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louis vuitton belt sizing chart

Things to Know Before Buying a Louis Vuitton Belt for Women

There are many reasons to consider integrating a Louis Vuitton belt in your wardrobe. A high-end accessory is a great way to dress up even the most simple jeans-and-tee outfit and make you stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we'll share the Louis Vuitton belt sizing chart, answer FAQs on serial numbers and date codes and share tips on how to pick up the belt that suits you most.


Average Price of Louis Vuitton Belts for Women

Here's a question that luxury lovers and collectors ask a lot: how much does a Louis Vuitton belt cost?

On average, a belt from the renowned French company will cost you $600-$700 at the store. While the majority of available items are within this price range, there are also cheaper and more expensive options.

The most expensive belt would be either an exotic one or a belt that is comprises removable pouches and key holders on it, such as Daily Multi Pocket belt, which retails for $1,430.

Is there a way to get a Louis Vuitton belt cheaper? Well, as French brand never does sales, there's only one way to save on this purchase: consider buying a used Louis Vuitton belt on secondhand marketplaces, such as Ebay or Poshmark. Generally, a preloved belt with coveted monogram will allow to save about 50% off its retail.

All in all, if you're interested how much Louis Vuitton belts cost, an average Louis Vuitton belt is around $600-$700 (USD). Read more on pricing for Louis Vuitton bags here.


Why are Louis Vuitton Belts So Expensive? 

Overall, a Louis Vuitton belt is $600-$700 while in any fast fashion store you can get one for $100-$200. That makes a luxury belt three times as expensive as in most stores. So why is it more expensive?

First, Louis Vuitton positions themselves as a luxury brand and, thus, it doesn't make sense for them to sell canvas and leather accessories for cheap. Otherwise, it will just lose its attractiveness and value for the buyers.

As a luxury brand, the French leather goods manufacturer offers intangible benefits. The way we dress changes the way we feel. Having a statement accessory, such as a luxury belt, can elevate our style and make us feel much better about ourselves. That's what Louis Vuitton charges for.


Louis Vuitton Belt Size Chart

Louis Vuitton belt size is an indication of its length from the buckle to the third (center) hole in centimeters. To select the size that fits your measurements best, use the soft tape to measure the highest part of the hips. The actual size should be kind of in-between your waist and hips.

In this way, if you select a Louis Vuitton Initiales 75 belt, you'll be able to wear it on your 65 cm waist and on 85 cm hips.

Please check the belt size chart below for the US measurements.

louis vuitton belt size chart sizing for women


 What Size Louis Vuitton Belt Should I Get?

The size will largely depend on how you wear belts in general. Do you only wear them with jeans? Do you need a belt that goes well both with pants and dresses? Take a look at the Louis Vuitton sizing chart above and check each belt against your measurements.

Be aware that apart from the belt length, there's also belt width. LV offers several width options, from thin and sleek to thick and massive. For instance, the Reversible belt is available in several options: 20 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm.


Do Louis Vuitton Belts have Serial Numbers?

Apart from the size indicated with two numbers (90/70), Louis Vuitton belts have two more numbers on their inner side. 

One of the numbers starts from a letter. Generally, it's an M followed by 4 or 5 digits. That is Louis Vuitton's item number. You may find your belt on the official website. For instance, a LV Initiales 40 mm reversible belt has a M9821W item number. This serial is also stated on the receipt.

Here's what the serial look like on the belt itself, just below the heat stamp:

lv initiales 40 mm reversible belt

Note that the item number being legit doesn't indicate the belt's authenticity.

This article on how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton belt has more valuable information on how to avoid replicas when purchasing a secondhand belt for the renowned French brand.


Do Louis Vuitton belts have date codes?

Yes. Another code is represented by two letters followed by 4 digits. It's a date code. It has the same format as date codes on purses and wallets.


Are Louis Vuitton belts Made in Spain or in France?

are louis vuitton belts made in spain

Yes, it's pretty normal for an authentic Louis Vuitton belt to be made in Spain. Other production countries for belts include France, USA and on rare occasions, Italy. In terms of quality, items made in France are believed to have higher quality, even though little to no difference in quality of materials is spotted.


What are the most popular Louis Vuitton belts?

Let's go through the most popular belts to see if something catches your eye. All images are courtesy of Louis Vuitton.


Louis Vuitton Reversible belt 20 mm

louis vuitton belt for women reversible 20 mm belt

This is one of their most recognizable belts. Not how stylish it looks with a T-shirt and basic white jeans.

louis vuitton belt for women reversible 30 mm belt

A 30 mm Reversible belt looks just about rights with high-rise blue jeans. That's a perfect option if you'd love to go for a pink Louis Vuitton belt, however, it's available in almost all colors and sizes.

louis vuitton belt for women reversible 40 mm belt

A 40 mm Reversible belt is a great option if you strive for a massive accessory that will make a statement. Note how delicate it looks with a pink dress.

louis vuitton belt for women expensive

If you prefer something a little bit more sophisticated and your budget is not limited to $700-$800, then check out this stylish 

This belt represents the major fashion trend of 2020s: a smaller accessory pouches. This is a Daily Multi Pocket belt, which retails for $1,430. It's one of the most expensive but trendy.


Are Louis Vuitton Belts Worth It?

Louis Vuitton belt is a timeless accessory that you can wear in many ways. Considering that most belts are reversible, you are getting two items at the price of one.

If you're unsure about whether you want a Louis Vuitton or a Gucci belt, read our Gucci belt guide to make up your mind.

Louis Vuitton Belt Authenticity Check

If you need to check a used Louis Vuitton belt for authenticity, we can help.

At Bagaholic, we've been selling and researching Louis Vuitton purses and belts for over 10 years. We are well-aware of the slightest nuances that need to be checked to ensure you're buying an authentic Louis Vuitton belt.

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