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christian dior the designer who changed fashion

Chsristian Dior: Quotes From The Designer Who Changed Fashion

Christian Dior is one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. He revolutionized the fashion industry in the 1940s and 1950s by introducing the "New Look" silhouette, a style that celebrated femininity and restored glamour to women's fashion following the bleakness of World War II. In this blog post, we will explore how Christian Dior changed fashion and left a lasting impact on the industry.


Early Life and Career

quotes by christian Dior

Christian Dior was born in Normandy, France, in 1905. He grew up in a wealthy family and pursued an education in political science, which led him to work in the art gallery. Eventually, he found his way into fashion, securing a job as a sketch artist for the well-known designer, Robert Piguet.


Foundation of the Christian Dior Fashion House & "The New Look"

In 1946, Dior launched his own fashion house with the financial backing of Marcel Boussac.

In 1947, just as World War II ended, Christian Dior debuted his first collection, which featured a revolutionary silhouette that stood in stark contrast to wartime austerity fashions.

dior new look 1947 outfit

Christian Dior's collection was divided into two lines, 'Corolle' and 'Huit,' and became known as the "New Look" after Harper's Bazaar's editor-in-chief, Carmel Snow, exclaimed "It’s such a new look!"

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The international success of this collection in the late 1940s paved the way for Christian Dior to become one of the most famous figures in the world of fashion.

new look by dior

Dubbed the "New Look," this style emphasized a small waist, a full bust, and a voluminous skirt that fell just above the ankle. The silhouette was a return to the feminine ideal, celebrating curves and evoking a sense of pure elegance and luxury. This look was exceedingly popular in the women's clothing in the 1950s.

new look by dior audrey hepburn pink dress with gloves

The "New Look" gained popularity because it catered to the desired hourglass figure of women. The curvy shape eliminated squared shoulders and provided a natural flow to the body. The collection included waist pinching jackets and darted dresses to accommodate the increased fabric from the waist to the chest and hips. Skirts were mid-calf and full, flowing with layers of nylon petticoats. The freedom and grandeur of the skirts gave both a glamorous feeling and appearance. Accessories such as hats, gloves, shoes, were also featured.

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Why Dior Designs Were So Popular?

dior new look the designer

Dior's designs were embraced by women who were seeking a return to femininity and elegance after the hardships of World War II. The New Look was a stark departure from the more practical and restrictive clothes of the war years and marked a significant shift in fashion trends.

The flourishing economy also led to increased consumer spending and a vested interest in fashion. This factor played a significant role in the success of the Dior Look.

The House of Dior quickly became a leading symbol of French haute couture and a favorite of wealthy clients and Hollywood stars. Throughout the 1950s, Dior continued to design intricate, flamboyant feminine gowns featuring deep V-necks, cinched waists, and flowing skirts.

Dior's designs were defined by their luxurious materials, attention to detail, and classic sophistication. His dresses were often decorated with embroidery, jewels, and intricate patterns, showcasing a distinctly couture aesthetic.


16 Famous Quotes by Christian Dior

famous quotes by christian dior on fashion

Christian Dior's quotes reflect his belief in the power of elegance, simplicity, and self-expression through fashion. He adored women and fashion, so most of his sayings we remember today revolves around these topics. The words of the popular designer continue to inspire and resonate with fashion enthusiasts around the world long after he's gone.

  • "True luxury is walking into a room or onto a street feeling like the most fabulous person in the world."
  • "A dress is a piece of art to be lived in."
  • "The easiest way to be chic is to be yourself."
  • "Elegance is not about being noticed, it's about being remembered."
  • "A woman can be overdressed, never over-elegant."
  • "A great designer does not seek the limelight; he stays behind the scenes; he makes other people shine.”
  • "Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest."
  • "You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion."
  • "Women should always be elegant and flawless but never artificially arranged."
  • "Women are most fascinating between the ages of 35 and 40, after they have won a few races and know how to pace themselves. Since few women ever pass 40, maximum fascination can continue indefinitely."
  • "The real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet."
  • "A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting."
  • "Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions."
  • "It is not money that makes you well dressed, it is understanding."
  • "Happiness is the secret to all beauty; there is no beauty without happiness."
  • "Elegance must be the right combination of distinction, naturalness, care, and simplicity."

These are the most famous quotes by Christian Dior on women, fashion and elegance.

Christian Dior's Impact on Fashion

Christian Dior's impact on fashion cannot be overstated. His work popularized a new feminine ideal that celebrated the female form and indulgence. Dior's New Look liberated women after the grim years of WWII and embodied the post-war optimism in France. His luxurious and fluent designs became a symbol of hope for a brighter future, and people quickly incorporated his work into their daily lives.

Furthermore, Christian Dior's influence came not only from his designs but also from his business practices. He developed a brand identity with his fashion house, which included the use of the "CD" monogram and a focus on luxurious fabrics and couture techniques.

He also established the first licensed fashion collections such as perfumes, accessories, and ready-to-wear that boosted the brand awareness and helped to commercially diversify luxury fashion.


The Legacy of Christian Dior

The legacy of Christian Dior is still deeply entrenched in the fashion industry today. After his death in 1957, the House of Dior continued under the guidance of other designers, including Yves Saint Laurent, John Galliano, and Raf Simons. Every creative director has put his personal touch to the Dior legacy, but regardless, the brand still retains the original essence of elegance and femininity that Dior championed.

Christian Dior's work continues to influence contemporary fashion. Designers often reference Dior's designs and reinterpret them for the modern era. His designs are still revered as iconic and have appeared in several exhibitions and films worldwide, including the 2017 Dior retrospective in Paris’s Musée des Arts Décoratifs.

In conclusion, Christian Dior changed the fashion world with his revolutionary designs that celebrated the feminine form and restored glamour to women's fashion. His legacy lives on, inspiring new generations of designers to create beautiful and opulent fashion.

If elegance had a look, it's Dior.

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