date code can be stamped on a leather rectangular tag inside, onto the lining or to the vachetta (white leather) piece.
To find a date code in Neverfull, Speedy, Pochette Metis and other popular LV handbags, visit our Louis Vuitton Date Code Guide.
Keep in mind that a date code on an item does not guarantee that its authenticity since many counterfeit items also have legit date codes. A legit and properly stamped date code is just one of many parameters that are checked to guarantee the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton handbag. Learn more about our authentication process here.

Does LV offer authentication?

No. Louis Vuitton stores do not offer authentication services. It makes so much sense just because their main business is selling new bags rather than secondhand items. Moreover, their employees are not allowed to authenticate items.

However, you always hear stories that someone had their handbag checked at Louis Vuitton. That may mean a few things. It may be the case that they have found a compassionate employee who actually takes interest in authenticating Louis Vuitton items and was ready to help. Others just imply that they have brought a bag for repair and by accepting it the boutique confirmed that it's authentic.

Summary: Important Things on Louis Vuitton Authentication

Here's are a few important points that you should take into consideration when using a free LV Authenticator:

  • A date code on the Louis Vuitton item does not necessarily indicate that the purse or any other accessory is authentic or fake.
  • A legit Louis Vuitton date code does not necessarily mean that the bag or any other accessory is authentic or fake.
  • The absence of a date code on a Louis Vuitton purse doesn't necessarily mean that the item is authentic or fake.