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50 designer handbag brands

List of Top 50 Luxury Bag Brands (2024)

When it comes to luxury handbags, the options are endless. From high-end fashion houses to independent designers, there are plenty of brands that cater to those who are willing to spend top dollar on a beautiful and luxurious accessory. However, with so many luxury bag brands on the market, it ca...
AR1169 louis vuitton

Beware of Louis Vuitton AR1169 Date Code, Here's Why

If you're eyeing a Louis Vuitton purse with an AR1169 date code, think twice before buying it. Most probably, it's fake. ...But an Online Checker Says It's Authentic! According to the Louis Vuitton date code system, AR1169 is a legit date code. It means that the item was manufactured in France on...
Where Are Popular Louis Vuitton Handbags The Cheapest?

Where Are Popular Louis Vuitton Handbags The Cheapest?

 Are you also tired of the constant increase in the cost of luxury goods? Just one month ago, Louis Vuitton introduced new prices. That hurts, right? When you casually open the website to order a long-coveted accessory, you can’t help but be stricken by shock and gasp “Wow, how much are Louis Vui...
louis vuitton alma reference guide

Louis Vuitton Alma Reference Guide: Sizes & Prices

We can’t help but admire the irresistible power that the Louis Vuitton iconic bag silhouettes have over us. The names of the legendary purses are known to the entire world – from the frozen deserts of Alaska to the hottest beaches of Indonesia. It’s time to talk about one of these classics: in ou...
Which Brand is Better: Louis Vuitton vs Prada

Which Brand is Better: Louis Vuitton vs Prada

There are so many ways to treat yourself to a wonderful gift: a day in a spa resort, a visit to a fancy restaurant, a brand-new gadget. We, at Bagaholic, share the thrill of buying a new designer accessory. When it comes to spending several hundred dollars on a luxury item, the obvious question a...
louis vuitton vs goyard which brand is better

Which Brand is Better: Louis Vuitton vs Goyard

Despite the fact that every luxury brand is unique, the never-ending comparison is an inevitable part of our lives. For most people, this is the only opportunity to weigh all pros and cons before purchasing an expensive product. Today, we are going to discuss two French fashion houses that have a...