Louis Vuitton Delightful PM/MM/GM Bag Reference Guide

If you look for an extra-comfortable and classic Louis Vuitton hobo bag, pay attention to Louis Vuitton Delightful PM/MM/GM bag. It was specially designed to weight a bit lighter than other Louis Vuitton bags to be even more practical and easy-to-carry.

Out of all these sizes, the most craved for is, without doubt, a Delightful GM with zippers. Discontinued around 2012, this purse still appeals to Louis Vuitton fans as a trendy ultra-spacious hobo bag, almost as lightweight as a feather.

With extremely durable leather handles from natural cowhide, big interior pocket and a D-ring hang keys, the Delightful is a truly sophisticated choice. You would be more than delighted to have the Louis Vuitton Delightful bag in your collection.

The collection was released in 2008 in Monogram canvas. The size guide (with original prices) is the following:

  • PM - 5,5”*10,2”*16,5” - $925;
  • MM - 7,87”*11,81”*20,47” - $1,050;
  • GM - 8,27”*12,6”*22,83” - $1,340.










2008, updated in 2014, discontinued around 2020

Monogram canvas








Shoulder bag


Louis Vuitton Delightful Authentication

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