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the legacy of roberto cavalli

Celebrity Style: Iconic Outfits by Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli, the fashion designer and founder of namesake brand Roberto Cavalli, has died at age 83. Today Cavalli design house announced his passing via Instagram, along with memorable quotes from Cavalli and heartfelt messages from Creative Director Fausto Puglisi and CEO Sergio Azzolari. ...

100 Celebs and Their Favorite Chanel Bags (Part 1)

In "100 Celebs and Their Favorite Chanel Bags," we're diving headfirst into the love affair between our fave stars and their chosen Chanel. This isn't just about drooling over luxury (okay, maybe a little 😉), it's about inspiration. It's about that little nudge saying, "Hey, you’ve got this!"Each...
Discover Top Louis Vuitton Luggage Models Through Decades

Discover Top Louis Vuitton Luggage Models Through Decades

As a compass to exploration, so too is Louis Vuitton to the world of luxury travel gear. Since its inception in 1854, Louis Vuitton has stood as the epitome of sophistication in luggage. Each decade, the House of Vuitton crafts pieces that not only abide by the era's esthetic zeitgeist but also s...
history of Gucci

Unveiling the Fascinating History of Gucci Company

The intertwining G's of the Gucci monogram have become a global emblem of luxury and refinement. But what stories do these iconic letters hide? Elegance in simplicity. Enshrouded within those G’s lies a narrative of ambition, craftsmanship, and visionary artistry. The tale spanning over a centu...
Johnny Depp Dior Deal Key Details Revealed

Johnny Depp Dior Deal: Key Details Revealed

Like a ship catching a perfect tailwind, Johnny Depp's career has found a potent breeze. Could this signal a renaissance for the embattled actor? Now, the fragrance world watches with bated breath as Depp charts a course with Dior, sealing a historic deal of unmatched magnitude. ...