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Louis Vuitton SD Date Code Guide

Louis Vuitton SD Date Code Guide

Louis Vuitton SD Date Code Guide

Louis Vuitton's date code is a sequence of letters and numbers that indicate when and where the item was manufactured.
Every Louis Vuitton item has a date code (except the ones manufactured before 1986 and after 2021).
SD in a date code means that the item was manufactured either in France or in the USA.
All items manufactured before 1995 were made in France. In 1995 a Louis Vuitton manufacture was opened in California, and the SD became a US date code.
Older Louis Vuitton Speedy made in USA
Older Louis Vuitton items look like any other Louis Vuitton bags. The heat stamp says 'Louis Vuitton PARIS Made in USA.'
louis vuitton made in usa sd date code
Newer items don't have the USA indicated on the heat stamp. There's no made in-country at all, however, inside the bag there's a fabric tag saying 'Made in the USA of imported materials'.
louis vuitton made in usa date code
To learn when the item was manufactured, check the date code via our awesome Date Code Checker.
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  • Posted by Andrea on

    Hola !
    Quería saber la autenticidad de este bolso con esta numeración SD4196

  • Posted by Jacqueline Luster on


  • Posted by Libba Hicks on

    I bought an array of merchandise from Saks in Chevy chase md got home and unpacking my beloved newbies I started looking for the date code and to my horror could not find one anywhere. Needless to say my night was sleepless and so that next morning I took another trip back to the store and ask the representative if she could show me where the date code is in my bag and cosmetic bag and that’s when I learned that the date code has been replaced with a chip that is in the bag! This is something that Louis Vuitton should seriously consider informing the consumers before anyone else has the unfortunate jarring experience like I did. I simply should not have had this happen. I should have been notified of this change prior to my leaving the store and so because of this failure to inform me I returned the bag I am disappointed with the lack of transparency and have to say that this should absolutely be on the websites or at the least staff should be making consumers aware of the facts. Simple transparency.

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