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should you keep your louis vuitton in a dustbag

3 Reasons You Should Keep your Louis Vuitton in a Dust Bag

Every designer handbag lover dreams of having a collection of handbags from top luxury bag brands, such as Louis Vuitton. At some point, your bag collection will grow to the point that you have to think through the storage space. Where do you you store your designer bag and should you keep your Louis Vuitton in a dust bag?

As a designer handbag authentication service (and previously a reseller), we regularly get this kind of questions. Here are some tips that will help you make sure that your precious Louis Vuitton bag will stay as beautiful as it was at the time when you bought it.

3 reasons you should keep your Louis Vuitton bag in a dust bag

Whenever you purchase a Louis Vuitton purse from the boutique or their online store, it comes in a dust bag. A light yellow dust bag with an imprint reading "Louis Vuitton" is an indispensable part of the packaging, emphasizing the exclusivity of the brand.

There are dust bags available for bags, wallets, and even small accessories like Louis Vuitton locks!

Louis Vuitton is not the only brand that provides a dust bag with every purchase. Nowadays, practically every major fashion brand, from Hermes to Coach, includes a dust bag to store your item.

The question is, though, are there specific storage benefits that a dust bag provides?

Indeed, using a dust bag offers numerous benefits. Let's go through each of them one by one.

1. Protection from dust


Well, this one is evident and self-explanatory. :)

Consistently storing your handbag in a dust bag is a great way to protect your beloved luxury handbag from dust.

Dust may not seem like a major issue, but it can be tricky when it comes to Louis Vuitton bags due to their unique materials.

For example, let's consider a bag in Monogram canvas. Regardless of the print and pattern, this canvas is made from a textured material that isn't smooth. Over time, the spaces between the bumps can become dirtier, and if not cleaned regularly, it can become sticky and attract even more dust, making the bag look dirtier.

3 Reasons You Should Keep your Louis Vuitton in a Dust Bag - Protection from dust

Here's another example. Imagine your bag is made from Empreinte leather. Apart from having a bumpy texture, Empreinte bags have Louis Vuitton monograms embossed all over them. When one area of the leather is more deeply embossed, it becomes a magnet for dust.

That's why using a dust bag is essential in keeping your Louis Vuitton item clean and protected.


2. Protection from accidental damage

We're all human, and accidents can happen.

When you store your handbag collection in your closet, anything might happen. For instance, a common issue for smooth Vernis leather bags is dark stains. These stains can develop when a patent leather item comes into prolonged contact with another item in the closet.

For bags made of lambskin leather, any form of damage can be devastating. Whether it's a fallen hanger that scratches the buttery-soft leather or a box that presses against the handbag, leaving a mark on the front, such interactions will inevitably leave your bag looking less pristine than before.

Thus, keeping your Louis Vuitton bag in a dust bag will prevent various types of damage.


3. Protection from the sun

Where do you store your handbags? Is there some light there?

Exposure to sunlight can have various negative effects on designer purses, particularly those made of leather.

When a leather item (patent or calfskin) regularly gets sunlight, it eventually fades. This can lead to a situation when one side of your luxury purse becomes brighter than the other one.

Sun exposure can also cause the leather to dry out, and crack over time. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can lead to discoloration, drying, and aging of the leather, ultimately causing it to lose its finishing and become brittle.

That's why it's important to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and keep your designer handbag in a dust bag in order to maintain their appearance and longevity.


Louis Vuitton Care Tips

Here are some other tips that you need to keep in mind before putting your handbag away for storage.

Clean the purse

3 Reasons You Should Keep your Louis Vuitton in a Dust Bag - Cleaning

Before putting the bag for storage, there's an important step to take: cleaning.

Whatever material your bag is made of, as with shoes and boots, before putting it away for storage, you need to clean it.

Cleaning the purse before putting it away for storage is important for several reasons.

Firstly, it helps prevent stains and damage by removing dirt, oils, and residues that could cause long-term deterioration, especially on delicate materials like leather or fabric.

Secondly, cleaning removes any lingering odors, such as food or perfume, that could become more noticeable during storage.

Thirdly, regular cleaning and maintenance help preserve the overall condition of the purse, preventing the buildup of grime and preserving the integrity of the materials.

Lastly, cleaning before storage helps prevent pest infestations by removing any food crumbs or residues that might attract pests like moths or insects.

By cleaning the purse before storing it, you can ensure its appearance and condition remain intact for future use.


Stuff the bag

3 Reasons You Should Keep your Louis Vuitton in a Dust Bag - Stuff the purse

Whenever you store your purse, always make sure you stuff it.

Louis Vuitton has released a countless number of styles and silhouettes over the years. Some of them are structured, such as Alma BB, which can easily stand on its own and doesn't need stuffing.

When your bag is not structured, you have to make sure it keeps its original shape for as long as possible.

The easiest way to do this is by storing it stuffed.

Maintaining the original bag shape is key to prolonging its life and preserving its value.

You can stuff you purse with paper or with fabrics, just make sure neither have specific odors.

You can also order a bag shaper or an organizer for stuffing the bag. Louis Vuitton used to have such pillows for Speedy.


Bottom line: if you have just spend several thousand dollars on a handbag, it's worth to make the effort and keep storing it in a dust bag.

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