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What Is a "Kiss Lock" on a Handbag?

A kiss lock on a handbag refers to a type of closure mechanism commonly used in vintage and retro-style bags. It consists of two metal clasps that "kiss" or snap together to secure the opening of the bag. The term "kiss lock" derives from the gentle closing sound made when the metal balls meet.

kiss lock handbag vintage

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The exact appearance of kiss lock handbags can vary, but they typically feature a metal frame with hinges and a closure mechanism in the form of kiss locks. These handbags often have a structured shape and are adorned with stylish embellishments.

Kiss lock handbags first appeared in the 20th century, with popular versions made as early as the roaring 1920s and continuing through the 1950s and beyond. Having originated in the 1920s, kiss lock closures were most popular on the 1950s handbags.

They were especially prominent during the mid-20th century when fashion trends embraced elegant and timeless designs, such as "New Look" from Christian Dior. A hat, gloves and a small elegant purse complimented the feminine look of the decade.

kiss lock

Kiss lock handbags were frequently used by women as fashion accessories and showcased exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. In that era there was no demand for large handbags, and kill locks were perfect for smaller items, such as wallets and evening handbags.

Kiss lock closures were used by the most prominent brands. However, there were popular luxuruy bag brands that have never used it. For instance, here are some Hermes advertisements from the 1950s that showcase handbags with turn locks.

1956 vintage 

Here's the Louis Vuitton kiss lock wallet:

louis vuitton kiss lock wallet

Today, kiss lock handbags have made a resurgence in popularity, appealing to fashion enthusiasts who appreciate vintage-inspired styles. If you'd like to create a 1950s outfit, kiss lock handbags are a must. to These bags can be found in various colors, materials, and designs, adding a touch of nostalgia to contemporary fashion.

What's more important, today you can find both vintage items from the era and new vintage-inspired designs that take into account your today's needs.


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