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Why Christian Dior Be Dior Bag is Definitely Special

Why Christian Dior Be Dior Bag is Definitely Special

Christian Dior Be Dior Bag was introduced during the Fall 2014 Collection.

I've always been drawn to the elegance and timeless charm of Christian Dior bags. There's something special about the way they blend classic style with modern elements that captures my heart.

The Be Dior Bag has a structured yet approachable design, thanks to its flap front. It comes with an optional crossbody strap, adding a touch of modern coolness. This feature is something I deeply appreciate, as it reflects how the bag is designed not just for style but for practical, everyday use without losing the elegance Dior is known for.

christian dior be dior bag

Out of all the bags from Dior’s Fall 2014 collection, the Be Dior Bag stands out the most to me. It's currently featured in Dior's advertising campaign with Jennifer Lawrence, and I couldn't think of a better match. Both share boldness, beauty, and a unique sense of style. There's something about the Be Dior Bag that feels both classic and contemporary at the same time, making it irresistible to someone who loves fashion.

Jennifer Lawrence Be Dior bag 2014 campaign 

What sets the Dior bags apart, especially the Be Dior, is their clean, elegant, and simple yet stunning design. It's not just another bag; it has an urban vibe and versatility that makes it feel fresh and relevant. This bag can easily fit into any part of my day, whether it’s for daytime outings, evening events, or weekend adventures.

Christian Dior Be Dior Bag Black

The design of the Be Dior Bag is what makes it truly stand out. It’s crafted from smooth calfskin, giving it a luxurious feel and a sleek look. The bag features a robust handle on top, making it easy to carry by hand - a nod to the classic handbag style. Its standout feature, the flap front, is both stylish and functional, providing a secure yet accessible way to reach your essentials. The addition of the optional crossbody strap is a thoughtful touch, offering versatility and freedom, whether you prefer to wear the bag over your shoulder or across your body for a more casual look.

Dior Be Dior Bag Pink

The interior of the Be Dior is as practical as its exterior is beautiful. It's designed thoughtfully, with enough space to hold daily necessities without being overly bulky. The compartment organization inside the bag makes it easy to store items neatly, allowing for quick access to things like your phone, wallet, or keys.

Dior Be Dior Prices

Available in several sizes - mini, small, and medium - the Be Dior in Smooth Calfskin offers options for different needs and occasions. When it was released, the prices in the US ranged from $3,700 for the mini to $4,900 for the medium.

Here are the prices from 2014.

 Bag Size Price, USD
Christian Dior Be Dior mini bag in Smooth Calfskin mini $3,700
Christian Dior Be Dior medium bag in Smooth Calfskin medium $4,400
Christian Dior Be Dior large bag in Smooth Calfskin large $4,900



Yet Christian Dior Be Dior Bag has already been discontinued. That's why you can only find this beautiful piece in a preloved shop.


My Review of Dior Be Dior Bag

On a personal note, my love for the Be Dior Bag goes beyond its aesthetics and functionality. It represents a piece of fashion history, being part of the legacy of one of the most iconic fashion houses in the world. Yet, it doesn’t just rest on the laurels of the Christian Dior, the designer; instead, it stands out as a modern classic in its own right. The bag embodies the spirit of today’s fashion – a blend of timeless elegance with a touch of contemporary cool.

Dior Be Dior Bag Red

The Be Dior Bag isn’t just another accessory; to me, it’s a statement piece that reflects my personal style and love for fashion that's both elegant and practical. Its versatility makes it a great companion for various occasions, seamlessly fitting into different aspects of my everyday life. The bag’s design, with its clean lines, luxurious materials, and thoughtful functionality, speaks to Dior’s mastery in creating pieces that are both beautiful and useful.

Dior Be Dior Bag White

In conclusion, while Dior bags might remain a bit of a mystery due to their limited online presence, the Be Dior Bag shines through as a testament to what modern luxury can be. It’s a bag that bridges tradition with innovation, elegance with versatility, all within a design that appeals directly to those who appreciate the finer things in life. In the world of fashion accessories, the Be Dior Bag is a true gem that I feel lucky to adore and aspire to own. Its blend of Dior tradition with a fresh, modern approach makes it an enduring piece that I believe will hold its charm and value for years to come.



This article covered the Be Dior bag, its price lists in various regions and style reference guides, with all Be Dior designs. We hope that you've found the answers to the questions.

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