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Vintage Hermes Ads

Fashion History Through Vintage Hermes Ads [216+ pics]

Renowned luxury brands, such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Gucci boast a long history. Scroll down to review vintage Hermes ads and their printed advertising campaigns from 1920 to 2020s and take a look back at the fashion history of the French luxury brand.


Most Popular Vintage Hermes Ads 1920s-2000s

Here's a 80-year fashion throwback from one of the high-end designer brands with long history. 


Hermes: Short History of Fashion

The Hermes fashion house was founded in 1837. With almost 200 years of history, Hermès is a historical landmark that is deeply connected with the rich traditions of luxury, style, and beauty.

The history of the Maison Hermès started in Paris in 1837 by Thierry Hermès. At that time, as travelling was prestigious and upscale, the fashion house only targeted travelers and produced leather goods.

In the late 1800s Hermes came up with a large travel bag, Haut à Courroies. It was the very first Hermes bag designed to carry a horse's saddle and boots, and the handles were large. Later, this shape served as inspiration for the Hermes Kelly bag's silhouette.

In the beginning of the XX century, Hermes was still known for their horse-riding and travel accessories. Let's follow the rest of the history looking at what the fashion looked like in 1920s-2000s.

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1920s Vintage Hermes Ads

The first known Hermes printed ads were from 1920s. In fact, 1920s and 1930s turned to be prosperous for the company. In the course of roaring 20s, two important events happened in the history of the Hermes fashion house.

1923 hermes ads vintage luxury travel goods

In 1922, Hermès introduced their first ever marketed line of women’s handbags. Back in the 1920s, Émile-Maurice Hermès and Ettore Bugatti created a bag for Julie, Hermès' wife, because she wasn’t satisfied with existing bags. Later this bag was redesigned and turned into a perfect travel bag, as it was spacious enough and yet very comfortable.

Shortly after that, Hermès established their first ever international presence in the United States in 1924. As travelling between Europe and States became more common in 1910-20s, ocean liners have an exceedingly prominent symbol of the late 1920s. As a result, liners were featured in several vintage Hermes ads.

hermes 1927 ad art deco travel bags

Another popular way of travelling at that time was by car, so Hermes developed travel cases for personal belongings.

 1927 hermes adertisement

hermes voyage vintage old advertisement


1920s old printed ad hermes

1929 fashion ad by hermes

Hermès-1923 vintage ads luxury goods manufacturer

1924 hermes ad

1925 hermes ad

1926 hermes advertisement

1920s hermes vintage art deco ad

 1929 hermes vintage ad pic


1930s Vintage Hermes Ads

 1930 old printed ad hermes

1930s vintage hermes advertisements travel


As you might have noticed, 1920s Hermes ads were all drawings. It was in 1930s when Hermes first used models for their ads. 

1931 woman hermes ads

1931 hermes ads

The range of goods Hermes was offering at that time kept expanding, from travel accessories to watches and notebooks. Looks like the brand was experimenting.

1935 hermes ad

 In 1937 scarves were first added to the portfolio and to the ads. 1937 hermes ad vintage scarf

1939 hermes ad vintage



1940s Hermes Vintage Ads

Through 1940s, Hermes only focused on accessories. During these prominent years, Hermes introduced their blind stamp system for leather accessories.

1940 vintage ad hermes


1940 vintage ad hermes

1940 vintage ad hermes


1940 ads hermes
1940 ads hermes


1948 hermes vintage ad


1950s Hermes Vintage Ads

1950s were very prominent for Hermes as its iconic logo was created in the early 1950s based on the drawing of the French painter Alfred de Dreux. And just like that, a duc-carriage-with-a-horse became popular all over the world. 

In the early 1950s, Hermes continued to focus their ad campaigns on clothing and leather goods designed for travelling. Note how A-line silhouettes captivated the creative minds of the designers of the era, while gloves has become a prominent fashionable accessory.

1950 hermes ad fashion

1950 hermes ad fashion

1950 hermes ad fashion

1950 hermes ad fashion

1955 vintage ad hermes

1952 hermes ad fashion

1953 hermes ad fashion

hermes vintage ads 1953

Through the 50s, Hermes continued to market their travel bags and bags for luxurious sports, such as golf or hunting.

.1954 hermes travel bags

hermes agenda 1954 advertisement

In 1950s, exotic leather was introduced as a premium material and made its first appearance publicly as the type of leather Hermes would use on their high-end handbags.

Even though Hermes already had one of its main staples, the Sac a Depeches (or Hermes Kelly), it was still overshadowed by handbags that were more relevant at a time - structured, boxy, with a long handle and front lock.

1953 hermes ads croso bags

 1953 hermes ads bags

In 1956, as the Hermes Kelly bag boomed thanks to the Princess of Monaco carrying the handbag to cover her baby bump, the iconic purse gradually started to appear in the ads, at first only to highlight the suede paletot:

1956 hermes vintage kelly bag ads

Finally, the same year the iconic purse was featured on its own, in one of the first color ads.

1956 hermes ad hermes kelly bag

Here are more fashion statements from Hermes in 1956-1959, long before croco Hermes leather and fur have become hot topics among fashion activists.

1956 vintage hermes ads

1956 vintage hermes ads 1

1957 ads vintage hermes

1956 vintage hermes ads 2

Aside from crocodile pieces, satin was a popular material for handbags of the time. 

1959 vintage hermes ads

 Here are a few pictures from 1959. Can you note that the fashion has changed?

1959 vintage hermes ads

1959 vintage hermes ads

 1957 vintage hermes printed ad1959 gloves hermes printed advertisement

1960s Vintage Hermes Advertisements

In 1960, Hermes gets much closer to the Fashion house we know today. With Hermes Kelly sales going through the roof, the house of haute couture continued to focus on accessories, such as silk scarves and shawls.

1960 carre silk scarf vintage hermes ad

1960s introduced all types of elegant hair accessories into daily use. Round hats, silk carres have become a symbol of the era, with Audrey Hepburn being one of the top celebrities and role models.

1960s ads hermes


 1961 silk carre hermes printed ads

Here's an photo session from 1963 described with a simple word: elegance. Haute couture models are donning 3/4 sleeves, gloves and round neck lines.

1962 fashion hermes printed ads

1963 hermes ad

1962 hermes fashion ad

1963 fashion hermes photo

1963 hermes fashion shoot

1963 photos hermes fashion of 1960s

1963 color photo session hermes fashion

 1963 hermes fashion photos

1963 hermes fashion photos

1962 hermes paris fashion ad

 hermes swimsuit 1960s fashion ad

1963 hermes fashion ad swimsuit

1962 hermes fashion ad

Crocodile vintage Hermes bags can still be found today on such platforms as eBay.

1963 handbags hermes ad

1962 bags accessories hermes fashion ad

1964 fashion ad hermes

1964 fashion ad hermes magazine


1964 craftsmanship vintage hermes ad

hermes fashion summer cruise

1965 hermes accessories ad
1965 summer cruise fashion by hermes
1962 bags accessories hermes fashion ad
1965 fashion magazine hermes ad vintage
1965 fashion magazine hermes ad
1965 fashion magazine hermes ad
1965 fashion magazine hermes ad


1966 fashion magazina hermes vintage ad

1966 fashion magazina hermes vintage ads

1966 fashion magazina hermes vintage ads

1966 fashion magazina hermes vintage ads

1966 fashion magazina hermes vintage

1967 accessories hermes

1960s fashion hermes ad

1969 hermes bags and accessories crocodile vintage

hermes 1969


1970s Vintage Hermes Ads

After a dozen years with clothing in a spotlight, Hermes decides to keep the focus on its staples, leather accessories and, namely, handbags. With Bianca Jagger and Liza Minelli as IT girls, the 1970s women's fashion was exuberantly sparkling. 

 1970s hermes ads1970s hermes ads

 1974 constance ads

1974 hermes watch ad

1974 hermes ad

1975 hermes boxes ad vintage

1976 fashion womesn hermes ad

 1976 hermes ad

1976 fashion women hermes ad

1976 fashion womesn hermes ad


1976 fashion mens hermes ad

1977 hermes ads

1978 hermes clutch printed ad

In 1978, a tricolor Hermes Kelly debuted the shelves. 

1978 tricolor kelly introduced

1978 hermes fashion magazine ad

1978 hermes fashion

1980s Vintage Hermes Ads

1980s were marked as a tipping point in the Hermes history. While before that Hermes was a synonym of French charm and elegance, in 1981 they gained something that made fashionistas around the world go crazy even 50 years after that.

In 1981, the Hermes Birkin bag, the icon of all icons, first made its public appearance.

1980 hermes ads womens fashion of 1980s

1980s hermes fashion ads1980s hermes fashion ads

1981 hermes birkin introduced hermes vintage ads

Hermes continued to work with exclusive premium leathers, croco and ostrich.

crocodile leather hermes vintage bags

hermes ostrich 1980s jacket

 1986 hermes bas ads hermes kelly

1987 ads by hermes

1988 hermes watch vintage ads

1988 hermes watch vintage ads red

1988 hermes watch vintage ads beige



1990s Vintage Hermes Ads

1990 vintage hermes ads

1990 vintage hermes ads

1990 vintage hermes ads

1990 vintage hermes ads

1990 vintage hermes ads yasmin

1990 vintage hermes ads yasmeen

1990 vintage hermes ads yasmeen

1990 vintage hermes ads yasmeen
1990 vintage hermes ads birkin
1990 vintage hermes ads birkin
1990 vintage hermes ads
1990 vintage hermes ads

hermes desert 1990s ads

hermes vintage watch ads

croco constance vintage ad


hermes silk majeure ads 1995

1996 hermes ads

1997 africa hermes vintage ads

1997 africa hermes vintage ads

1997 africa hermes vintage ads

2000s Vintage Hermes Ads

2002 hermes ad stella tenant

2002 hermes printed magazine ad stella tenant

2002 stella tenant hermes accessories

2004 hermes advert

2005 china hermes ad

2005 hermes advertisement

2006 hermes advertising campaign horse

2010 fall winter hermes advertising campaign



Thank you for reading this article and scrolling through vintage Hermes ads until the end. Pics are courtesy of purseforum member's collection. What era did you love most?

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