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top dior bags for men

Top 10 Dior Bags For Men: A Bagaholic's Guide

Welcome to our blog article on the top 10 Dior bags for men! Dior has been renowned for its exquisite designs and timeless elegance in the world of fashion. In this article, we will explore the finest Dior bags that are specifically crafted for men, from the cheapest to the most expensive, highlighting their unique features and impeccable craftsmanship.

Whether you are a fashion enthusiast or simply searching for the perfect accessory to elevate your style, join us as we delve into the world of Dior and discover the must-have bags that exude sophistication and luxury. Explore our handpicked selection of the top 10 Dior bags for men, and get ready to make a fashion statement that is both refined and stylish.

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Top 10 Dior Bags for Men

Inspired by the rich heritage of Dior, Kim Jones, the Creative Director of Dior Men, has masterfully infused his vision with the brand's archives to create a stunning collection of Dior bags for men. These meticulously crafted pieces embody both the timeless excellence of Dior and Jones' modern sensibility. Utilizing premium materials like smooth and grained leather, technical fabric, jacquard canvas, and even aluminum, every accessory showcases iconic elements such as the asymmetrical Saddle design, the iconic Dior Oblique motif, the 'Christian Dior Atelier' signature, and intricate embroidery. Collaborations with esteemed artists and brands add further diversity and allure to the collection.

With various silhouettes on offer, including pouches, briefcases, backpacks, and suitcases, Dior leather bags cater to every man's needs. Equipped with adjustable handles, shoulder straps, and spacious storage compartments, these bags are designed to seamlessly blend functionality and style. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to accompany and enhance one's lifestyle.

Within a man's wardrobe, these bags hold a special place. For example, the designer leather backpacks offer a sophisticated twist to a utilitarian staple, effortlessly elevating any ensemble. On the other hand, the sleek briefcases exude the epitome of refinement, perfect for completing a tailored look. Complementing these larger companions, Jones has also curated a line of small accessories, including leather card holders and wallets, ensuring every aspect of a man's style is well-tended.

10. Nano Saddle Bag - $1,750

top dior bags for men Dior NANO SADDLE BAG

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Introducing the latest addition to the iconic Dior line for the summer 2023 season, the nano Saddle bag. With its compact and stylish design, this bag is crafted from black grained calfskin and adorned with contrasting topstitching, exuding a contemporary allure.

Opening with a magnetic flap, adorned with the hallmark lines of the House, it reveals a spacious compartment to neatly store all your small essentials. The adjustable strap offers versatility, allowing you to wear the bag comfortably over the shoulder or crossbody, adding a touch of functionality to its sleek aesthetic.

Elevate your summer style with the nano Saddle bag, the epitome of chic and compact elegance.

9. Dior Mini Roller Messenger bag - $1,850


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Designed to be the perfect everyday companion, the Messenger bag effortlessly combines compactness with a modern aesthetic. Crafted in a striking beige and black jacquard adorned with the iconic Dior Oblique motif, this bag speaks volumes about your refined taste. The front proudly displays the unmistakable 'DIOR' signature, adding a touch of sophistication.

Inside, the spacious compartment offers ample room to organize all your essentials, including a wallet, phone, keys, and more. With the adjustable and removable strap, you have the freedom to carry the bag by hand or effortlessly sling it over your shoulder for added convenience.

8. Dior Safari Bag with Strap - $2,200

dior bags for men Safari Bag with Strap

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Introducing the Safari bag with strap, a versatile and functional companion designed for everyday use. This practical and compact style, crafted in a sophisticated beige and black Dior Oblique jacquard, is elevated with exquisite black grained calfskin details.

The bag offers both style and convenience with its zipped main compartment, providing secure storage for all your essentials. Additionally, a front pocket offers easy access to items you frequently need.

Designed for utmost comfort, the adjustable Christian Dior shoulder strap allows you to effortlessly wear the bag over the shoulder or crossbody, adapting to your personal preference and style.

7.  Dior Saddle Triple Pouch - $2,350

2350 SADDLE TRIPLE POUCH Beige and Black Dior Oblique Jacquard

Introducing the Saddle Triple Pouch, the latest addition to Dior's Fall 2023 collection. This bold and versatile creation, crafted in a striking beige and black Dior Oblique jacquard, is a three-in-one style wonder. Similarly to the Louis Vuitton 3-in-1 Multipochette, its unique design features a zipped bag that reveals a Saddle pouch on the front and a nano Saddle pouch, both of which are removable.

Equipped with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, this practical pouch can be effortlessly worn over the shoulder or crossbody, catering to your personal style and needs.

The Saddle Triple Pouch is the epitome of functionality and versatility, delivering Dior's impeccable craftsmanship and timeless elegance in a bold and modern format. Level up your fashion game with this striking creation, perfect for any occasion.

6.  Dior Hit The Road Sling Bag

2500 DIOR HIT THE ROAD SLING BAG Dior Gray CD Diamond Canvas

Introducing the Dior Hit The Road sling bag from the Fall 2023 collection, a true embodiment of modernity and practicality. Crafted in the sophisticated Dior gray CD Diamond canvas, this bag showcases a sleek silhouette that will elevate any outfit.

The bag features a flap adorned with an elegant aluminum CD buckle, adding a touch of luxe to its design. Its spacious main compartment provides ample room to carry all your essentials, including a tablet, ensuring you're fully equipped for your daily adventures. Additionally, a flap pocket on the front offers convenient storage for quick-access items.

For added versatility, the adjustable tonal leather strap allows you to wear the bag comfortably over the shoulder or crossbody, adapting to your personal style and needs.

Step out in style with the Dior Hit The Road sling bag, a perfect fusion of contemporary design and functionality, perfect for the modern fashion enthusiast.

5. Dior Rider Backpack - $2,600

2600 RIDER BACKPACK dior bags for men

Introducing the Rider backpack, a timeless design that evokes the spirit of a classic school backpack with its pared-down silhouette. However, this backpack has been given a modernized twist, crafted in a striking beige and black jacquard adorned with the iconic Dior Oblique motif.

Featuring a two-way zip closure for easy access, this backpack offers both style and functionality. The large zip pocket at the front provides additional storage space, perfect for keeping your essentials organized and within reach.

The adjustable padded straps ensure a comfortable fit, making this backpack a quintessential bag for your daily adventures, one of the best bags for men and women that Dior is offering nowadays.

Combining classic charm with contemporary appeal, the Rider backpack is a must-have accessory that effortlessly blends style and practicality. Elevate your everyday look with this timeless piece and experience the impeccable craftsmanship and iconic design that Dior is renowned for.

4.  Dior Mini Gallop Bag With Strap


The Gallop bag with strap showcases a sleek, contemporary appearance designed in yellow Dior Oblique Gravity leather. This patent-effect calfskin is embellished with the iconic Dior Oblique motif. The bag's flap is adorned with a Christian Dior aluminum buckle and opens to reveal a spacious compartment that can hold all your essentials. With its adjustable and removable leather shoulder strap, this miniature bag can be carried by hand, worn over the shoulder, or styled as a crossbody bag.

3. Dior Saddle Backback - $3,300

best dior backpacks for men

The Dior Saddle backpack gives a contemporary and unique twist to the classic Saddle design. The black and beige Dior Oblique jacquard is adorned with black grained calfskin elements and features a prominent Dior signature on the front. Its capacious design accommodates all your necessities, and the front flap Saddle pocket along with two side flap pockets allow quick access to your wallet, keys, headphones, or phone.

This utilitarian backpack serves as the perfect Dior accessory for men and women.

2. Dior Saddle Bag for Men - $3,500

3500 dior saddle bag for men

The Saddle bag is a must-have for men looking to make a fashion statement. Its distinctive beige and black jacquard Dior Oblique motif sets it apart from other bags. Not only does it exude style, but it also offers practicality. The magnetic flap closure, adorned with the iconic silhouette, ensures the safe storage of all your essentials with its hidden zip.

The bag can be effortlessly worn over the shoulder or carried crossbody, thanks to the adjustable Christian Dior shoulder strap. The interior features the signature embossing of Dior, adding a touch of luxury. With its aluminum buckle showcasing the Christian Dior signature and CD initials, this bag is the perfect embodiment of sophistication and high-end fashion, making it a worthwhile investment for any man seeking a stylish accessory.

1. Dior Lock Case Bag - $5,200

dior lock case bag for men 5200

The Dior Lock case is an essential bag for men seeking assertive style and timeless elegance. Its rigid design, crafted in black CD Diamond canvas inspired by the House's rich archives, portrays a sense of refined sophistication. The smooth calfskin details add a luxurious touch to the overall aesthetic. Opening the brushed ruthenium-finish brass clasp reveals a smooth calfskin interior specifically designed to hold all your essentials in an organized manner.

The versatility of this case is remarkable, as it can be carried by hand, worn over the shoulder, or styled as a crossbody bag, thanks to its adjustable and removable leather handle and shoulder strap. With its black CD Diamond canvas showcasing Marc Bohan's iconic 1974 graphic design, the Dior Lock case not only represents a timeless piece but also highlights the House's storied history.

The addition of the ruthenium-finish brass Dior signature on the front and the embossed Dior signature on the interior further accentuate the bag's premium craftsmanship and attention to detail, making it the perfect choice for discerning men who value both style and functionality.

Dior Lock Case might not the the standard Dior bag for men, but it's ultimately fresh and innovative.


If you're looking for Dior bags for men, be prepared to have ta budget of at least $2,000, better $3,500. Luckily, by shopping preloved fashion, you can find interesting styles that are not available at the boutiques and contribute to the zero-emission future.


Need to Authenticate a Dior Bag?

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