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Authenticate a Gucci Bag | Online Gucci Authentication Services

gucci authentication services

Are you purchasing a Gucci Marmont or Dionysus bag? Or may be it's a vintage Gucci that you're looking to finally acquire to your handbag collection?

The thrill of finding something really special comes hand by hand with the fear of wasting your money on a fake.

...if only all sellers were honest about the authenticity of the items they're selling.

Unfortunately, you have to stay alert all the time.

Gucci authenticity is tricky. The Italian fashion house that boasts a rich and controversial history (meaning: a wild variety of styles, serials and stamps), which makes vintage Gucci bag hard to authenticate.

Newer handbags don't make it easier. As Gucci is at the forefront of contemporary trends, counterfeiters are trying to copy everything. Among all luxury brands, Gucci superfakes are the hardest to tell.

Buyers of secondhand luxury goods know that counterfeiting is one of the major issues. Unfortunately, whenever you're purchasing an alleged authentic Gucci bag from a private seller on a large marketplace, you don't know who you are dealing with and whether this person is honest.

We've got your back!

At Bagaholic Authentication Services, we specialize in checking designer items for authenticity and for the signs of potential fraud and scam. Over 100,000 designer handbags have been checked by our experts. Gucci is among of the brands we deal with most.


Bagaholic Authenticates The Following Gucci Items:

  • Gucci Marmont collection
  • other modern Gucci handbags
  • vintage Gucci bags and accessories
  • wallets
  • sneakers
  • belts
  • sunglasses


Do you want to authenticate a vintage Gucci bag?

authenticate vintage gucci bag

No problem! We authenticate vintage Gucci bags, such as items from the following collections:

Vintage Gucci bags are tricky to authenticate, as the history of the house is full of mysteries and intricacies. As a result, their items were often far from one standard.

To authenticate vintage Gucci bags you need to be able to match the bag with its timeline. It's necessary to know the Italian house's history, have an understanding of types of heat stamps, serial numbers that Gucci released over the years.


Gucci Bag Authentication Services

At Bagaholic we provide professional online Gucci authentication services for Gucci items. Service fee from $10 only.



Verbal Certificate of Authenticity CoA with Explanation 
Price $10 $25 $50
When to use

you are buying a preloved Gucci handbag and want some peace of mind

you want find your if your Gucci item is authentic or not

    you want to sell your Gucci item and give a potential buyer some peace of mind

    you purchased a Gucci item but have second thoughts on authenticity

      ebay / PayPal disputes when you need a proof that a Gucci item is not authentic

      when you are interested to learn why the purse is real / fake



        What's included Verbal CoA CoA with explanation
        professional examination of the pictures of the item within 24 hours gucci authentication certificate of authenticity authetnication certificate of authenticity gucci authetnication certificate of authenticity
        a verbal (written) opinion on whether the item is authentic or not authetnication certificate of authenticity gucci authentication certificate of authenticity authetnication certificate of authenticity 
        an online Certificate of Authenticity protected with a QR code authetnication certificate of authenticity gucci authetnication certificate of authenticity
        a detailed explanation on why the item is real or fake with more than 10 photo examples provided authetnication certificate of authenticity
        Price $10 $25 $50


        gucci authentication service

        How to Tell A Real Gucci Bag from Fake?

        A lot of our customers ask us this.

        How can you authenticate a Gucci bag only by pictures? Are you guessing?

        The answer is never. While we're responsible for the customer's money, we can never guess. To authenticate a Gucci or any other luxury brand's bag, together with our trained eyes we use specific checklists we have developed over years along with our database of over 10,000 authentic items and replicas. Unless we have at least 3 red flags, we never provide a verdict. If an item looks fine but something seems to be wrong, we look for evidence like a detective, doing multiple side-by-side comparisons to ensure we have proof.

        The following aspects are checked in each authentication:

        • Is the item a part of an existing Gucci collection?
        • Was the item released in this print ever? When?
        • Are the production years consistent with the item's production years?
        • Is the serial number consistent with the item in question? [Gucci-specific]
        • Do materials and the signs of wear look consistent with authentic items?
        • Is there anything typical for the most up-to-date replicas on the pictures?
        • Are the details of the handbag (leather, hardware, heat stamps, serial number) consistent with the same details on authentic handbags?
        • If some details are not consistent with original items, can it be due to the item being some sort of exclusion / repair?
        • If that's a purchase, does the listing / pictures suggest anything suspicious about the transaction in general?

        After every aspect of the item is assessed, we provide a verdict on the Gucci item's authenticity.



        gucci authentication service testimonials

        Authenticate Gucci Dionysus bags

        If Gucci Marmont is the most popular line, Dionysus secures the second spot. An iconic flap released in several sizes, it's an item that appeared across every major Insta influencers.


        Authenticate Gucci Wallet

        A designer wallet is a precious accessory that brings a smile to your face every day. Over the years, Gucci has released thousands of wallets and leather goods accessories. If you're wondering how to authenticate a Gucci wallet, you can rely on our 10-year experience with the brand.


        Authenticate Gucci Belt

        Gucci belts became all the rage a few years back and we still see them on literally every trendsetter. Jump to this bandwagon and purchase a secondhand Gucci belt. 


        Gucci Authentication for Ebay/PayPal dispute

        If you purchased what you believed to be an authentic Gucci bag, but then had second thoughts, in many cases you can still be entitled to get your money back in case the item is indeed not authentic. All you need is a letter of explanation from a reputable authentication company proving the differences to the payment system.

        We can prepare a 3-4 page thorough explanation on the exact reasons that lead us to believe whether a particular item is authentic or fake.



        1. Scroll down, select the Gucci authentication service you need, and complete the payment.
        2. Email the pictures of your item at
        • front
        • back
        • sides
        • inside
        • handles
        • all hardware engravings
        • heat stamps (all heat stamps including 'made in' heat stamp)
        • date code

        All pictures of you Gucci items must be in high-resolution and be detailed.
        Please also include a screenshot of your payment.

        We provide the authentication result within 24 hours from the moment all the required pictures have been submitted. Usually it's within an hour or two but as there are time differences we commit to 24 hours.