Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM/MM/GM Reference Guide

Although it was only first introduced in 2007, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote, in all of its endless iterations, has become one of Vuitton’s all-time most successful bags.

Let's dive into the bag's history and learn more about the current styles available.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag History

The story goes that the Neverfull was created to compete with the Goyard Saint Louis tote. Which could totally be true, since the bags do have to resemble appearance? 

But then again, the tote shape is quite common in the land of designer bags, so we can't quite confirm who copied who.

Either way, the Neverfull is made with the same exquisite craftsmanship as other iconic Louis Vuitton bags, which means that this bag is as sturdy as can be.

When Neverfull was first released, it came by itself. Later in 2014, Louis Vuitton upgraded this model with an internal pouch that comes with all the canvas versions released after 2014.

After adding a pouch, Louis Vuitton made the major price increase, breaking the psychological point of over $1,000 for a tote made of PVC.

In 2014 the Neverfull price skyrocketed from $980 to a little lover than $1,200.

2014 also another important Neverfull update.

Louis Vuitton extended the Neverfull color scheme and introduced three new colors on the inside for the monogram print for Spring.

You can get it in the regular beige interior or fuschia, orange, yellow.

3 Interesting Facts About Neverfull

We all love fun facts, let's see what we don't know about one of the most popular Louis Vuitton bags.

1. Neverfull is reversible

Next to its outstanding quality, the bag is also very versatile. Because, while many fans don't even know about it, the Neverfull is completely reversible!  If you like the textile version of this bag, you can expose the interior. To make sure you never lose track of your keys and cards again, it comes with an attached wallet.

2. Neverfull handles are capable of holding 231 lbs or 100 kg

At first, these handles may seem thin. However, they're capable of holding literally anything! Neverfull was designed to help a modern woman who needs to carry a lot of stuff.

3. It takes up to 45 hours to create a Neverfull bag

Separate parts of the bag are produced in different parts of the world, however, the Neverfull is still being assembled by craftsmen.


Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM/MM/GM Size

The bag comes in three sizes, the PM, MM, and GM. The PM, or petite model, is the smallest bag. The MM stands for 'medium model while the GM stands for 'grand model'.

  • Louis Vuitton Neverufll PM - 11.4'' x 8.7'' x 5.1''

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM bag will easily fit small accessories, iPad but it will be too small for a notebook.

The tote is super spacious and you can fit more in your tote than you'd expect to.

As its name foreshadows, the bag will literally never be full. While MM/GM sizes can be worn as a shoulder bag, Neverfull PM can only be a handbag.

  • Louis Vuitton Neverufll MM - 12.6'' x 11.4'' x 7.5''

The Neverfull MM is the most popular size and there's a reason behind it. It's a medium-sized tote that's used for daily purposes.

It can store a laptop of almost any size, it's awesome for papers. If you want to organize your stuff, you can use an organizer, they're pretty easy to find.

  • Louis Vuitton Neverufll GM 15.7'' x 13.0'' x 7.9''

If you constantly feel that you need a larger bag, Neverfull GM has been crafted for you. It's larger than most bags and her storage capacity seems unlimited.

It can store practically anything - from diapers to a Birkin.

Monogram Damier Ebene Damier Azur 


Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM/MM/GM Pouch Sizes

Did Louis Vuitton always release Neverfull with pouches? No.

Louis Vuitton included a removable zip pouch/clutch Neverfull in 2014. 

This flat canvas pochette fits inside your favorite LV bag with a leather strap or it can be carried as a clutch.

This pouch is not available for purchase separately through LV (unless you previously purchased a Neverfull from the boutique) but a lot of Neverfull owners are selling their pouches separately if they don't need them for about $300.

This pouch comes in 2 sizes:

  • Neverfull PM Zipped Pochette Clutch Measurements: 7.6" L x 4.75" H
  • Neverfull MM/GM Zipped Pochette Clutch Measurements: 9.75" L x 6" W

If you're buying this clutch preloved, ensure that the size fits your needs.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Price History & Increases (US)

If you ever wondered how much was the Neverfull in 2007 when it was first released, here's the overview of Neverfull's prices during the past 13 years.

Louis Vuitton typically increases prices twice a year, in February and October. Prices are going up every year and there are no discounts for their bags.

The major price increase happened in 2014 when Louis Vuitton added a separate pouch to the Neverfull.



2007 2009 2011  2012 2013 2014-2017 2018 2019
Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM Monogram $575 $770 $1,240
Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Monogram $700 $820 $850 $940 $1,180 $1,240 $1,320
Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Monogram $655 $870 $1,400


The latest price increase in the US was in October 2019. You can find the old and new prices here.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Limited Editions

You can find a complete guide to the Neverfull Louis Vuitton Limited Editions here.


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