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How to Clean a Coach Purse at Home

How do you clean a Coach purse at home? This article presents a few time-proven products that will help you to take away grease and dirt off your favorite designer handbags. We used them all!

The first step is to identify the damage that you need to get rid of. There are several kinds of damage that can be present on a Coach purse.

  • Color transfer on leather
  • Ink stains on the lining
  • Other stains on the lining
  • Leather stains


How to Clean a Coach Purse's Outer Canvas: Recommended Products

how to clean coach canvas

Most Coach bags are made of canvas. It's a durable grainy material that has a signature Coach print on it.

While there's can be virtually any type of material damage, let's start from the most regular signs of wear. After a few years of use the purse just looks like a bit tired. If there are no specific damage or engrained stains, here are some products that might help you to freshen up your favorite Coach purse. 

All these products have been tested specifically on Coach canvas and the results were above expectations.


1. Micellar Water

how to clean louis vuitton canvas

Micellar water is known for removing dirt and dissolving dust, oil and grease. As Coach handbags are made of canvas, it mostly needs cleaning due to its uneven surface.

Here's how you clean a Coach purse with micellar water:

  1. Prepare cotton pads and a soft toothbrush.
  2. Apply micellar water to the canvas and rub it gently with toothbrush until it foams. Rub gently to not damage the print.
  3. Wipe up the dirty foam with cotton pads.


2. Baby Wipes

Here's something that you might already have at home. Baby wipes is one of the time-proven ways by far to clean PVC materials, or canvas. Make sure you use alcohol-free wipes prevent damaging the print. Rub very gently as some part of the bag may come off easily, depending on the material and color.


Collonil Bamboo Lotion

how to clean coach bag

This premium Collonil Bamboo lotion is very gentle to both the leather and canvas. You can even use it on leather items to remove dust and dirt.

Here's how you use the Collonil Bamboo Lotion:

  1. Spray it from 15-20 cm away from the Coach canvas.
  2. After cleansing, use a fabric cloth or cotton pads to take off the dirt.

This lotion is one of the universal products for any material. Get it on Amazon now.


Luxury Purse Restorer + Polish

how to clean coach bags leather


This Luxury Purse Cleaner/Restorer works for almost any type of leather or material, including Coach signature canvas. This premium leather cleaner kit is something you might use to remove superficial dirt from all your purses and shoes, regardless of the material. It's an excellent Coach purse leather cleaner.



How to Remove Color Transfer From a Coach Purse

Now that we've listed all chemicals that might help to clean your Coach purse at home, it's time to mention stronger cleaners that take off darker stains and color transfer.

Saphir Renomat

saphir renomat how to clean color transfer

This is a very strong chemical that help to take off mild color transfer and stains. Its odor is quite strong so avoid opening it in your room or kitchen. Fixing the purse outside seems the be the best option.

You'll be amazed when you see results though. The leather will start to breathe and the stain will be gone for good.


How to Clean a Coach Purse Fabric at Home

The next material is fabric. How do you clean a Coach purse if it's made of fabric?


Can You Wash a Coach Purse in the Washing Machine?

Every fashionista we know was always wondering if the fastest way to clean a fabric purse is putting it inside the washing machine.

While the idea to wash your bag in the washing machine seems reasonable (at least this method removes most stains), you should never wash a designer purse in a washing machine.

Water can damage the hardware, causing rust or tarnishing. As a result, you'll have to either replace it or clean it all over again after the washing.

Steps to Take to Clean the Fabric

  1. Order a professional fabric cleaner from Amazon. Any professional product used for furniture and rugs will do the trick.
  2. Apply the spray to the fabric.
  3. Dry the fabric and reapply the stray.
  4. If needed, apply regular water afterwards to take away the smell. 

We hope that you've learned some ways to clean you Coach purse with what you have at home. If you know some great products that are not in this article, feel free to share them in comments.


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