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How to Store Your Designer Bags?

How to Store Your Designer Bags?

Useful Tips To Make Sure Your Favourite Bag Remains As Good As New

Designer bags are a smart investment as their value only gets higher with time. There are many tips which you should follow if you want to keep your collection in perfect condition. Check out some easy ideas to help you organize and store your favourite designer bags!


Better Clean It Before Storing

It is important to keep all your bags clean, so make sure to check it thoroughly before stuffing with paper or putting in the dust bag. Depending on the bag material, use the right cloth:

  • Leather - Damp cloth
  • Suede - Dry cloth

Gently clean the bag from the inside out, and finish the process by vacuuming or simply brushing it.

Luxury bags need special cleaning and attitude. Check out how to clean your valuable Louis Vuitton pieces in BAGAHOLIC blog here.

Remember, that each element requires special attention. For this reason, check out carefully the instruction on how to clean it. For example, you can find some interesting tips on how to clean Louis Vuitton zippers on BAGAHOLIC YouTube channel.


Stuff Your Bag And Purse To Maintain The Shape

Keeping the upright position will ensure that your bag and purse will remain in good condition for a long time. That's why after cleaning, find some paper and stuff your bag to maintain the right shape. The best option is to use bubble wrap as it creates the best shape.

You can also use an organizer to keep your purse's shape.

Pay attention to the paper you use – it should not leave any marks or dirt on cloth. 


Don’t Ever Hang It

Though you can find the advice of using hooks and hanging your bags in many tutorials, try to avoid that. And the reason is very simple by handing the bag, you make it eventually lose its shape and wear out the handle. Better use other ways to organise your bags, like storing them in containers and dustbags.


What To Do With The Strap?

Once again, no matter how tempting it may be, do not hang up your designer bags by the strap – it will eventually stretch out or crack. The best way is to gently roll it up and put inside the bag. You never know when you will need it! Never throw it away and keep them together in one place.


Separate Your Bags

 There are many ways how you can separate your bags and still make them look pretty nice.


Bins and boxes

The easiest way is to buy several boxes of different sizes and put your bags accordingly. Any type of box or container or even bin will go. If you want to organize the space in a more creative way, simply buy a collection of the same boxes varying in colours and shapes. This will make your interior look fresh, and your bags will be safe.


Under-the-bed solution

If you want to minimize the space, you can buy special cubbies and store your bags under the bed, which is the perfect option to keep them protected.


Shelf dividers

Shelf dividers are super effective to keep your bags separated from each other to maintain their upright position. It is the right choice if you have a lot of bags and you want all of them to stand at the same distance from each other on the shelf. Besides, it looks pretty.



Another great option is to use bookcase for your bags. You can put them all, varying in their size. And no worries for the bookcase –  any can work perfectly for that. Just remember to stuff your bags with tissue paper.


Don’t Throw Away Your Dustbag And Box

One of the most important rules regarding any bag you buy is that one:


You can keep the dust bag and the box on the shelf while you use the bag in your everyday life. Once you don’t need it, clean it, stuff with some bubble filler, put in the dust bag and store in the box.


Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can spoil the material as well as the texture of the bag, that’s why make sure to keep your collection far from the window. However, if you keep your bags on the shelf, just put them in plastic containers. It will help to save them pretty well, too.


Every Bag Needs Fresh Air

If this phrase makes you smile, you are certainly getting the right point. It is not a good idea to keep your bag isolated. At least once in a month take out your bags, air them out and check their overall condition.


If you follow these simple rules and tips, you can be sure that your designer bag collection will be well organized and serve you long. Just switch on your imagination and make all the precious designer pieces look nice and safe.


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