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Louis Vuitton Speedy Graffiti (2009) Reference Guide

Louis Vuitton Speedy Graffiti (2009) Reference Guide

The 2009 Spring-Summer Collection became an homage to Stephen Sprouse, an artist, and creator of the first limited edition Speedy who died of lung cancer in 2004. The release of this collection coincided with an exhibition about Stephen Sprouse at the Deitch Gallery and the release of his biography.

Eight years after the artist's original Monogram Graffiti purses became ironic icons by "defacing" the Louis Vuitton logo for the first time, the Graffiti collection was revisited. ‘I did my best, in a very first degree way, to do what I think Stephen would have done or has done, in terms of fashion,’ Jacobs said. This collection is very similar to the 2001 Graffiti collection, but it was created in bright neon colors such as green, fuchsia and orange. The letters ‘Louis Vuitton Paris’ are also smaller than in the original Graffiti collection.

Apart from the print, all other details are the same as on the classic Monogram Speedy.

This bag was only released in size 30.

 louis vuitton speedy cerises cherries bag
  • Designer: Stephen Sprouse
  • Size: 30  
  • Colors: pink, orange, green
  • Original price: 1180$
  • Estimated resale price: 1100$

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