• How COVID-19 Affected The Luxury Market

    The COVID-19 crisis spared no one last year: it didn’t make any difference between royal family members and ordinary people, it spread across the globe, and had a great impact on every country reaching even the most remote corners of the planet. It turned out that even people and industries who s... View Post
  • Gucci Aria Collection: Gucci Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

    In 2021, Gucci, a Florentine luxury fashion house, celebrates 100 years. The first festive event was the Aria show with the anniversary collection. Gucci showed the  Gucci Aria Collection (in Italian "air"), in which creative director Alessandro Michele has combined the anti-conformist rigor of D... View Post
  • Which Brand Is Better: Louis Vuitton vs Gucci

    According to Brand Finance’s annual report published in 2020, Louis Vuitton and Gucci were named the two most valuable luxury fashion brands. The value of each brand has increased more than 20% if compared to 2019, which currently make them the most recognizable and preferred brands in the appare... View Post
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  • What Are Louis Vuitton Microchips?

    With the changing rules around the world, Louis Vuitton has also introduced its new normal. Now all leather items manufactured after March, 1, 2021 don't have a physical date code but an embedded microchip. Customers have already seen and purchased bags in which a Louis Vuitton date code is nowhe... View Post
  • New Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 Watercolor Men’s Collection

    This time Louis Vuitton, a flagship French brand, has decided to pamper men by presenting a new Watercolor Men’s Collection for the upcoming summer 2021. The new Louis Vuitton collection full of juicy colors and soft blue pastels will be more appropriate than ever this hot summer.     What Is New... View Post
  • Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 By the Pool Collection

    In anticipation of warm sunny days, Louis Vuitton presents a new capsule collection – Louis Vuitton Summer 2021 By the Pool Collection. The Monogram pattern with a colorful gradient will be a perfect complement to a bright summer look. The collection seems to be specially created for a spontaneou... View Post