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Full List Of Louis Vuitton Neverfull Limited Editions (Reference Guide)

Full List Of Louis Vuitton Neverfull Limited Editions (Reference Guide)

Though only launched in 2007 (not that long ago taking into account the brand's 150-year history), Neverfull is one of the most-loved bags from Louis Vuitton ever that offers an extensive list of limited editions. Named after it's unlimited storage capacity, Neverfull is a perfect bag both for office, travel or as a Louis Vuitton diaper bag.

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Neverfull was designed to help modern women that need to carry a lot of stuff. It's an interesting fact that these handles that look thin are capable of resisting the weight of 232 lbs or 105 kg!

Full List of Louis Vuitton Neverfull Limited Editions

Last update: Sep 2022

Neverfull has become a major hit from Louis Vuitton released after 2007.

It certainly brings a lot of brand's history and at the same time, it satisfies the needs of modern women that need a handbag that suits different occasions.

Interested in Neverfull history, sizes, prices? Read our 

Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM/MM/GM Reference Guide.

Almost all Neverfull Limited editions were released for the MM version. PM is not the most popular size, however, it's versatile and nice. GM is quite rare, however, it's not as rare as the PM version.

At Bagaholic, we specialize in rare limited edition Louis Vuitton bags. We finally created the list of all Speedy limited edition in one place.

Now we're continuing the reference guides on limited editions with a Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

These bags are not available on the website as they were part of seasonal collections. Thus, if you're looking for a very special version of your favorite bag, check out our list of limited edition Neverfulls. Enjoy!

 Picture Name Year Colors Sizes Original price Estimated resale price
louis vuitton limited edition takashi murakami 2007 moca Neverfull MOCA Takashi Murakami Limited Edition 2007 Mono with pink interior PM, MM
louis vuitton neverfull stephen sprouse roses 2008 Neverfull Roses Stephen Sprouse 2008 SS mono MM, no pouch 1310$ 1200$
louis vuitton stephen sprouse neverfull graffiti gm Neverfull Graffiti 2009 SS green, pink, orange GM, no pouch 1180$ 1110$
louis vuitton neverfull mini lin 2008 cruise Neverfull Idylle Bandouliere 2010 Cruise Fusain, Encre? Sepia 1330$ 650$
louis vuitton yaoi kusama limited edition neverfull mm Neverfull Monogram Town Kusama 2012 red, green, white, blue, yellow MM, no pouch 1220$ 1300$
louis vuitton rose neverfull monogram stone stonewashed denim limited edition Neverfull Stone Bandouliere Rose
2012, C pink, caramel 2640$ 1600$
louis vuitton neverfull ikat articles de voyage limited edition Neverfull Ikat Articles de Voyage 2013, C pink, blue
louis vuitton limited edition neverfull v voyage reference guide Neverfull V 2015, SS grenade, turquoise MM 1390$ 1200$
louis vuitton limited edition ramages neverfull mm Neverfull Ramages 2015, SS grenade MM 1390$ 1100$
louis vuitton limited edition totem neverfull mm with pouch 2016 Neverfull Totem 2015, FW brown with violet, brown with red 30 1550$ 1300$
louis vuitton monogram bay neverfull mm Neverfull Monogram Bay 2016,
rose 30 1370$ 1100$
louis vuitton jungle dot neverfull mm red dots palm Neverfull Monogram Jungle 2016, SS red, blue 30 1370$ 1200$
louis vuitton neverfull black handles world tour with pouch Neverfull World Tour 2016, FW 30 1700$ 1600$
louis vuitton neverfull tahitienne with pink flowers limited edition Neverfull Tahitiennes 2017, SS Damier Azur/Pink
louis vuitton neverufll masters collection van gogh blue Neverfull Masters 2017, SS Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Fragonard
Neverfull Race Bandouliere 2017, C 30
louis vuitton limited edition kabuki neverfull bag with pouch Neverfull Kabuki Monogram 2017 FW 30
louis vuitton neverfull mm trunks damier azur limited edition Neverfull Summer Trunk Collection 2018, SS
louis vuitton limited edition neverfull love lock Neverfull Love Lock
louis vuitton limited edition grace coddington catogram neverfull mm Neverfull Catogram (Grace Coddington) 2019, C
louis vuitton giant monogram limited edition bag Neverfull Giant Monogram 2019, SS
neverfull jungle monogram noir limited edition Neverull Jungle Giant Monogram 2019, FW
neverfull league of legends limited edition Neverfull x League of Legends 2019-2020 $1,810 
louis vuitton escale neverfull limited edition Neverfull Escale 2020, SS pink/pastel, red $2,060
louis vuitton patchwork denim neverfull limited edition Neverfull Patchwork Denim 2020, SS denim blue $1,990
neverfull crafty 2020 limited edition Neverfull Crafty 2020, FW $2,170
louis vuitton since 1854 neverfull limited edition Neverfull Since 1854 2020, FW maroon, black, blue $2,170
louis vuitton shearling neverfull limited edition Neverfull Shearling 2020, FW black $3,900
louis vuitton neverfull urs fischer limited edition Neverfull by Urs Fischer 2020, FW red/black, white/black $2,490
neverfulll by the pool limited edition
Neverfull By the Pool 2021, SS $2,370
louis vuitton game on neverfull limited edition Neverfull Game On 2021, Cruise white, monogram, black $2,170 
neverfull wild at heart limited edition Neverfull Wild At Heart 2021, FW $2,260  canvas, $2,730  leather
louis vuitton neverfull sunrise pastel Neverfull Sunrise Pastel 2022, SS MM $2,710 
louis vuitton neverfull silver lv garden fall winter 2022 Neverfull Garden Silver 2022, FW MM $2,310


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