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  • Where To Get A Louis Vuitton Replacement Strap Cheap

    If you're looking to purchase a Louis Vuitton replacement strap for Speedy or Pochette, and not spend a fortune, read this article until the end. We've listed all the ways you can get one and sometimes it's as low as $10. NOTE: Our website uses affiliate links. That means that if you use these li... View Post
  • Beware of Louis Vuitton AR1169 Date Code, Here's Why

    If you're eyeing a Louis Vuitton purse with an AR1169 date code, think twice before buying it. Most probably, it's fake. ...But an Online Checker Says It's Authentic! According to the Louis Vuitton date code system, AR1169 is a legit date code. It means that the item was manufactured in France on... View Post
  • [Guide] How to Check Chanel Authenticity Card: Real vs Fake

    The Chanel brand has been around for almost 100 years. It has changed its style and designs, but it is still one of the most coveted handbag brands in the world. If you have ever bought a Chanel bag, then you know how tricky it can be to determine if your bag is real or fake. One way to tell if y... View Post
  • Gucci Marmont Current Price List [Australia, 2023]

    This Gucci Marmont Price List reflects how much Gucci bags are in Australia in 2023. While GG interlocking logo debuted in the 70s, it was not until 2016 that Gucci released one of their most successful collections that uses this logo, GG Marmont. Out of the blue, every major blogger and street f... View Post
  • How to Clean The Inside Lining of Your Louis Vuitton Bag At Home

    Cleaning your Louis Vuitton purse might be stressful. It's an designer item worth a lot and the risk of getting not what you expected is very high, since you don't always have much experience with cleaning products. In this article, we'll share our experience of cleaning the inside lining of a Lo... View Post
  • Fashion History Through Vintage Hermes Ads [216+ pics]

    Renowned luxury brands, such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Gucci boast a long history. Scroll down to review vintage Hermes ads and their printed advertising campaigns from 1920 to 2020s and take a look back at the fashion history of the French luxury brand.   Most Popular Vintage Hermes Ads 1920s... View Post
  • Full Louis Vuitton Bags Price List (Canada, 2023)

    Last update: Jan 2023 Our community of designer handbag collectors and lovers compiled this Louis Vuitton bags' Canadian price list so that you could quickly check the actual pricing of your beloved Louis Vuitton bags in Canada in 2023. This article includes pricing for the most popular Louis V... View Post
  • How To Spot A Fake Chanel Coco Handle Bag

    Have you got your heart settled on a Chanel Coco Handle bag? It's time to learn how to spot a Coco Handle fake bag to avoid any scams related to purchasing your dream purse. While it's not as expensive as Chanel Classic Flap bags, it's still worth a fortune for someone who only starts their desig... View Post