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A Bagaholic's Guide to Louis Vuitton Coussin Handbag (Sizes and Prices)

A Bagaholic's Guide to Louis Vuitton Coussin Handbag (Sizes and Prices)

The most controversial bag of the 2021 Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer collection – the Coussin – is already considered timeless. It is made to be a long-term companion for every occasion possible, a versatile and effortless fit for any attire of your choice. The whole idea of the bag was to blend the difference between masculinity and femininity and make it gender-neutral.

The name of the bag, 'coussin', in French means 'cushion' and the silhouette represents it well. The hint in the name gives us the feeling that this accessory is meant to be a comfortable 'companion'. Just like a pillow we sleep on at night, the Coussin bag is something very close to the person who wears it. The bag’s pillowy nature offers comfort – something much needed nowadays. In the meanwhile the bag is still a luxurious accessory, gender-fluid by all means. It earned affection of many actresses, bloggers and famous people of the world.

The geometry of the bag is not so simple as you might think judging by the first look at it. The rectangle of different sizes is made up of three parts, which means that the three zippered compartments of this bag can be used to store items with different functions. And depending on how it's filled, the bag can either expand noticeably in volume or remain flat – just like your favorite pillow at home.

Originally the bag was designed as a travel accessory as an addition to the Rolling Luggage collection. Its creator Nicolas Ghesquière thought of it as something roomy and cozy, the piece that would hold all valuable little nothings people take to and bring from their vacations. Due to its many compartments the bag isn’t actually too large to be out of place but it’s enough to contain all essentials. It’s an effortless fit for every occasion – a date night, streetstyle outfits and office attire. The lamb leather it’s made of makes it soft to the touch and very pleasant to look at. And the variety of different sizes allows anyone to choose what they need at the moment.


Louis Vuitton Coussin bag sizes

If you are falling in love with a Coussin, then you can select from a variety of sizes. Check out the sizes below and select the one that is the best for you. All pictures are courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

Coussin Beltbag

louis vuitton coussin belt bag size price

This wonderful addition to the Coussin handbags was released during the Cruise 2022 show and designed by the infamous Nicolas Ghesquière. The lamb leather model, 13 cm wide and 11 cm high, embossed with the Monogram pattern, features an original, voluminous design. This compact accessory is complemented by two gold-colored chains, allowing you to create a variety of stylish looks.

The whole collection the bag belongs to is full of geometric silhouettes. The main idea of it is to portray the bright future we all hope for. The bag itself is also has a geometric shape – it’s a small rectangle, very pleasant to look at. The gold chain are removable – this detail is the same for all Coussin bags. This leather baby of the Coussin family, its smallest bag, is available in just two colours – Noir and Orchidèe.


Pochette Coussin

louis vuitton coussin pochette bag sizes and prices

Size7.9 x 5.5 x 3.1 inches (Length x Height x Width)

The next size is the Pochette Coussin which is 20 cm wide and 16 cm high. It has a single gold chain which allows you to wear it long or short as a shoulder bag. The pochette bags are also able to become a clutch or even a wristlet, so they are suitable for every possible occasion due to its ability to remain discreet. Pochette Coussin comes in the crème, rose, caramel, ocean blue and noir colors.


Coussin BB

louis vuitton coussin bb bag sizes prices

Size: 8.3 x 6.3 x 2.8 inches (Length x Height x Width)

This is another type of Louis Vuitton bag – Baby Bandouliere (BB). The Coussin model was released later than the larger ones and fashionistas even comment that it’s the most adorable of them due to its plushy nature. The compact handbag is crafted from wonderfully soft lambskin leather with an infamous Monogram pattern. The bag contains a slim leather shoulder strap and a large chic chain, with a transparent detail to the front and back.

This compact accessory is a stylish addition to a daytime or evening look. We know that it’s available in 3 soft colors such as Noir, Emeraude and Orchidèe.


Coussin PM

louis vuitton coussin pm bag sizes prices

Size10.2 x 7.9 x 4.7 inches (length x Height x Width)

The next size of Coussin bags is Petit Modele (PM). It’s normally a medium sized clutch with two types of straps – a chain strap and the one made of cloth – you can choose between them and get two different bags as an outcome. You may wear it without any strap at all, just like a regular clutch to a special evening.

The bag also produces different moods depending on which strap is chosen: a wide textile strap gives it a sporty, casual look, and a chain with large metal parts adds a touch of elegance and a touch of charisma.

The colors of the bag are extremely versatile: there’s black and white, emerald green and bright red, even a fashionable khaki version.


Coussin MM

louis vuitton coussin mm bag sizes prices

Size13.4 x 9.4 x 4.7 inches (length x Height x Width)

Another Coussin bag comes in the Moyen Modele (MM) size, quite big. It has the same futuristic design as the PM bag but fits in everything a person might need for a day. You may even make it look like an oversized clutch as an addition to an outfit for the formal event.


Louis Vuitton Coussin Bag Prices

If you're wondering how much is Louis Vuitton Coussin bag, here are the official prices for 2022 in the US, Europe, UK and Australia.

US Europe UK Australia 
Coussinpochette $2,840 2,100 £1,970 $4,150
Coussin BB $4,050 3,000 £2,820 $5,900
Coussin PM $4,700 3,700 £3,300 $6,850
Coussin MM $5,400 3,800 £3,750 $7,850


Being made of soft leather, a Coussin is a high-end handbag that embraces all the street trends. However, along with a Capucines, it's one of the most expensive Louis Vuitton leather handbags.


Coussin bag's Limited Editions

In the special capsule collection called LV Night there are new models for all sizes of Coussin bags. They are satin pieces, embellished with intricate embroidery. A combination of shimmering and frosted sequins creates the iconic Monogram pattern. The sparkling accessory is complemented by removable elements: a large, light gold-colored chain and an adjustable shoulder strap.


Louis Vuitton Coussin Bag's Date Codes

As Coussin was introduced in 2021, most handbags will not have any date code inside. Yet if you see a date code, it doesn't necessarily mean the item is not authentic. Consult our Louis Vuitton date code guide and our free Louis Vuitton date code code checker to see if the date code is legit.


Is Louis Vuitton Coussin Worth It?

The Coussin bags are called timeless and they are a huge investment. Every person who has them knows that it’s something they will own for many years and the quality will last. The lamb leather is a soft material but it’s extremely strong and able to endure everyday use without showing any scratch. All it needs from you is that you don’t leave it in direct sunlight or in a humid place. This is a bag which is versatile, comfortable and roomy, gender-neutral, everlasting – designers even call it the IT-bag of the modern fashion industry.


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