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Expert Louis Vuitton Bag Authentication Service [Online]

Bagaholic Louis Vuitton Bag Authentication Service [Online]

louis vuitton authentication services

If you're looking to buy a preloved handbag to grow your handbag collection and want some peace of mind, we are here to help you be 100% confident that the purse that you're buying is authentic, with professional Louis Vuitton authentication services.


Why Authenticate?

55% of 6578 designer handbags we authenticated last year were proven to be replicas

If you think about it, this horrendous statistics means 2 things.

  • First, over 50% of sellers who claim their secondhand item to be authentic, are actually selling a fake item, consciously or unconsciously.
  • Second, for a luxury purse lover there's over a 50% chance that instead of investing in a designer purse, a buyer may end up with wasting a big pile of money on a replica.

Don't give away your hard-earned money to counterfeiters. Order Louis Vuitton authentication services before you buy the item to make sure your handbag is legit.


New Era of Mirror 1:1 Replicas

Replicas have become tremendously good. One of the two date codes from Louis Vuitton handbags listed below is authentic, while another one is a replica. Can you tell which handbag is real and which is not?

authenticate louis vuitton bag purse

In fact, 48% of Louis Vuitton replica bags we authenticated last year had legit date codes.

Gone are the days when replicas were sloppy and the date codes were not legit. It's about inclination of one digit now.

Moreover, there are no date codes anymore. That means other bag elements require a much more thorough check.


Get Online Luxury Bag Authentication

louis vuitton online bag authentication services

Get online authentication services from people who love luxury bags as much as you do. Our luxury bag authentication services before buying the bag of your dream to enjoy the purse with some peace of mind.


We Authenticate the Following Luxury Items:

At Bagaholic, we've been specializing in authenticating Louis Vuitton canvas/leather items and accessories, both vintage and modern from 2010. We are proud to provide luxury bag authentication services for other designer brands too.

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We provide professional online authentication and evaluation of the following items:

  • Louis Vuitton bag authentication services
  • Vintage Louis Vuitton authentication services
  • Louis Vuitton luggage authentication services
  • Louis Vuitton wallets and pochettes authentication services
  • Louis Vuitton sneakers authentication services
  • Louis Vuitton sunglasses authentication services
  • Louis Vuitton jewelry authentication services
  • Louis Vuitton accessories authentication services

Not only we authenticate canvas/leather accessories from Louis Vuitton, we are also keen on authenticating smaller items like sunglasses, jewelry or dustbags, from rare vintage to the modern ones, which do not have date codes.

You can always order additional luxury bag authentication services for your items, such as price evaluation and item identification.

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Order Louis Vuitton Bag Authentication Services

At Bagaholic we provide professional online authentication services for lucury bags, such as Louis Vuitton / Gucci / Dior from $10.


Choose Luxury Bag Authentication Services For Your Needs:

Verbal Certificate of Authenticity CoA with Explanation 
Price $10 $25 $50
When to use

you are buying a preloved handbag and want some peace of mind

you want find your if your item is authentic or not

    you want to sell your item and give a potential buyer some peace of mind

    you purchased an item but have second thoughts on authenticity

      ebay / PayPal disputes when you need a proof that an item is not authentic

      when you are interested to learn why the purse is real / fake


        What's The Difference?

        What's included Verbal CoA CoA with explanation
        professional examination of the pictures of the item within 24 hours
        a verbal (written) opinion on whether the item is authentic or not
        an online Certificate of Authenticity protected with a QR code
        a detailed explanation on why the item is real or fake with more than 10 photo examples provided
        Price $10 $25 $50

        How Our Louis Vuitton Authentication Service Works

        louis vuitton authentication service

        How can you tell whether an item is real or fake? Are you guessing?

        No. While you're responsible for your customer's money, you can never guess. To authenticate a Louis Vuitton or any other luxury brand's bag, we use a specific set of checklists we have developed over years along with our database of over 10,000 authentic items and replicas. Unless we have at least 3 red flags, we never provide a verdict. If an item looks fine but something feels to be wrong, we look for evidence like a detective, doing multiple side-by-side comparisons to ensure we have proof.

        The following aspects are checked in each of the luxury bag authentication services:

        • Is the item a part of an existing collection?
        • Was the item released in this print ever? When?
        • Are the production years consistent with the item's production years?
        • Is the serial number consistent with the item in question? [Gucci-specific]
        • Do materials and the signs of wear look consistent with authentic items?
        • Is there anything typical for the most up-to-date replicas on the pictures?
        • Are the details of the handbag (leather, hardware, heat stamps, serial number / date code) consistent with the same details on authentic handbags?
        • If some details are not consistent with original items, can it be due to the item being some soft of exclusion or repair?
        • If that's a purchase, does the listing / pictures show anything suspicious about the transaction in general?

        After an item is assessed in every aspect, we are able to make a conclusion on the item's authenticity.


        Here's What Our Customers Say

        ...on our luxury bag authentication services!

        louis vuitton dior chanel authentication service testimonials


        1. Purchase the Authentication product and complete the payment.
        2. Email the pictures of your item at
        • front
        • back
        • sides
        • inside
        • handles
        • all hardware engravings
        • heat stamps (all heat stamps including 'made in' heat stamp)
        • date code

        All pictures must have high-resolution and be detailed.
        Please also include a screenshot of your payment.

        We provide the authentication result within 24 hours from the moment all the required pictures have been submitted. Usually it's within an hour or two but as there are time differences we commit to 24 hours.


        ORDER NOW - It's Only $10 For Your Peace Of Mind





        Please follow the example below when taking pictures. All pictures have to be high-resolution and take directly to the camera.

        order designer bag authentication services


        Do You Want to Learn How to Authenticate Louis Vuitton? 

        Check out our Louis Vuitton Authentication Course. It's a 2-week online course that provides the basics on how to authenticate Louis Vuitton by yourself.

        You'll examine more than 500 examples of fake and real Louis Vuitton handbags and will train your eye to tell fakes from replicas.



        Who Am I and Why Trust Me?

        I'm Anastasiya Bagaholic, a Louis Vuitton addict. Here are some facts about me:

        • over 10 years of hands-on experience of dealing with authentic Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Chanel and Hermes items
        • authenticated over 100,000 Louis Vuitton bags
        • sold over 1,000 authentic Louis Vuitton bags
        • author of the 'Bagaholic to Business' book 


        is lvbagaholic legit

        I do realize that if you're looking to authenticate Louis Vuitton, it's very important for you because you're probably either want to buy a preloved Louis Vuitton item or you've already purchased it and you're freaking out. I've been there. Anyway, I strive to provide a quick authentication and if I'm not 100% sure my verdict is right, I'll refund. I won't risk your money.

        I'm not affiliated in any way with Louis Vuitton. My knowledge is based in my own experience.

        At the moment, we are only providing authentication services for Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Dior and YSL.


        Benefits of Using a Professional Purse Authentication Service

        Authenticating expensive purses can be tricky, so if you're a luxury lover looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to verify your items, consider using a professional purse authentication service.

        Professional purse authentication services offer a number of benefits, including expertise and accuracy in the verification process. They use experienced authenticators, so you can be sure that they know what they’re doing and will provide quality results. Additionally, these services are often quite cost-effective, usually costing much less than other authentication methods. Finally, their convenience is unbeatable; you can authenticate your handbags from anywhere in the world as the service is done online.

        Professional purse authentication services provide accuracy and confidence. Each bag is verified according to a strict standardization, with attention paid to every detail such as materials, stitching, initials, logos, etc. Furthermore, they offer an extensive database of inquiries featuring branded merchandise data which serves as the primary source of verification. So when you’re looking for reliable authentication of high-end designer pieces like purses, you can trust that a professional authentication service will offer the safety and authenticity you need.