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vintage louis vuitton bags guide

14 Best Vintage Louis Vuitton Bags Under $1,000

With Louis Vuitton quality (unfortunately) going down each year, more and more vintage lovers switch to secondhand designer handbags in general and vintage market in particular.

In this article we'll look at what Louis Vuitton vintage is, review most popular and timeless vintage silhouettes and highlight what you need to take into account before purchasing a vintage item.

We gathered a list of best vintage Louis Vuitton bags under $1,000 (most of them actually under $500) with their names and pictures for handbag lovers searching for a perfect vintage Louis Vuitton purse. Let's start!


What Is a Vintage Louis Vuitton Bag?

Before we proceed, let's define vintage bags. Vintage is a generic term for items from a previous era. Vintage literally means 'of age' so it's hard to set a specific age requirement. For instance, antique dealers require an item to be at least 40 years old to fall into the 'vintage items' category.

With handbags and accessories, it's a bit more complex. Most designer bag companies, such as Louis Vuitton or Chanel, started to manufacture every day bags less than 100 years ago.

Overall, we feel it makes sense to call a designer purse vintage if it's over 20 years old. That would mean that a generation has passed and fashion has done a few circles back and forth. On top of that, this timeframe suggests you may have inherited this item from one of your relatives.

Some vintage Louis Vuitton bags have been manufactures by The French Company. You can learn more about how to check their authenticity by clicking the link above.


Top 14 Vintage Louis Vuitton Bags & Purses Under $1,000

In this article, we'll share 14 vintage Louis Vuitton handbags that we feel might be a great find. We'll take a look at vintage crossbody bags, shoulder bags and backpacks, which were mostly crafted of the signature Louis Vuitton canvas.


Are vintage Louis Vuitton handbag better than new ones?

You may have heard some handbag collectors state that vintage Louis Vuitton has better quality.

Well, it's true when it comes to canvas items. Back then, items were supposed to last longer. As a result, the canvas was more durable. On newer bags, the canvas is rubbery and doesn't last as long.


How much are vintage Louis Vuitton bags?

It's hard to set a price tag for a vintage purse just because its price will hugely depend on its condition. These handbags are currently over 20 years old and there are all kinds of condition ranks, from a like-new purse that never left the closet, to junk when it's almost falling apart and can't be used even when it comes to spare parts.

What we can unconditionally promise is that any of the handbags and purses listed below is available in good used condition for under $1,000. 


Vintage Louis Vuitton Handbag Styles

To keep up with the whirlwind of daily tasks, we, modern women, love to keep our hands free, thus, a considerable part of our bag closet is crossbody or shoulder bags.

30-40 years ago bag were a totally different animal. You didn't need to carry your laptop (there were none available) with you so there was no need for the purse to be spacious. Needless to say, back then, a purse was rather something you carry to an even than a daily accessory that should fit your books or laptop.

In this section we'll review authentic vintage Louis Vuitton bags, such as:

  • Vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy
  • Vintage Louis Vuitton Sac Plat tote handbag
  • Vintage Louis Vuitton Keepall bag
  • Vintage Louis Vuitton Ellipse handbag

Let's see if you fall in love with some iconic vintage silhouettes from the French high-end purse manufacturer. Names and pictures will follow!


Vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy

vintage louis vuitton canvas speedy handbag 30

Browse Louis Vuitton Speedy bags on Fashionphile

Originally created for Audrey Hepburn, Speedy has become the first Louis Vuitton purse ever made and the most popular. As it's been in production for over 80 years, vintage Speedy handbags are available in plenty of versions and sizes available, with Monogram Canvas pattern dominating the big picture.

If you'd like to expand your bag collection with something timeless that your grandchildren can inherit, go for this vintage Louis Vuitton doctor bag. Visually it would be impossible to say when your Speedy was made (other than look at the wear and tear), though the quality is so much better than of its current version.

Moreover, you can definitely find a birthday Speedy, i.e. a handbag that was produced the month you were born. Isn't it magic?

We recommend checking out vintage Louis Vuitton Speedys, since marketplaces offer a multitude of options for any budget and requirements.


Vintage Louis Vuitton Sac Plat tote handbag

vintage louis vuitton sac plat canvas handbag

Browse Louis Vuitton Sac Plat bags on Fashionphile

If structured flat handbags are your thing, take a look at this vintage beautiful purse that honors 1980s. This classic flat silhouette is perfect for documents and papers and still looks relevant today.

Sac Plat is a old style vintage Louis Vuitton bag manufactured in 1982-2015. Available in Monogram Canvas (vintage) and in Damier Ebene canvas (mid-2010s), it's been in production for over 30 years and has turned into one of the signature vintage LV handbags. It was discontinued for a few years, while recently the French designer house brough back Sac Plat, designing a mini version of the original handbag in several limited edition patterns, such as Monogram Pastel.

Sac Plat handbags are available in every possible print, most of the vintage models are under $1,000. Check them out!


Vintage Louis Vuitton Keepall bag

vintage louis vuitton keepall monogram canvas handbag

Browse Louis Vuitton Keepall bags on Fashionphile

Speaking of vintage Louis Vuitton bags, it's hard not to mention a Keepall, the Speedy's predecessor. Being originally a travel handbag with no strap, over 50 years it has morphed into a classic gym/weekend bag available in different sizes and prints.

Keepall is not a bag you would wear daily but it's still precious as it represents a part of French luggage maker's history. Again, it's still in production and looks exactly the same, so if you find one in good condition, no one will even notice that your vintage travel bag is over 30 years old.

You can find Keepall bags in every possible size and print, with most of bags under $900.


Vintage Louis Vuitton Ellipse handbag

vintage louis vuitton ellipse monogram canvas bag

Browse Louis Vuitton Ellipse on Fashionphile

Ellipse is another old style iconic Louis Vuitton handbag that has been discontinued. It's available in PM (medium) and MM (large) sizes. This vintage monogram bag was a huge hit in 1997-2003 and definitely emanates some 90s vibes.

Few bags can boast being as unique as Ellipse. Any person familiar with Louis Vuitton handbag will appreciate this beauty.


Vintage Louis Vuitton Crossbody Styles

Now that we've reviewed the most popular LV vintage handbags, let's move on to vintage crossbody styles from the French fashion house.

In this section we'll provide an overview of the following old-style authentic crossbody bags in Monogram canvas:


Vintage Louis Vuitton Nile Messenger Bag

vintage louis vuitton nile canvas messenger crossbody

Browse Louis Vuitton Nile bags on Fashionphile

A timeless unisex crossbody, Nile is no different than the messengers currently available on Louis Vuitton website. It definitely has some vintage flare but only due to everlasting materials. With this quality of canvas, it will become your heirloom.

Now this messenger has two styles. The first version was released in the pre-date code era and doesn't have vachetta on the bottom. The next one was mostly produced in 1980-1990s.

With its dimensions being W11.0'' x H8.3'' x D5.1'', this vintage Louis Vuitton messenger is spacious enough will quickly become your favorite everyday designer bag. And the best part is that you can find one under $800 on Fashionphile.


Vintage Louis Vuitton Danube Crossbody

vintage louis vuitton danube canvas crossbody old.jpg

Browse Louis Vuitton Danube bags on Fashionphile

If you've been struggling to find a compact crossbody that would only fit the minimal daily accessories, look no further.

This cute daily companion has two versions. One doesn't have vachetta leather and comes without a date code as it belongs to the end of 1970s, which was a pre-date code era (on the left). Another one has vachetta and was mostly produced in the end of 1980s (on the right).

This small crossbody is so versatile that it's hard to attribute it to a specific years or even a decade. Danube is one of the timeless pieces, unjustly forgotten, also very affordable.


Vintage Louis Vuitton Monceau Crossbody

vintage louis vuitton monceau canvas crossbody bag

Browse Louis Vuitton Monceau bags on Fashionphile

Monceau is vintage Louis Vuitton monogram bag with a crossbody strap, which resembles an iconic Pochette Metis. Honestly, this silhouette is so timeless that while bag names change, it's always on the shelf.

If you like Pochette Metis silhouette but would love a more exquisite version of this bag with a story behind it, you want a Monceau to be in your collection.


Vintage Louis Vuitton Saumur Satchel

vintage louis vuitton saumur canvas crossbody messenger

Browse Louis Vuitton Saumur bags on Fashionphile

Saumur is a timeless vintage Louis Vuitton satchel that is bound to catch your eye, it looks just like any modern handbag with a bit of vintage touch. The choice on secondhand platforms is generally very wide so you'll be able to find a vintage Saumur according to your condition requirements and budget.

Saumur satchel has been in production in 1980-1990s. Despite its age, it's ready to support you on the go and it will only cost you less than $900 if you find a nice option on Fashionphile.


Vintage Louis Vuitton Shoulder Bag Styles

Louis Vuitton offers a variety of vintage totes and shoulder bags to choose from. Next, we'll review the following bags:

Let's start from one of the most popular fashion house's handbags, a vintage Neverfull. 


Vintage Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote bag

vintage louis vuitton neverfull monogram canvas tote

Browse Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote bags on Fashionphile

Considering we assume that vintage handbags are at least 20 years old, as Louis Vuitton Neverfull was first released only in 2007, technically there's no such thing as vintage Neverfull. Yet.

However, Neverfull boasts numerous limited editions that can be sometimes referred to as vintage anyway. Check out our full list of Neverfull limited editions, then explore vintage bags on reliable marketplaces, such as Fashionphile, and find the bag of your dream.


Vintage Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano/Mezzo/Alto Tote

vintage louis vuitton cabas mezzo canvas shoulder tote

Browse Louis Vuitton Cabas bags on Fashionphile

It's a basic tote for anyone who wants just this, a classic shoulder bag in the iconic monogram canvas. Choose from 3 sizes the one that accommodates your lifestyle.

While most modern Louis Vuitton totes will cost you not less than $1,400, amazing thing about a vintage Cabas is its price around $300-400 for a purse in nice used condition. Imagine how much you can save with such a savvy purchase!

Louis Vuitton Cabas is also known as one of the most favorite bags of Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie vintage cabas mezzo shoulder bag tote

Vintage Louis Vuitton Sac Weekend GM

vintage louis vuitton Sac weekend monogram canvas tote shoulder bag

Browse Louis Vuitton Sac Weekend bags on Fashionphile

Sac Weekend is one of the few classic vintage totes without any vachetta. As Louis Vuitton used a type of leather that has no patina at that time, the wear is barely noticeable.

This vintage purse will cost you around $300-$400, close to nothing compared to retail Louis Vuitton prices for a similar item ($1,500-S1,600).

Vintage Louis Vuitton Coussin PM/GM

vintage louis vuitton coussin monogram canvas tote bag.

Browse Louis Vuitton Coussin bags on Fashionphile

Coussin changed its appearance over the years.

A purse that currently bears the name Coussin handbag is an ridiculously expensive puffy envelope with a massive gold chain. But that's now what it used to be.

Previously, vintage Coussin was a stylish flat shoulder tote. In fact, a vintage Coussin shoulder tote looks so fresh it's actually unbelievable that this handbag is currently not in production. It reminds of a new version of Odeon crossbody though.

Explore the vintage Coussin bags on Fashionphile - all under $1,000.

Vintage Louis Vuitton Noe Drawstring Bag

vintage louis vuitton noe bucket shoulder bag

Browse Louis Vuitton Noe bags on Fashionphile

With Noe being in production since 1930s, while searching for this vintage Louis Vuitton bucket bag, you can come across unique gems dating back to 60-70s.

Most affordable bucket bags in good condition date back to 80-90s though.

Originally designed as a bag that can fit 5 bottles of champagne, Noe is another design masterpiece that pairs a classic silhouette with a variety of textures and prints.

A vintage Noe is available in both monogram canvas and Epi leather.


Vintage Louis Vuitton Sac D'Epoule bucket bag 

vintage louis vuitton d epaule epi leather buacket bag

Browse Louis Vuitton Sac D'Epoule bags on Fashionphile

Sac d'Epoule is very similar to Noe. Basically, if you like vintage bucket bags, you can choose between these two purses. Sac d'Epoule seems to be a bit more sophisticated, while Noe carries the brand's history and is definitely is more recognizable.

Bear in mind that Sac d'Epoule is only available is Epi leather.



Now that you have seen all the best vintage Louis Vuitton bags, you can choose one that fits you style. Don't forget to authenticate the item before the purchase. There's more information below.


Important: Vintage Louis Vuitton Bags' Interior Lining Issues

Before you purchase a vintage Louis Vuitton purse, there are several things you need to know.

As we stated in the beginning, the vintage monogram canvas is everlasting. However, the inside material is not. As these purses are over 20 years old, not only they show more wear, they can also throw some surprises.

Normally, a vintage purse interior would look like this. It can be a bit dusty, but, hey, this purse is probably older than we are.

vintage bag interior lining clean sac plat

One of the worst surprises with vintage purses is the interior lining. It turns out, the surface layer starts to come off. It happens regularly with very old handbags and unfortunately it's very hard to predict whether this happen to your handbag or not.

vintage bag inside lining peel off

Here's a close up of the peeling that often happens to the lining of vintage Louis Vuitton handbags:

vintage bag inside peeling close up

Therefore, whenever you're purchasing a vintage Louis Vuitton purse, ask your seller if there's any damage to the purse's interior. We also recommend asking specifically to check the pockets, as the surface layer there can become extremely sticky with years.

vintage bag interior lining sticky comes off

Are Vintage Louis Vuitton Bags Worth It?

While there can be unavoidable issues with vintage Louis Vuitton handbags, it's still fascinating to see a fashionable accessory as old as you are (or may be even older). After all, it's the story that keeps people's interest in vintage.

Being fascinating is just one of the reasons. As a community of handbag collectors and fashionistas, we believe that vintage price quality ratio justifies any issues you may run into. Not only purchasing vintage bags and accessories provides an excellent opportunity to get best value for money, it also helps to reduce our impact on the environment.

Thus, buying vintage equals savvy, responsible purchases.


Vintage Louis Vuitton Bags' Authentication

55% of designer handbags we authenticated last year turned to be replicas.

If you think about it, it means 2 things.

First, over 50% of sellers who claim their item to be authentic, are actually selling a fake item, consciously or unconsciously.

Second, for a luxury purse lover there's over a 50% chance that instead of investing in a designer purse, a buyer may end up with wasting a big pile of money on a replica.

Don't give away your hard-earned money to counterfeiters.

You can start vintage Louis Vuitton authentication with using our free online date code/serial number checker.

If you need to authenticate a Louis Vuitton item, you can use our 25+years of experience with preloved luxury items and Louis Vuitton brand in particular.

Choose one of the three types of authentication:

Verbal Authentication $10

  • good when you need to know whether the bag is real or fake for yourself (e.g. when you are buying an item)

Certificate of Authenticity $25

  • good when you need a certificate for any reason, either to sell the bag with the peace of mind or to return a fake bag to the seller if you purchased a fake
  • includes a permanent certificate on

Certificate of Authenticity with a thorough explanation $50

  • good when you need a certificate and you need to know why the bag is authentic/not authentic for any reason, either to sell the bag with the peace of mind or return a fake bag to the seller if you purchased a fake.
  • includes a permanent certificate on
  • includes an explanation of why the item is fake (detailed pictures and comparisons with an authentic bag, more than 10 pics included)



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