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Authentication of a Louis Vuitton / Dior / Gucci item

  • $10.00

Authentication of any item from the following brands:

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Dior
  • Gucci


  • professional examination of the pictures of the item within 24 hours
  • verbal/written verdict AUTHENTIC / NOT AUTHENTIC (no certificate)

NOTE. Please be aware that it's one authentication per one date code. If you want to authenticate an item that has detachable parts with separate date codes (Neverfull with pouch / Multi-Pochette), each item requires separate authentication.

Note that ONLY these brands are included in this product. For the current prices for other brands (Chanel, YSL etc), please refer to the ORDER AUTHENTICATION menu item.   

IMPORTANT! Louis Vuitton purses with microchips only get a verdict with 95% confidence.

Please send the pictures / a link to the pictures of an item you want to authenticate to We'll get back with the verdict within 24 hours.