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what is circular fashion

[GUIDE] Circular Fashion 101: Definition, Pillars, Principles

The fashion industry is increasingly recognized as a major contributor to pollution, prompting fashion enthusiasts to seek out sustainable and stylish alternatives. One effective approach is to participate in the circular fashion economy, where items are bought and sold instead of being discarded...
fast fashion infographic

Fast Fashion: Why Is It So Bad? [Infographic]

Fast fashion is a complicated topic. In this article, we'll cover the most burning questions regarding fast fashion in simple words so that you understand the big picture, what fast fashion is, why it is bad and what can be done to contribute to the circular fashion.   What is Fast Fashion? This ...
fast fashion stats and infopraphic

68 Fast Fashion Stats That Will Break Your Heart [Infographic]

Today's fashion industry is synonymous with overconsumption, overproduction and widespread pollution. How bad is it right now? This market overview will provide a general understanding of the apparel market and challenges, along with a strong focus on fast fashion stats and facts from industry-le...