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An Ultimate Guide to Gucci Belts: Size Chart, Price, Outfit Ideas

Since Alessandro Michele's became Gucci's creative director at the beginning of 2015, the Italian fashion house has remained a favorite among the street style set. 

With the release of the Gucci Marmont bags line, Gucci added the 70s vibe to the Italian style. Their revision brought the brand back into the mainstream with its Gucci Marmont handbags and all the accessories from this line, including Gucci belts.

According to the fashion search engine Lyst, Gucci belt with an interlocking GG, has become the most desired product in 2018. After several years of topping the charts, the iconic accessory still dominates the streets, along with the Instagram hash tags.

In this Gucci belt buying guide we’ll discuss Gucci belt sizing, prices, most popular editions and their serial numbers. In addition, we’ll spot celebrities styling their belts to get some outfit ideas and style inspiration.


Gucci Women Belt Size Chart

gucci belt women size chart

Sizing for Gucci belts is not that straightforward so if you’re a little puzzled, that’s normal. Gucci belts have numbers in their sizes, for instance Gucci 65 or Gucci 80. What do these numbers mean? Let’s dive a little further into the Gucci belt sizes.

Contrary to popular belief, Gucci belt size does not equal belt total length. If a belt's size is Gucci 80, that simply means that the space between the buckle and the central hole on the belt is 80 centimeters. After all, Gucci is an Italian company so it’s just logical they’re using centimeters in their belt size naming.

Gucci offers women belts in 11-12 sizes depending on the region, with the smallest being Gucci 60 and the largest being Gucci 120.

That's the way Gucci belt sizing works. Please refer to the Gucci belt size chart to find the size for your built.


Which Gucci belt size am I?

We feel like the most popular size is in the 85-95 range. Gucci 60 and 65 are belts for petites while Gucci 110-120 are for plus size. Please refer to the Gucci belt size chart above to select the size that you need.


Are there thin Gucci belts?

Yes. The standard width of a Gucci belt is 1.5", however, there it also a selection of thin belts with 0.5" width only.


How Much Are Gucci Belts?

When you're looking for your first-time luxury accessory, you may wonder, how much do authentic Gucci belts cost and can you find one under $500?

Gucci belt retail prices vary from $310 to $750. A Jackie 1961 thin belt seems to be the most affordable option at $310.  While a few items are off the charts, such as a $1,600 Chain belt or a $1450 Caiman croco leather belt, on average most options listed on the Gucci official website are priced around $550.

Below comes the table with most popular Gucci belts and their US and European prices in 2024.




Gucci Thin patent Double G belt 707327



Gucci Smooth Calfskin Double G (GG) belt 400593 



Gucci GG Marmont reversible belt 659417 



Gucci Leather belt with pearl Double G 453260



GG Marmont caiman belt with shiny buckle 406831 




The higher is the price of a Gucci belt, the more you can save just by purchasing the belt of your dreams during your European vacation.

If purchasing a used Gucci belt is an option for you, you can count on reducing the retail price by 30-50% depending on the condition. For instance, prices for Gucci belts on ebay start from as low as $150. You have to authenticate a Gucci belt before purchase though to protect your money from widespread scams.

This stylish black Gucci belt is only $100.

In fact, there are thousands of Gucci belts on ebay and the best thing is, you can purchase from any seller as the purchase will likely be lower $800, which in turn means that you won't pay any customs fees.


Do Gucci belts have serial numbers?

Yes. Gucci serial number on a belt looks pretty much like a purse’s with 6 digits defining the style. That’s what it generally looks like:


Where are Gucci belts made?

Gucci items are made in Italy, including belts.


Do Gucci Belts Ever Go on Sale?

Actually, yes. Gucci outlet locations offer a wide selection of various Gucci belts for both men and women. If you're wondering where to get a cheap Gucci belt, check out our list of US outlets.


Top 6 Iconic Gucci belts

If you're still not sure what Gucci belt to buy, here's our selection of the most popular belts that you might enjoy. Image courtesy of Gucci and Fashionphile.


Gucci Smooth Calfskin Double G (GG) belt 400593

400593 gucci Smooth Calfskin Double G Belt Black

This is currently one of the most popular belts from Gucci with interlocking G's. Available in countless sizes and colors, this belt features smooth calfskin leather, antique-style brass hardware with a shiny finish, an iconic double G buckle (3"W x 2.4"H). The belt width is 1.5"


Gucci leather belt with pearl Double G 453260

453260 Gucci leather belt with pearl Double G

If you’d like to opt for a more sophisticated option, this beautiful variation of the Gucci Marmont belt may be exactly what you’re looking for. It offers the same smooth calfskin leather, yet the front GG buckle is adorned with pearl effect studs and scalloped trims. A stylish one!


Gucci Web Queen Red Green Margaret Bee Belt 453277

453277 gucci Web Queen Margaret Bee Belt Red Green

This playful belt is discontinued and you’ll have to put in some effort to find one secondhand. A nice fabric belt that marries signature Gucci red and green color block with a quirky bee.


Gucci GG Marmont Reversible Belt 659417 

 659417 Calfskin GG Supreme Monogram Double G Gucci Reversible Belt

GG Marmont's recognizable design blended the ‘70s-inspired GG hardware with contemporary styles. A GG Supreme canvas belt reverses to black/white offering an alternative look. With this Gucci reversible belt, you're basically purchasing two items in one.


Thin patent Double G belt 707327

gucci belt size chart Thin patent Double GG belt 707327

When it comes to purchasing a Gucci belt, this thin patent Double G belt is by far the most affordable option. With only $260 spent, this classic belt will spruce any outfit with a bit of Hollywood glamour.


Green/Red Canvas and Brown Leather Web Double G Belt

409416 gucci red green Green Web Double G Belt

This elastic belt in red and green marries Gucci signature color combo with a shiny gold-plated bluckle. Reminds of Christmas, doesn't it? It'll easily become an accent accessory with black, white and neutral colors.


Gucci Belt vs Louis Vuitton Belt

Still debating between the two iconic brands? Honestly, as it seems like these logo belts are here to stay, it mostly comes down to the logo you prefer to be on the buckle. Will you feel better with Gucci interlocking GG or an LV monogram? Do you care for black smooth leather or brown canvas showcasing initials?

Here's an article that compares Louis Vuitton vs Gucci brands in detail.


Which Gucci Belt Is the Best?

Hopefully, by now you have a better understanding of the range of belts that Gucci is offering. It's hard to say which belt is the best, however, the most recognizable would be the GG Marmont belt. It has been spotted on various celebrities and jet-setters for a while now and by getting it you're investing in a staple.


Is Gucci Belt Worth It?

Gucci belts offer a nice selection of different materials and can be worn with a plain T-shirt tucked in jeans, your favorite polka dot long dress or even cinched around an oversize blazer. In a sense, it's an investment that makes your every outfit look chic.


Need to Authenticate a Used Gucci Belt?

If you are buying a preloved Gucci belt, please always authenticate it. Dupes are flooding the secondhand market and you don't want to give away your hard-earned money to scammers.

We can help! We at Bagaholic have been working with the Gucci brand for about 10 years and we know how to call out replicas within minutes.

Order the authentication option aligned with your needs below.

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