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Luxury Designer Outlets: Where to Buy a Luxury Purse Cheaper in the USA

Luxury Designer Outlets: Where to Buy a Luxury Purse Cheaper in the USA

Can you get an authentic designer purse cheaper? For every true fashion lover hunting for a stylish and elegant thing is a part of a lifestyle. If you are obsessed with posh bags (and we fully share your passion), you will go to the edge of the world to get it! Making a good deal while buying an authentic designer bag can be compared to a joy children get in a Disneyland.

There are so many ways to purchase a luxury bag at a moderate price, like reseller websites or outlets, where you can see purses in real life, touch them and choose your favorite new addition to your precious collection. If going to luxury designer outlets for a real deal is something unknown and new for you we have prepared a detailed guide on where to buy a luxury bag cheaper in the USA.


Do All High-End Luxury Brands Have Outlets?

Some fashion houses don't hide the fact that their items are never discounted. On the contrary, prices for coveted bags are rising each year. Three world-known French brands announce on their websites that they don't have outlets, and warn customers about counterfeit stores illegally working under their names. Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton never offer discounts, don't participate in Black Friday sales, and don't have official outlets even in France. This is how they make sure that their bags are always in high demand.


Does Chanel Have Outlets or Sales?

According to New York retail consultant Robert Burke, Chanel's biggest goal is to uphold the brand's standards high. Low prices and discounts will be an immediate signal to customers that bags aren't that chic and exclusive. And it's the right position. Many fashion lovers prefer their bags to be unique, rare, one of a kind, so they consciously pay full price and get a real gem!

However, Chanel does sales once or twice a year. The items allowed are shoes and some jewelry pieces (again, not their iconic necklaces or brooches). Alas, they never offer discounts for their handbags.

If you wish to learn more interesting facts about the Chanel fashion house, check out our ultimate Chanel bags guide: history, leathers, style.


Does Louis Vuitton Have Outlets or Sales?

Those people who are waiting for Louis Vuitton sales could probably wait forever, as sales have not been in the policy of the fashion house for more than 40 years. Louis Vuitton never discounts anything! The fashion house has full control of the manufacturing process, as it owns all factories where bags are produced. The company also supplies and operates all boutiques directly. Such control is beneficial for both customers and LV. It is a way to sell exclusive bags at a fixed price.

Here is more info on why Louis Vuitton bags are so popular and expensive.


Does Hermes Have Outlets or Sales?

As for the Hermes fashion house, the phrase 'Hermes outlets' sounds strange itself. This brand has made sure that their bags are coveted by the richest people on the planet. To get your hands on a Hermes bag your name should be added to the waiting list. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham or Catherine Zeta-Jones are proud owners of the most desirable Hermes purses. These international icons of style add more value to luxury accessories.

The brand used a wise move, whenever you enter a boutique, you hear 'Sorry, bags are not available, and I don't know when they arrive'. Such an attitude has made Hermes bags not only the ultimate dream of every fashion lover but an object for a hunt. It goes without saying, such kind of marketing makes the whole notion of 'Hermes outlets' ridiculous.

However, as with Chanel, Hermes does private sales for their VIP customers once or twice a year. The items allowed are shoes and jewelry. Handbags? Not a chance!

Want more fun facts? Check out our Hermes 101: Everything You Need To Know About Your Favourite Handbag Designer.


Where to Buy Luxury Brands Cheaper: Buy and Save

Luckily for collectors, most brands are less sensitive and we can find several outlets in the USA. Going to outlet might be a hit or a miss, there are no guarantees to find a true gem. Below we will discuss some luxury brands and where to buy their bags at discounted prices.


Gucci Outlets

Coming directly from the Italian capital of fashion, Gucci stores are located in many states. Currently, there are 13 outlets in the USA, with Woodbury Commons, NY being the biggest one. It has a wide selection of many items including purses and wallets. Customers and regular visitors say there might be 40-50% discounts from the retail price. It is also important to know that some bags are crafted by Gucci to sell in outlets only. They have the same exceptional quality but made from excess fabrics and leather. Usually they are simply shaped and have a Gucci tag in front.

We've compiled a list of the best Gucci outlets locations in the US, check it out.


Valentino Outlets

Another Italian luxury brand that has gained a big success among American fashion lovers. With total number of 3 official outlets of this fashion house in the USA, the biggest one is also located in Woodbury Commons, NY. The prices may be reduced up to 50% for previous years collections and out-of-season items.


Givenchy Outlets

A French brand has opened its first outlet store in the USA in 2016, and it is remaining the only official place to purchase a luxury bag from Givenchy with a discount. It's located in Woodbury Commons, NY. Although an outlet itself is small it has a great variety of purses to choose from. Discounts are around 40% off the usual price.


Dolce and Gabbana Outlets

One more Italian high-end brand that has several outlet stores both on the East and the West coasts. They offer customers a wide range of discounts starting from 20% off regular retail prices. Some items are discounted up to 70%. The biggest outlet out of three existing in the States is located a couple of hours drive from Los Angeles at Desert Hills Premium Outlets, CA.


Dior Outlets

In 2010 there were 3 Dior outlets in the USA. Then the management in an attempt to make the brand more exclusive closed two of them, leaving only one working in Woodbury Commons, NY. The store has a good selection of bags, but does not sell significant and iconic items, like Lady Dior, for example. With some luck it's possible to find some older gems, like Be Dior, Lily, Diorissimo, or Miss Dior. Discounts may reach 50% or even more.


Celine Outlets

The only Celine outlet in the whole country is located one hour drive from New York City. Typically it offers at least a 30% discount for everything. You can also find some non-iconic totes, as Trio, and clutches with almost 40% off the retail price. The Celine fashion house never makes bags especially for outlets, all products displayed in Woodbury Commons are authentic.


What happens to unsold Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes bags?

Most of the high-end brands are sending their unsold collections to outlets. But what do fashion houses who don't give discounts do? There's a rumor that they destroy or burn all products at the end of the season. Although, no fashion house has officially confirmed it. Fans of luxury bags are vividly discussing these rumors on forums, saying that for Louis Vuitton it's more important to maintain the exclusive nature of their purses than to make a big sale at the end of the ear.

Some say that the Chanel headquarters receive all unsold bags and then burn them, and this is the method Coco herself insisted on. She didn't want her bags to be sent to other stores or be counterfeited.

Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes do not do charity auctions, neither donate their bags to charity. The mystery of what actually happens with luxury purses that haven't found their owners still remains. Sales assistants who work in boutiques are saying there are almost no unsold goods being left, as there's always a huge line of fashion lovers outside stores. The most truthful information is that all items go on exclusive close sales for employees, and they can buy them with a 75-90% discount. Although the story with burned and destroyed bags to keep a high reputation sounds more interesting.


Where to Buy Luxury Handbags Cheaper?

 If you're dreaming about a Chanel. Hermes or Louis Vuitton handbag, we have a great selection of authentic preloved handbags on our website.

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