Everything about Louis Vuitton Prints and Patterns and Popular Limited Edition Collaborations (With Photo Examples)

Sometimes a mere glimpse at a bag will tell you everything about it. Fashion houses create unique prints to make their items easily recognizable. Standing in the crowded center of NYC you won't confuse Louis Viutton bag with anything else, thanks to its famous pattern.

Some of them has aleady become iconic, not to mention that a bag with a Louis Vuitton pattern is a perfect accessory for every outfit. No wonder, they are coveted by fashionistas and copied by forgers. Today we are going to talk about different existing Louis Viutton prints, from old and legendary patterns to recent collaborations with modern artists that have won designer bag lovers' hearts. 



Classic Louis Vuitton Prints

We truly believe that every person, no matter how little he or she knows about fashion, recognizes signature Louis Viutton patterns. The hot chocolate colors are rarely mistaken with any other brand, and over the year the bags featuring these prints are only getting higher in price. Let's learn more about classic Louis Vuitton patterns and dive into their history!



Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas


Louis Vuitton Monogram is the first print introduced by the fashion house, and it has a long history dating back to 1896. Eye-catching interlocking letters L and V, as well as the floral pattern, were designed by George Vuitton, Louis Vuitton's son. This print first appeared on the trunks for rich travelers and was a symbol of status and uxury. Later when the fashion house expanded from luggage business to the whole empire of high-end accessories the Monogram print was used on the most stylish and famous models.



How to take care of a purse with this pattern? It's obvious that with time canvas would show some signs of wear. But you have to wait long for it to become noticeable. High-quality materials used by the fashion house are ideal for modern lifestyle. Typically, Monogram canvas bags reveal minor scratches on the corners and near the button or zipper (where you touch it most). Natural cowhide (Vachetta) that the Monogram canvas usually is combined with tends to darken with time due to natural oil, so don't try to clean it with any kinds of chemicals. Be careful around water, it might leave permanent marks on the bag. Try to give your purse a rest from time to time, keeping it stuffed (to prevent cracks on leather and print). Here are some other tips on how to store your desiger bags



Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas


Fashionistas always argue which Louis Viutton pattern is more classic: Monogram or Damier. The answer is obviously both, because now we can't imagine the fashion house without any of them. As the previous Louis Vuitton print, this one was invented again by talented George Vuitton. Damier canvas was first introduced in 1888. Meaning 'chessboard' in French, the print features alternating squares of two colours. 110 years later the famous Damier Ebene was introduced with two shades of brown and it immediately joined the family of iconic LV patterns.


Crafted from very durable canvas, bags with Damier Ebene print can show some signs of wear after a certain period of time. It largely depends of how much you use the purse and how you carry it. Try to avoid any contact with rough surfaces, cosmetics and water, don't use hand sanitizer way too much. Canvas would darken on the corners with time, but usually with Damier Ebene it's not much of an issue because it blends well. Clean the surface with a damp piece of cloth of light color. You can find a lot of useful tips about cleaning Louis Vuitton canvases and leathers in our guide on how to safely clean a Louis Vuitton bag at home



Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas


Damier pattern was introduced in several colors but only two of them became classic Louis Viutton prints. Damier Azur features alternating squares of white and navy blue hues. Inspired by the colors of the French Riviera and created in 2006, this feminine pattern instantly won Louis Vuitton fans' hearts. 

Damier Azur is much lighter than Ebene or Monogram pattern, so the obvious question comes to mind: how much care does it require? Like any other high-end brand material, the Damier Azur canvas needs constant attention, and even more care than other prints due to its color. The bag would reveal scratches and discoloration easier than Ebene, and should be kept away from water and grease. Be ready that canvas might yellow with time.

Cleaning this LV pattern is easy, just use a damp cloth and don't go rough on it. To get rid of some dirt you can also use a soft brush, but be extremely gentle, as you might erase the print. Don't put it on the floor and store in a dust bag. If you're not afraid of high maintenance, be sure to check a pre-loved Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Croisette Crossbody Bag on our website.



Louis Vuitton Vernis Leather


How to make your world sparkle even on gloomy winter days? Buy a mesmerizing bag in Vernis Leather! Just have a look at the hypnotizing Louis Vuitton Pomme d'Amour Monogram Vernis Summit Drive Bag we have. This Louis Viutton print was introduced by Marc Jacobs as his first contribution shortly after he was appointed as the head of the fashion house. It became a huge success when it appeared on the shelves in 1998. Shining Vernis leather gives the signature Monogram pattern a brand-new look. This glowing effect is achieved by using patent finish on calfskin leather.



It's not a secret that bags made of Vernis leather require special care. They tend to getscratched way too easily, so you literally need to baby your sparkling accessory. Glazing at the corners might get rubbes quite fast, but it's considered to be typical wear and tear.

Carrying and even storing a Vernis leather bag can be quite a challenge. This Louis Viutton pattern is a magnet for fingerprints due to its patent finish. Even when kept in a dust bag in a closet it should be cleaned and aired once in a couple of months. Avoid contact of the leather with any magazines or newspapers, it would be impossible to get rid of print marks. You can cleaning the bag with a damp cotton cloth.



Louis Vuitton Epi Leather


Epi Leather is the most widely used material for the bags aside from canvas. The idea of creating this LV pattern came to George Viutton's mind in 1920, when he and his son were looking for durable materials. 6 years later it was introduced as the material for a tea case trunk. Nowadays almost every iconic Louis Vuitton bag exists in Epi leather. Just have a look at this Louis Vuitton Black Noir Epi Alma BB we have.

What is this material? It's a pressed leather stamped with textured horizontal pattern covered with protective finish. Originally there were only six colors available. Over the years the brand designed a rich Epi leather palette to suit each taste and match every outfit.


Mostly made from calfskin, this LV leather pattern is highly durable. A special textured print makes the bags not only soft to touch but extremely prone to damage as well. No special maintenance or care required, you can enjoy your Epi leather bag as much as you want. Of course, with time some tiny wear can appear on the corners or where you touch it most, but you'll barely notice it. Even used regularly, this Louis Viutton pattern will stay in the same pristine condition.

How to take care of Epi leather? Nothing is as easy! If your bag gets dirty, just use a damp cloth to clean it. Epi leather is not afraid of water, but don't forget to dry it after rain or snow. Store the purse in a dust bag away from the light to prevent color fading.



Louis Vuitton Empreinte Leather


Introduced only in 2010 this Louis Viutton print immediately became iconic and we understand why. The signature Monogram pattern is deeply embossed into high-quality calfskin, creating a stunning look. Even when you look at a picture of a bag with this pattern, you feel the burning desire to touch every ornament. Louis Vuitton Black Monogram Empreinte Mazarine MM in our online shop is a perfect example. The youngest of the classic prints appeares on multiple models and silhouettes of the fashion house.

Not only good-looking but also highly durable this pattern will serve you a lifetime. Even constantly used, it would stay in mint condition after several years. That's one of the reasons why it has become a classic Louis Viutton pattern and is often chosen over canvas models. Empreinte is sturdy and is prone to all sorts of scratches and damages.

This leather doesn't require special care. It can handle rain and even your hand lotions, and for storage you can just put it into a dust bag without wiping it first. But still try not to be too careless with this precious item.



Louis Vuitton Multicolor Monogram Canvas

Multicolor Monogram is the only print that has became classic among all the other limited collaborations with the artists. We've already told the full story of success of this LV pattern in our article about Louis Vuitton Multicolore Monogram Collection: Your Guide to One of the Most Iconic Louis Vuitton Prints, and now just mention some most impressive details. Introduced only 17 years ago, Multicolor Monogram already reached the pick of its popularity and was eventually discontinued.

The main feature of this Louis Viutton print is the color of LV logos and floral patterns. The classical brown shade was replaced by 33 different colors, giving the pattern playful and modern look on white or black background. This eye-catching print is a choice of today's celebrities and influencers, each member of the Kardashian/Jenner family owns at least one bag from the Multicolor Monogram collection.



Colour fading is normal wear and tear for this Louis Vuitton pattern. Multicolor Monogram is silk screened onto the canvas, so there's nothing that can be done to avoid natural chipping and color fading. However, it doesn't happen fast, there is a high chance you'll enjoy your Multicolor items for a long if you give them special care and attention. Also, white items tend to become dirty faster, so they require cleaning more frequently. 



Louis Vuitton Limited Editions Collaboration Collections

Aside from classical Louis Viutton prints, there have been some interesting collaborations of the brand with contemporary artists. Working together with talented painters and photographers helped revitalize Louis Vuitton collections and attract new fans. All the items were manufactured in limited amount and most of them can only be found in collectors' closets or on the pre-loved market now.

Let's take a closer look at the most successful collaborations!



Louis Viutton x Takashi Murakami Collaboration

The most recognizable collaboration happened during the Marc Jacobs Era. In 2003 he invited Japanese artist Takashi Murakami to work on a new Louis Viutton pattern. As a result, not one but a few playful and cute designs were released, looking quite childish compared to classic prints. The collaboration lasted for 12 years, giving us the best designs and patterns.


Louis Vuitton Multicolor Monogram Print


We've just talked about this pattern above, now we reveal the name of the person who created this iconic design. It was talented Takashi Murakami who brought a little piece of Japanese culture to French chic bags and accessories. 



Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossoms Print

The most feminine Louis Vuitton design ever was also created by Takashi Murakami. The Cherry Blossoms collection features classic Monogram pattern with pink sakura flowers all over the canvas. Besides, the traditional brown color was replaced by a stunning pink shade to make the bags irresistable for young fashionistas.



Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage Print


Introduced in 2008, this Louis Vuitton pattern was something totally new for the fashion house. As you can say from the name, Monogramouflage features two prints. Murakami was able to combine the classical Monogram ornaments in black color with combat camouflage background. You can find a lot of items like belts, suitcases, scarves in this print but the Louis Vuitton Monogramouflge Speedy bag is the most coveted one. Whenever it pops up on platforms selling Louis Vuitton pre-loved pieces, it sells quick. 



Louis Vuitton Monogram Cerises Print


A limited edition of this Louis Viutton pattern was released for Spring/Summer collection 2005, and it is perfect for sunny days. The classical Monogram canvas is decorated with smiling cherries all over the surface. A brave move by the Japanese artist who mixed together a playful anime style and French luxury turned out to be an immediate success among fashionistas.



Louis Viutton x Yayoi Kusama Collaboration


In 2012 the fashion house collaborated with another Japanese artist Yaoyi Kusama. Marc Jacobs personally was a fan of her energetic and vivid projects, so he invited her to work with Louis Viutton. As a result, one of the most unusual and provocative LV patterns was designed. Using her own work as inspiration. Yaoyi Kusama created an eye-catching Polka Dot Monogram pattern.

Made mostly of Vernis leather (as if it could have been different for such an extravagant artist), these bags feature contrasting polka dots on the Monogram print background. Shiny, bright and striking, this Louis Viutton print fully reflects free nature of the artist.



Louis Viutton x Stephen Sprouse Collaboration

The very first successfull collaboration that started the tradition of inviting artists to make new prints for upcoming collections. Stephen Sprouse created two prints to be remembered for.


Louis Vuitton Graffiti Collection


Bags featuring Graffiti pattern were literally swept off the shelves immediately. Bold and bright, this collection was released twice: in 2001 to mark the first collaboration and later in 2009 to pay tribute to the artist who died from lung cancer. What was so special about the graffiti pattern? Stephen Sprouse decided to put a large modern print reading 'Louis Viutton' and 'Paris' all over the Monogram canvas, almost hiding the main pattern.



Louis Vuitton Roses Collection


Another Louis Viutton pattern made by Stephen Sprousewas released only after his death. It was designed during the collaboration period but appeared on the bags and accessories only 8 years later, in 2009. Marc Jacobs updated himself the Monogram print by adding Stephen's fluorescent rose pattern. The combination of vivid and classical colors resulted in creation of one of the most beautiful and feminine prints in the LV history.



Louis Viutton x Richard Prince Collaboration

The Spring/Summer 2008 runway show unveiled a stunning collaboration of the fashion house with Panama-born artist and photographer Richard Prince, famous for his kinky and extravagant nurse parade. Among all the LV patterns designed during that season, we adore the rare and limited Watercolor line.


Louis Vuitton Watercolor Collection


This LV pattern looks spectacular on a Speedy. Richard Prince managed to create a stunning effect of watercolored Monogram pattern in soft pale hues. It looks as if someone just took a brush and used it on canvas to express their artistic nature in LV style. The pattern features 17 shades, mostly including pink, purple, yellow and orange colors and their shades. Both white and black backgrounds are simply fabulous and eye-catching. 



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