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louis vuitton garden flower bags price

Louis Vuitton Garden Flowers F/W 2022 Bags & Prices

Louis Vuitton introduced new LV Garden Fall/Winter 2022 collection at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris a while ago, however, it’s only now that we get to see these incredible new pieces in stores.

LV Garden capsule collection takes some inspiration from youth, its vivid hope for the future, dreams, and desire to be unique. The collection is based on the idea of freedom of movement. Nicolas Ghesquière made an attempt to create a collection inspired by youthful romanticism, and with all these buttercups and flower motifs he succeeded like no one else. 

When it comes to clothing, with this collection, Nicolas Ghesquière brings back gold tweed, stepping a little on the Chanel territory, and silhouettes devoid of shape or convention, fleeting with a mirage-like effect. Referencing the adolescent years, the LV Garden collection is build around floral motifs paired with gold and silver tones to bring some festiveness and youthful romanticism to the pieces.

Let's proceed to the signature handbags and how they are revisited in the new collection.

Louis Vuitton Garden Coussin

louis vuitton coussin garden multicolor fall winter 2022

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The LV Garden capsule Coussin is available in three sizes, PM, MM and Coussin Pochette.

Back to the Louis Vuitton patterns and prints, several new color blocks were introduced. As we peep into the black-and-white lambskin pattern on the Coussin and a few smaller accessories, we feel something truly familiar comes across.

Is multicolor back?

These lambskin items are embossed with Louis Vuitton's signature Monogram to create a puffy effect, however, inside the Monogram motifs, a floral pattern reflects a key theme of the Fall/Winer 2022 collection: abundant blooming flowers in all shades of the rainbow, reminiscent of the beloved and appreciated Multicolor print. Since iconic Takashi Murakami print was introduced in 2002, no collection ever approached to revisiting it as close as LV Garden did.

louis vuitton coussin garden multicolor fall winter 2022 vs multicolor

Louis Vuitton couldn’t help but revisit the most popular items, such as Neverfull and Speedy, released in metallic-silver and metallic-gold, respectively.

Louis Vuitton Garden Neverfull MM

louis vuitton neverfull silver lv garden fall winter 2022

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The Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM tote bag from the LV Garden Capsule is made of metallic-silver canvas is decorated with an intricate all-over flower fuchsia pattern, inspired by buttercups bouquets. Yet why not offer some choice and make this purse available in the gold canvas too? I really wish they have produced more options in gold canvas, since it’s only Speedy, Noe and Card Holder that are available at the moment in royal gold. Will they enrich the choice later?

Neverfull, in its turn, seems to be an homage to another wildly popular limited edition, the Roses. Which of the two do you like the most?

louis vuitton neverfull silver lv garden fall winter 2022 vs roses


If you're interested in learning more about the Neverfull limited editions, check out our list here.

Louis Vuitton Garden Speedy 25 Bandouliere

 louis vuitton speedy bandouliere silver lv garden fall winter 2022

LV Garden Speedy 25 is true gold. It’s hard to surprise an LV collection after having seen over 20 years of limited edition, but this Speedy is strikingly beautiful. As soon as our editorial lay our eyes on this beauty, we couldn’t stop peeping into the intricate buttercups on the metallic-gold-color coated canvas. Due to abundant floral all-pattern, it’s somewhat reminiscent of the Roses capsule released in 2007, which has become a collector’s staple.

If you'd like to take a deep dive into Speedy limited editions, we have them all covered in the thorough list of all Speedy limited editions.


Louis Vuitton Garden Collection Prices (US & EU)

Here’s list of handbags available in the LV Garden capsule with their prices:


US price

EU price

Louis Vuitton Garden Neverull MM



Louis Vuitton Garden Speedy 25 Bandouleiere 



Louis Vuitton Garden Onthego



Louis Vuitton Garden Nano Bucket



Louis Vuitton Garden Pochette Coussin



Louis Vuitton Garden Coussin pm



Louis Vuitton Garden Coussin MM



Louis Vuitton Garden Cardholder




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