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Bagaholic to Business Book

  • $9.99
Would you like to make a living from handbag shopping?

Luxury handbags can become a bit of addiction. It's just a shame most of us can only afford to purchase a new one very occasionally.

What if I told you it was possible to buy several handbags a week? What if I also told you that you could even quit your job to shop for handbags ​full-time.
In ​“Bagaholic to Business”​, luxury bag reseller Anastasiya lays out her tried-and-tested strategy for making a living from buying and selling your favorite handbags. A self-proclaimed bagaholic, she managed to quit her day job and now owns a collection of over one hundred preloved luxury handbags which she sells for profit through her online business.

Anastasiya uses her seven years of experience in the bag re-selling game to give you an easy-to-follow guide on how to grow your own luxury handbag business from the ground up. Inside you will learn everything you need to know about the market and how to grow your collection to the point where you can make a full time living from reselling bags.

Be the envy of your friends who’ll wonder what your secret is. Make a living doing what you love the most. Help countless women across the globe get quality handbags that they love for a fraction of the price.

Buy a copy today and make a living from your shopping addiction!

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