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Chanel CC In Love Heart Bag Reference Guide ❤

Chanel CC In Love Heart Bag Reference Guide ❤

Chanel Heart bag is officially referred to as CC In Love bag. It was introduced in the Spring Summer Collection in 2022 and momentarily turned into an obsession and must-have for Chanel lovers worldwide.

This reference will present all the current  editions of the Heart bag, including information on pricing and colors.

chanel heart bag pink


Chanel Heart Bag History

The very first Chanel bag in the shape of a heart was designed by Karl Lagerfeld in 1995. It was a medium-sized quilted bag featuring an iconic Chanel CC logo, a top handle and a pocket.

chanel heart vintage bag 3 series

It's hard to say whether this purse has become a hit at that time. However, 27 years later, when the French fashion house decided to reintroduce this romantic shape in 2022, one of the major celebrities Kylie Jenner posted a selfie holding the vintage Chanel Heart bag. After that, two things happened.

kylie jenner chanel heart bag lagerfeld

First, while previously the price of this 90s vintage purse on the secondhand market was around $8,000, shortly after this pic spread across the web, the prices skyrocketed to $22,000-$30,384.

Second, it helped the surging demand for the new Heart bag. Even though there's little connection between the two apart from the shape, these are identified as the same purse.

In March 2022, the CC in Love Heart bag was introduced in four sizes/styles: the large Heart bag, the Mini (or small) Wallet on Chain (WOC) Heart bag, the Belt bag, and the Wristlet. It was released in several colors, including classic black and white, as well as white, gold, purple, blue, and - of course! - pink.

In September 2022 all we can say is that Chanel seemingly discontinued the Belt bag as it's no longer available on the official website. Some colors were also sold out and the choice is currently limited.

chanel heart bag chanel HEART CLUTCH WITH CHAIN violet
chanel heart zipped arm coin purse

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There are three items in the Chanel 2022 Heart line:

  • Chanel Large Heart bag
  • Chanel Heart clutch
  • Chanel Wrist Coin purse

Let's take a closer look at each of the options and discuss their pros and cons.


What Fits into a Chanel Large Heart Bag

chanel heart bag catwalk spring summer 2022

This is the only item from the line that is actually considered a handbag. Measuring 6.4'' × 7'' × 2.5'', it's available in black, white and pink, and fits an iPhone 13, a cardholder and a few cosmetics essentials. Its front pocket has room enough for The 20” shoulder strap drop is not adjustable so check if the purse fits your height prior to purchasing.

chanel big heart bag what fits into chanel hart bag

image credit: baubles_bybb

One obvious advantage of this purse is that it's lightweight and easy to carry. Despite being produced in lambskin, it's not the same delicate type of lambskin used on Chanel classic flaps so don't worry about wear. It should be fine.

Chanel Large Heart bag retails for $5,500 in the US in 2022.


What Fits into a Chanel Mini Heart Bag / Clutch

chanel HEART CLUTCH WITH CHAIN violet catwalk

This pretty Mini Heart bag on a chain, is officially referred to as Heart Clutch with Chain. In terms of size, it's significantly smaller than the large Chanel purse and is considered an SLG (small leather good).

Here's a comparison of the Chanel Heart Large vs Small:

hannahstraffordtaylor credit with two CC in love heart bags chanel heart large vs small


If you love this shape, you can purchase both bags (provided you can find them) and use this chain clutch as a wallet. It features a shoulder strap with a 22” drop and retails for $3,400 in the US.

What Fits into a Chanel Arm Coin Purse

thejourneysuit chanel arm wrist purse

The smallest SLG of the Heart series is a Wristlet, also called Arm Coin Purse. Basically, it's a bracelet that also fits some small accessories, such as cards. It's also the most affordable purse of the line which retails for only $1,925. 


Chanel Heart Bag Price 2022 SS

How much is the Chanel Heart bag from the Houses' Spring Summer 2022 collection? Let's find out.

Item Measurements US EU
Chanel Large Heart bag (white, black, pink) 6.4 × 7 × 2.5 in $5,500 5,050€
Chanel Mini Heart clutch with chain (white, black, violet) 4.7 × 5.1 × 2.1 in  $3,400 3,150€
Chanel Heart Zipped Armed Coin purse 3.1 × 3.3 × 2.1 in  $1,925 1,790€


If you're interested in classic Chanel handbags pricing, please visit the following resources:


Resale Chanel Heart Prices  

resale chanel heart prices

As we have already mentioned, the price of the vintage 90s version of the Heart purse surged, reaching a peak of $80,000 at a few auctions. However, how much are 22s Chanel Heart bags in resale?

As this purse is almost impossible to encounter at the boutique, and demand still exceeds the supply, its resale price is above its original retail price. 

Here are the approximate prices for the three handbags we've reviewed, as seen on ebay:

  • Large Heart: around $9,000
  • Mini Heart Clutch: around $6,000
  • Wristlet: around $3,500

It's safe to say that if Chanel keeps this shape in their classic lines, it'll continue to sell.

Chanel Heart Bag Alternatives

While searching for alternatives, we discovered something that might make you feel just a bit better about spending over $5,000 on a purse that only fits an iPhone and a few other smaller belongings.

For those who adore this feminine shape, we bumped into a Chanel Heart bag from late 1980s. Here's a vintage Chanel Heart handbag from Ebay that is currently listed for from $22,000 to $30,384.

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