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Louis Vuitton Tahitienne Speedy Bandouliere (2017) Reference Guide

Louis Vuitton Tahitienne Speedy Bandouliere (2017) Reference Guide

The Louis Vuitton Spring\Summer Tahitienne Collection introduced in 2017 was inspired by the idyllic landscapes of Tahiti. This is one of the few reinterpretations of Damier Azur canvas that looks recognizable yet twisted.

Each pink collection from Louis Vuitton instantly becomes sold out. Tahietienne is not an exclusion, Though very simple, this collection was very hard to get and even now there are bag collectors who are looking for this limited edition.

The Speedy Tahitienne was only released as a 30 Bandouliere. Modern women require more functionality from an iconic model. Louis Vuitton has almost given up limited editions of a traditional Speedy bag without strap as a hands-free crossbody version is more versatile.

Apart from the Tahitienne pink flowers printed on Damier Azur Canvas, it features a nice pink interior.

Apart from the Speedy Bandouliere, other Louis Vuitton iconic styles are also available in Tahitienne print:

  • Keepall 50 Bandouliere Tahitienne
  • Neverfull MM Tahitienne
  • Nano Noe Tahitienne
  • Pochette Accessories Tahitienne
  • Zippy Coin Purse Tahitienne
  • Bag Charm Scarves
  • Zippy Wallet
  • Bandeau
  • The Speedy Tahitienne

Speedy Tahitienne is a collectible bag that often goes beyond retail if it's in like-new condition.


louis vuitton speedy bandouliere 30 tahitienne limited edition
  • DesignerNicolas Ghesquière
  • Size: 30
  • Colors: Damier Azur with pink
  • Original price: $1700
  • Estimated resale price: $1500-1700

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