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women's fashion of the 70s

A Tribute to the Women's Fashion of the 70s [20+ Ideas]

Whether you are wondering what to wear to a 70s party and looking for some inspiration or just want to get o gist of vintage fashion ideas, you're just one step from falling in love with the 70s aesthetics and style icons.

We have covered every major trend of the 70s women’s fashion - from halter tops to bell-bottoms - to provide an outlook of an era than not only is considered to be the a wild decade full of disco and revolutions, but also regularly serves as an inspiration for major high-end designers.

Scroll down to be stupefied to see that many of that time fashion staples regularly return to catwalks. Good news is, chances are you have many of them in your closet already and in order to recreate the style you'll just need to find the right match.

Without further ado, let's take a look back at quite a few items that shaped the decade's style.


What Influenced Women's Fashion in the 1970s

To better understand fashion statements of the Nixon era, a few words need to be said on what was happening in the lives of ordinary people.


Massive adoption of color television

what influenced women fashion of the 70s trends

Television broadcasting was upgraded from black and white to color between 1960 to 1980s. In 1972, sales of color TV sets finally surpassed sales of black-and-white sets in the US. No wonder it brought incredibly vivid and individualistic colors into the outfits of fashion icons and influenced the women's fashion if the 70s


Hippie counterculture

fashion 70s hippie culture

The hippie underground culture emerged in 1960s and reached its height at the turn of the decade as the largest anti-war protests were unfolding across the United States in 1969. Hippie phenomenon subsided fast as the Vietnam war ended in 1973.

Hippies popularized bell-bottoms and mini skirts, as well as peasant shirts, paisley and patchwork.


Studio 54 glamour

women fashion in 70s studio54

The disco club Studio 54 became the symbol of 70s music and fashion, mainly due to its extensive celebrity list, strict entry policies, drug use and sexual activity. Absolutely every major 70s star visited the club - Cher, Diana Ross, Salvador Dali, Freddie Mercury - you name it.

Launched at the peak of the disco dancing and music trend in 1977, the club became world-famous. Despite its fuzz that lasted for decades, it only managed to operate 3 years and was shut down due to its owner’s tax evasion.

Any women's glamour outfits from the 1970s represents the style of this club.


Disco music

women fashion 70s disco

Image credit: GETTY IMAGES

The 1970s saw the rise of disco and its vivacious aesthetic. By the way, nothing encapsulates the disco era better than 1977's Saturday Night Fever. John Travolta's Tony is a working class man who spends his time by hanging out at a local discotheque.

Disco styles brought sequins, glitter and satin, as well as platforms and clogs.


Women work more

women fashion 70s influenced

As the divorce rate rose and the marriage rate declined in the mid-70s, women were forced to work in order to support the family. This trend boring feminized men’s business suits and blazers into fashion.

70s Patterns and Textures

Some fabrics and patterns have dominated the 1970s fashion. Before we proceed to the staples of the time, check out our easy guide on the patterns of the disco fashion.

70s womens fashion patterns and fabrics


20 Major Staples and Trends of the Women's Fashion in the 70s

Let's look at then-celebrities to discover how many of the signature 70s pieces you already have in your closet and how you can leverage vintage trends to look trendy today. Whether you're looking for daily outfit inspiration or a party dress, disco fashion will give you plenty of options. All photos are courtesy of GETTY Images.


1. Flares

Starting with a staple, which is pretty much straightforward. Jane Birkin looks effortless in a black 3/4 sleeve jersey paired with flares. Note the shoulder bag emanating some hippie vibes.

70s women's fashion ideas: jane birkin fares

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2. Bell-bottoms

From the stage to the streets, bell-bottoms were huge. Whether it's jeans or jumpsuits, they were seen one very single celebrity of the decade. Here Cher dons a sequin jumpsuit with fringed halter top and bell bottoms.

70s women's fashion trends: cher at studio 54 disco sequin bell-bottom

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3. Bell-sleeved blouse

One of the symbols of hippie generation, singer Joni Mitchell, was known for her signature look: a bell-sleeve blouse, jeans, bare feet and a guitar. Given you can switch colors, this look that wouldn't look out of place today.

70s women's fashion trends joni mitchell bell sleeves

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4. High-rise pants

The easiest way to bring a retro vibe to your daily outfit is to pick a pair of high-waist jeans. Diane von Furstenberg, a creator of the wrap dress, another major fashion trend in the 70s, dons a checkered shirt with high-rise pants, a classic outfit that always stays relevant.

women's fashion of the 70s ideas diane von furstenberg with her husband


5. Jumpsuit

Wide-leg jumpsuits were perfect for summer in 1970's and they are still gorgeous in 2020's. Opt for floral or geometric prints and you'll nail a trendy look for this summer. Can you believe this shot was taken 50 years ago?

70s women's fashion trends jumpsuit

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If you prefer something more bold, there you go.

women's fashion of the 70s ideas jumpsuit farrah fawcett


6. Man-style suiting

As the number of working women grew, they began the fight for gender equality. What can be more powerful than a classic button-down shirt, an oversized blazer and matching pants? Bianca Jagger, a tomboy, regularly rocked man-style suits like no one else.

 women's fashion of the 70s bianca jagger ideas tomboy suit

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Here's even more feminine version of the look, with a white padded-shoulder blazer, simple black corset top and high-rise pants. Classy and hot at the same time!

women's fashion of the 70s bianca jagger ideas tomboy suit


7. Floral dress

Christian Dior models showcase all the 70s trends: from bell-sleeves to breezy dresses with floral prints.

women's fashion of the 70s ideas dior floral dresses bell-sleeves

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8. Wrap dress

In 1974 Diane von Furstenberg came up with an idea of a dress that could fit any woman's body shape with ease - and we could not have been more grateful. This relaxed, silk jersey dress became a symbol of disco-ready feminist fashion.

women's fashion of the 70s ideas diane von furstenberg wrap dress

9. Long satin slips

Silk and satin were all the rage in the 70s, especially married with a feather boa or a fur stole. Peep this elegant slinky satin gown by Diana Ross.

women's fashion of the 70s ideas diana ross silk dress

10. Tie dye shirt

Yet again a relaxed 70s look from the legendary actress and a then sex symbol Farrah Fawcett. Just flares and a tie dye bell-sleeve blouse, a staple of the fashion of the 70's for females.

women's fashion of the 70s ideas farrah facett peasant shirt tie dye


11. Cropped top

Another 70s female outfit idea from Jane Birkin. What can be more elegant and sexy than a plain cropped top with matching bell-bottom pants?

women's fashion of the 70s ideas jane birkin jane birkin cropped top


12. Paisley clothes

This outfit is all about 70s vibe. Bell sleeves, cropped top and a matching pair of wide-leg pants.

women's fashion of the 70s ideas cropped top

13. Crochet dress or top

Looking for something even more appealing? Search for a crochet dress to recreate the 70s aesthetics. Jane Birkin looks gorgeous in this statement piece.

women's fashion of the 70s ideas jane birkin crochet dress


14. Satin top

With a satin top, you might already have one in the closet. Combine a sultry top with a blazer and get a classic look that never gets old.

women's fashion of the 70s ideas jane birkin satin top


15. Corduroy pants / jacket

Pair corduroy pants with a jacket and add a polo shirt as Farrah Fawcett in her iconic look to add a vintage vibe to an incredibly stylish neutral look. Again, looks just as if the shot was taken yesterday.

women's fashion of the 70s ideas corduroy pants farrah fawcett


16. Sequin top

Any glitter on your clothes will honor the women's fashion of the 70s. Check out Liza Minelli donning a blue sequin jumpsuit on one of the gala evenings.

women's fashion of the 70s ideas liza minelli sequin top


17. Off-the-shoulder top

An off-the-shoulder top is on the racks of our favorite stores almost every summer season. Ever since the 70s, this feminine piece will bring gentleness to every wardrobe.

women's fashion of the 70s ideas: bianca jagger off the shoulder top


18. Mini skirt or a minidress

Debbie Harry, Blondie’s vocalist, was always about being unique. With her iconic blonde hair, mini skirts and dresses, and over-the-knee patent leather boots, she was the right combination of bold and sexy.

women's fashion of the 70s debbie harry minidress with over the knee boots


19. Lamé dress

Lamé dresses were almost a uniform for Studio 54 regulars. Almost 54 years later, that hasn't changed. Farrah looks like a queen of this party.

women's fashion of the 70s ideas lame dress farrah faucet

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20. Over-the-knee boots

Can there be a better match to a mini dress than over-the-knee boots? As skirts got shorter, boots were getting taller. 

women's fashion of the 70s ideas jane birkin over-the-knee boots

Seems too bold? Here's another casual effortless look by Jane Birkin. Copy the same look by adding a pair of fitted jeans, a jersey and a shirt to the high-rise boots.

women's fashion of the 70s ideas over the knee boots birkin

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1970s are often called the most stylish decade for a reason. The style icons of the decade - Farrah Fawcett, Jane Birkin, Liza Minelli and Bianca Jagger - still inspire millions by that eclectic mixture of styles.

What staples from the 70's fashion are your favourite? Share with us in the  comments!

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