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louis vuitton padlocks guide

A Bagaholic's Louis Vuitton Padlocks Authentication Guide

A few days ago, a customer contacted us with an inquiry about Louis Vuitton padlocks. She owns several and was concerned that some might not be authentic. It was a valid concern. As one of the top luxury bag brands, Louis Vuitton incorporates padlocks and keys into many of their handbags, includ...
vintage louis vuitton french company stamps

A Guide to Vintage Louis Vuitton French Company Bags

Have you come across a Louis Vuitton French Company or Saks Fifth Avenue  bag and you're not sure how to tell if this vintage Louis Vuitton bag is real? Despite seemingly easy Louis Vuitton fonts, the French brand has used a variety of heat stamps. In this article, we'll review most of them to le...
vintage louis vuitton bags guide

14 Best Vintage Louis Vuitton Bags Under $1,000

With Louis Vuitton quality (unfortunately) going down each year, more and more vintage lovers switch to secondhand designer handbags in general and vintage market in particular. In this article we'll look at what Louis Vuitton vintage is, review most popular and timeless vintage silhouettes and h...