Louis Vuitton / Gucci Online Authentication Service

Wanna know if your bag is real or fake?

Purchasing a bag and want some peace of mind?

At Bagaholic we provide professional online authentication of Louis Vuitton / Gucci items for $10 fee.

If you want to authenticate your item,

1) Purchase the Authentication product and complete the payment.

2) Message the Bagaholic page on Facebook and send detailed pictures of the item including

  • front
  • back
  • sides
  • inside
  • handles
  • all hardware engravings
  • heatstamps (all heatstamps including 'made in' heatstamp)
  • date code

All pictures must have high-resolution and be detailed.

Please also include a screenshot of your payment.

3) We provide the authentication result in 24 hours from the moment all the required pictures have been submitted. Usually it's within an hour or two but as there are time differences we commit to 24 hours.


louis vuitton authentication



Who Am I and Why Trust me?

I'm Anastasiya K, a Louis Vuitton addict. I've been dealing with Louis Vuitton items for 6 years and I've seen more than 10.000 Louis Vuitton bags and I sold over 1,000 authentic Louis Vuitton bags. I own a consignment store and I also hold a course on how to learn to authenticate Louis Vuitton.

bagaholic bag addict academy

I do realize that if you're looking to authenticate Louis Vuitton, it's very important for you because you're probably either want to buy a preloved Louis Vuitton item or you've already purchased it and you're freaking out. I've been there. Anyway, I strive to provide a quick authentication and if I'm not 100% sure my verdict is right, I'll refund. I won't risk your money.

I'm not affiliated in any way with Louis Vuitton. My knowledge is based in my own experience.

At the moment, we are only authenticating Louis Vuitton and Gucci.