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Why Trust Us?

6 Reasons to Trust Us Backed Up By Facts

The question we get a lot (and you might be asking now) is this: 'Is Bagaholic (lvbagaholic) legit'?

We could've stated here that we're a large reputable company and we have thousands of customers across the world. 

However, we're a small family business of 4 employees only.

We're based in the Netherlands. We've been working in preloved luxury resale for almost 10 years and luxury handbags have been our passion ever since. You can check our Testimonials here.

We understand it's hard to trust these days, especially provided we're far away from you. To help you learn more about us, we gathered some facts that you can check yourself to make sure we're real and we're honest.


1. We're a registered business in The Netherlands

Here are our details:

Bagaholic B.V.

Chamber of Commerce 86014714

Establishment no. 000052016641

VAT: NL863832519B01

Maarsbergenstraat 402B

2546 SZ

The Hague, The Netherlands


2. We have over 10 years of hands-on experience of dealing with authentic designer brands

is lvbagaholic legit


3. We've been on YouTube since 2015

Since we have started we've been very honest and open. We've been active in social networks for more than 4 years. To check this, you can scroll down to the first videos on Youtube. Every time we receive an interesting and rare designer handbag, we're releasing a new video.

With almost 8,000 subscribers, we used to release 2 new videos a week. We're currently going back on track.

Some of our videos have even gone viral. Check out this LV Neverfull real fake comparison!


4. Each transaction on this website is backed up by additional PayPal buyer protection

We accept payment via PayPal goods or services only to our official account. This means that each transaction is always protected. Feel free to check PayPal buyer protection which basically protects you from all types of scams.


5. All listed items are in our possession

At the moment, we are not selling designer handbags. However, we had been doing this for 8+ years and you might want to take a look at the security measures we used to stick to for our customers.

To ensure that each listed item is in our possession, each item was photographed with our name card and with the same modelling shot. Therefore, we used to sell items that we had inspected and had in our possession. We're ready to offer additional pictures and/or videos if necessary.


6. Check out our testimonials

Yes, they are screenshots. But they're real and we're proud have them. If you're on Facebook, we can provide links to each of these testimonials - they're online and available.

is lvbagaholic legit