how to clean designer bags

  • How to Clean The Inside Lining of Your Louis Vuitton Bag At Home

    Cleaning your Louis Vuitton purse might be stressful. It's an designer item worth a lot and the risk of getting not what you expected is very high, since you don't always have much experience with cleaning products. In this article, we'll share our experience of cleaning the inside lining of a Lo... View Post
  • How do you clean a Coach purse at home? This article presents a few time-proven products that will help you to take away grease and dirt off your favorite designer handbags. We used them all! The first step is to identify the damage that you need to get rid of. There are several kinds of damage t... View Post
  • How to Store Your Designer Bags?

    Useful Tips To Make Sure Your Favourite Bag Remains As Good As New Designer bags are a smart investment as their value only gets higher with time. There are many tips which you should follow if you want to keep your collection in perfect condition. Check out some easy ideas to help you organize a... View Post