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Order Authentication Services

Professional online designer bag authentication services of your Louis Vuitton / Gucci / Dior / Chanel item delivered within 24 hours

If you want to check if a secondhand designer handbag or accessory you're going to purchase is authentic, Bagaholic authentication services can help you to gain peace of mind. We also authenticate smaller accessories like vintage wallets, belts, sneakers, cardholders, charms etc.

On this page, you can order designer bag authentication services for such luxury brands as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, YSL, Christian Dior, Hermes, and much more.

For each brand 3 main types of authentication services are available:

  • Verbal authentication
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Certificate of Authenticity with Explanation

Please first select the brand you'd like to authenticate. You'll be able to define the authentication type and any add-ons (Certificate of Authenticity, Letter for Disputes and chargebacks, item identification, price evaluation) that you might need in the next step.

After purchasing the service, please send pictures of your item to We'll get back to you within 24 hours.


  • "I almost spent my monthly salary on a replica. Thank you for saving my money. "

    Rachael M

  • Thank you for confirming the authenticity of my aunt's purse! I am impressed with your knowledge of vintage.

    Maribel S

  • OMG! I would've never guessed something is wrong with the bag. Thank you!

    John T