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how to wear lady dior bag

How to Wear Lady Dior Bag: My Review & Outfits

When you're a designer luxury reseller and you've seen thousands of luxury bags in person, it's hard to find a purse that you will genuinely fall in love with. Name any top luxury bag brand, I've seen and donned almost every signature item.

When I first laid my eyes on this pink/black medium tweed Lady Dior bag, I thought this was the only Dior bag I'd ever need. After all, Christian Dior has always been about elegance and true sense of style, and this purse is a reflection of his core values.

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Aside from exotic leather bags, I have a soft spot for tweed. Impractical, I know, but whenever I see preowned tweed designer bags for a reasonable price, I need to have them. I just can't help it.

Tweed is unique. As probably no other material, it immediately elevates your outfit to Chanel levels, especially if you're in your 30s or older. Moreover, due to its classic boxy shape and quilted stitching, Lady Dior exudes style and elegance and becomes an ideal accessory for a working woman. Blair Waldorf would agree with me for sure.

blair waldorf dior tweed bag

I'd been trying to resell this tweed Lady Dior for a few years but when I realized how futile my attempts were, I decided to leave it in my handbag collection. So when I needed to take a few shots for Instagram, I immediately took this fabulous Dior bag out to style it.

Today I'm going to show you 2 business-oriented outfits that feature a Lady Dior bag. how to wear lady dior medium bag

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My first tweed Lady Dior bag outfit included a navy cashmere top, pink pants and silver shoes with a massive heel. I guess you can find similar pieces from practically any brand, mine were from Stefanel. Pink color complemented the color scheme of the purse itself, while the shoes became an eye-catcher in the classic combo. 

lady dior outfit classic

Before we get to the second outfit, I probably need to say a few words about the bag itself. It's gorgeous except for one thing. The worst part of any older Lady Dior bag is the opening. I can't think of another bag that would have an opening that is so uncomfortable for almost anything. At the same time, I value style and femininity over comfort so I'm ready to put op with it al long as I enjoy carrying the purse.

When it comes to styling a Lady Dior bag, the key is to select the same outfits that you'd wear to the office. 

 lady dior outifit business lady

Browse Lady Dior bags on Fashionphile

With its rich and intricate stitching, this tweed bag seems too adorned so it would be better to choose plain textures for the outfit. This cashmere blouse with a silk ribbon complements the teal wide-leg trousers. I've always loved the combination of pink and teal, and this business lady outfit is still one of my favorites. how to style lady dior

This was one of the purses from my bag collection that got compliments every time I took her out.

In this blog post I suggested 2 outfits for a very unusual version of Lady Dior in tweed. If you just have a regular bag in lambskin, you may opt for something entirely different though. 

How do you like to wear your Lady Dior bag? Let me know in the comments.

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