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How to Know If Louis Vuitton Bag Is Real Or Fake: A $2,000 Scam

How to Know If Louis Vuitton Bag Is Real Or Fake: A $2,000 Scam

Learning to determine the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton bag is an essential skill for fashion enthusiasts and savvy shoppers alike. In this article, we'll learn how to know if a Louis Vuitton bag is real or fake, reveling into the key indicators and subtle details that distinguish genuine Louis Vuitton bags from their counterfeit counterparts.

From iconic monogram patterns to hardware nuances, join us on a guide that unravels the mystery of determining whether your Louis Vuitton bag is real or fake. Arm yourself with the knowledge to make confident and informed purchases in the world of luxury fashion.

Moreover, today we're going to tell a true story of how one of our customers was always scammed out of $2,000. In most real vs fake comparison we just focus on highlighting the way to spot a fake. In this blog post, we'll explain how scammers might steal your money even if you've authenticated your item.


How They Almost Scammed Him Out Of $2,000

N. was dreaming of a stylish messenger bag from Louis Vuitton for a long time.

At some point, he decided to embrace his dream and pull the trigger. N. contacted us to verify the bag he was buying from a private seller.

Here's a Louis Vuitton Trio bag that our customer N. was about to order. These were the pictures from the seller. Take a look at them very carefully. What do you think? Do you think this is an authentic bag?

louis vuitton trio bag

As this was a relatively new handbag, there was no date code. The purse came with the receipt. The receipt convinced the buyer that the bag was real, but he wanted some additional peace of mind.

He sent it for authentication to us. The purse was authentic, so we issued to verdict.

Inspired by the verdict, N. proceeded to the order. As the seller was in another city, he received the purse from the seller in a few days. For some vague feeling of anxiety, he decided to ask for another authentication as soon as he opened a parcel at the pots office.

According to his delivery company terms, he could open he package and verify the shipment within 15 minutes after delivery. If something went wrong, he was able to return this bag.

Here are the pictures that he sent us.

One of my assistants sent me the pictures saying:

"This is the one you already authenticated and told that it was authentic".

My heart sank. I couldn't believe my eyes. I remembered this customer and I remembered that authentic Louis Vuitton bag. However, the purse I was looking at was fake.

Could I have made a mistake?

I promptly swiped back to the pictures that I examined previously.

After I compared them to the pictures he has sent in that day, I felt better.

On the pictures below, the left side has the purse I authenticated a week back, while the pics on the right show the bag that I have just received.

The corners of the main Louis Vuitton heat stamp didn't match. It was enough to understand that these were two different purses. The left one was authentic. The right one... not so much.

There are several giveaways when it comes to this heat stamp. If you pay attention, you may notice that it's not only about the corners. The Louis Vuitton font is also different, even though for an untrained eye it might seem the same.

Here comes a more obvious example:

how to tell if louis vuitton is real or fake

The leather on the second item looks different, while the trademark sign has another shape. If you look closely, even with an untrained eye you can spot the differences.

We authenticated this Louis Vuitton bag and told the customer it was a replica. At first, he was puzzled as to the previous decision was different. As we explained why the verdicts were different, he thanked us for saving him over $2,000.

Why I Am Sharing This

The reason I'm sharing this story is simple. Authentication can protect you from most of the scams related to cases when a dishonest seller is trying to sell you a replica, while lying that it's authentic.

However, there are many other scams.

Here's what you need to do to stay protected:

Always double check the bag as soon as you receive it. Check even the tiniest details, such as fonts. I've seen this scam a could of times and it went like this. Scammers would post a picture of the authentic bag, then would ship the fake bag and it would have the same date code.



Watch this video to learn other scams.

Other Louis Vuitton Fake vs Real Comparisons

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Need to Authenticate Louis Vuitton bags?

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