Why Trust Us?

9 Reasons to Trust Us Backed Up By Facts

The question we get a lot is this: 'Is this site legit'?

We could've written here that we're a large reputable company, we have thousands of customers across the world. 

However, we're a small company of 5 people only.

We're based in the Netherlands. We've been working in preloved luxury business for almost 10 years and luxury handbags have been our passion ever since.

We understand it's hard to trust these days, especially provided we're far away from you. To help you learn more about us, we gathered some facts that you can check yourself to make sure we're real and we're honest.



1. Watch our YouTube videos and - we've been there since 2015

Since we only started we've been very honest and open. We've been active in social networks for more than 4 years - you can scroll down to be beginning of our Youtube. Every time we get an interesting item in stock, we're releasing a new video. On average, we release 2 new videos a week.

2. Check our tracking history for 2 years

We're based in Moscow, Russia. Yes, it's a little bit far away. However, every month we're shipping over 20 items worldwide and we can provide our tracking history upon request. Here's a screenshot, feel free to check any tracking number via USPS website as well as to request  the full list from us (message us via messenger on this website).


3. You can read our book on Amazon

This website was established by Anastasiya Koshkodaeva, an author of the 'Bagaholic to Business' book published on Amazon. You can check it here.


4. Each transaction on this website is backed up by PayPal buyer protection

4. We accept payment via PayPal goods or services only. This means that our transaction is always protected. Feel free to check PayPal buyer protection which basically protects you from all types of scams. They also make sure you get your money back if someone tries to sell you a fake.

5. Check out our stores and feedback on major marketplaces

We are present on major marketplaces such as ebay or Bonanza. We mostly sell via our website so we don't have tons of feedback there - but we're proud to have some. We all have to start somewhere anyway.


6. All listed items are in our possession

To ensure that each listed item is in our possession, each item is photographed with our name card and with the same modelling shot. Therefore, we only sell items that we have inspected and have on our possession. We're ready to offer additional pictures and/or videos if necessary.

7. See every aspect of an item you're buying

Unlike many other preloved luxury shops, we offer very detailed pictures of an item you're buying with close-ups of every detail you need to authenticate an item and to ensure its condition is something you want. You can also authenticate an item before buying via third-party. We're open to external autehtnications.


8. Check our Verified Business status on Entrupy.com

Apart from being an authentication company, we are also an official Entrupy Verified Business. You can check us via their website.

bagaholic online luxury reseller

 9. Check out our testimonials

Yes, they are screenshots. But they're real and we're proud have them. If you're on Facebook, we can provide links to each of these testimonials - they're online and available.