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louis vuitton multicolor collection

Louis Vuitton Multicolore Monogram Collection: Your Guide to One of the Most Iconic Louis Vuitton Prints

Introduced to the public only 17 years ago, Louis Vuitton Multicolore Monogram Collection became an instant hit. It's still in high demand, though some items are extremely hard to find. Many fashion lovers say that Louis Vuitton Multicolore Monogram Bag is the so-called It-Bag of the era. The main question is how this print reached the status of vintage Louis Vuitton print just in several years? Let's look into the history of this collection to get the answer.


When Did Louis Vuitton Multicolore Come Out?

No collaboration of Louis Vuitton fashion house was as successful as a co-work with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. It was him who introduced this iconic print in 2003. Marc Jacobs who was at the helm of Louis Vuitton at that time invited the Japanese artist to bring a breath of fresh air to the fashion house. And he was right.

New bags and accessories made their debut during Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer fashion show. Murakami's versions of the collection became remarkable and claimed a huge amount of praise. After it was introduced to the public it became immediately sought after. Many celebrities and public figures were photographed with Multicolore Monogram bags and accessories.

This collaboration lasted for 12 years, in July 2015 the fashion house announced discontinuing of Multicolore Monogram Collection. The era of Marc Jacobs has come to an end, and the new head of Louis Vuitton fashion house stated that the brand preferred to «look forward».


Multicolore Monogram Collection Distinctive Features

louis vuitton monogram multicolor

It's time to see what is so special about Multicolore Monogram line and why it is still being swept from shelves. When Takashi Murakami started to redesign classical Louis Vuitton accessories he used a vivid color palette and a playful style typical for his works. The standard monogram print was replaced with colorful canvas. The new design was representing black or white background with flowers and interlocking LV-logos of 33 different colors. The print was available in the wide range of Louis Vuitton styles and small leather goods.


Why is Multicolore Monogram Line so popular?

Since the first appearance in Paris Multicolore Monogram Collection made a huge success in the market. In the first year of sales more than 70 000 bags and wallets were bought by people wanting to have a trendy accessory. Bags were awarded with a title It-bag and were the primary desire of every fashion lover. Many celebrities were spotted to be carrying bags from Multicolore Monogram line, and mass media made a massive advertisement for the fashion house. In 2015 after discontinuing Multicolore Monogram collection it got a new wave of popularity, as it became hard to find bags and accessories in the official stores. And, of course, it goes without saying that Murakami's print is just eye-catching!


Top 5 Most Popular Multicolore Items And Where to Purchase Multicolor Vintage Authentic Louis Vuitton

Several years ago Louis Vuitton announced that the Multicolore Monogram Line had been discontinued. For every fashion lover, this news meant only one thing - if you want to buy a piece from Murakami's collection you can only do it via consignment stores' websites, as the bags are not represented in the official stores of the fashion house anymore.

Here are the most popular LV's Multicolore items that are available for buying online.

Black Multicolore Monogram Speedy 30 Bag

It is the most famous bag of the collection, it's light-weighted and compact. The front of the bag has a small pocket. Dual handles and one zipper on the top makes it comfortable for everyday life and irreplaceable for travel style.

Loved it? We have this one in stock in our online shop. 


Black Multicolore Monogram Petit Noe Bag

The design of the bag was introduced in 1932 when one of the champagne producers asked the fashion house to create a stylish bag to carry five bottles. The iconic shape is still popular nowadays because of the roomy interior and drawstrings on the top. And the Multicolore print gives it a funky look!

Want this colourful beauty? You can find it pre-loved in our store for as low as $699!


White Multicolore Monogram Alma Bag

The classical and eye-catching style of this bag remains timeless. The vibrant white monogram canvas will give a pop of colour to any outfit. Alma is a perfect crossbody bag but you can also remove the strap and carry it in your hands.


Black Multicolore Monogram Pochette

One of the tiniest bag in Muticolore collection. It was made to carry only necessities. Unlike most clutches it has a reinforced base, so you can place it like a regular bag and it won't fall.


Multicolore Monogram Wallets

The bright colourful print created by the Japanese artist also appeared on Louis Vuitton accessories and small leather goods, for example, Zippy and Eugenie wallets that are also available in our store. 


How To Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton Multicolore Bag?

Where Is The Serial Number on a Louis Vuitton Multicolore Handbag?

Almost all of the multicolored items have the date code stamped into the interior on the pocket, next to the sewing.

where is the date code on louis vuitton multicolor noe

The date codes tend to fade on the Alcantra lining. That's why sometimes it's hard to find it, let alone read it.

These are but a few examples of the Louis Vuitton Multicolor Speedy date codes that are easy to see and read.

louis vuitton multicolor speedy date code

louis vuitton multicolor speedy date code where is that

Here's what a hard-to-see Louis Vuitton heat stamp looks like. Can you see it

If a date code is missing on a Multicolor bag, it's not necessarily a fake. Viceversa is also true: if there's a date code on a multicolor bag, it doesn't mean it's authentic.


Celebrities Wearing Multicolore Monogram

As we've already mentioned, Takashi Murakami's work made a huge success, especially among celebrities who started to carry the bags everywhere making a great favour to the fashion house.

The first admirers of Multicolore Monogram collection were Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton. They were influencers at the time the collection was introduced. Jessica Simpson was holding Multicolore Speedy in every scene of her TV show Newlyweds. Paris Hilton was once photographed carrying two Multicolore bags at the moment, one with a white background and the second with a black one. She also owns the LV's Multicolore trunk. The bags from the Multicolore line have also been seen on Jennifer Lopez, Travis Scott, and Anna Kournikova.

As for the influencers of modern times, there are also true fans of this old collection. Kendall Jenner is known for her love for tiny Multicolore Monogram bags, as she has recently appeared in the public carrying two various kinds of them. Last year Kim Kardashian brought several bags as Christmas gifts for her family from Japan, she posted a picture of eight multicolored bags designed by Takashi Murakami on her Instagram page. Later Kylie Jenner posted a video of her daughter Stormi graciously throwing a mini-bag over her shoulder.


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Want to Authenticate Your LV Multicolor Bag?

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