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40+ Best Places To Sell Your Used Clothes Online For Cash

40+ Best Places To Sell Your Used Clothes Online For Cash

There are plenty of reasons why you don't need or don't want your old clothes anymore. Your style might have changed, your size might have changed, your taste might have changed as well! And here you are, surrounded by piles of clothing and accessories with an obvious question in the head: what should I do with all these things? Your carefully chosen and gently worn belongings might be given a second chance. Plenty of people are looking for high-quality items but can't afford them at full price. Selling your used clothes is a win-win for you and for the customer.

We have done a research and found an enormous amount of websites, stores, and platforms to sell used clothing. For your convenience, they are divided into several categories, and you can choose the best suitable place to earn money by selling your old stuff:

  1. Stores that organize pick-up and delivery
  2. Stores that require personal visit
  3. Platforms for selling on your own
  4. Platforms for selling locally.


Consignment Stores That Organize Pick-up And Delivery

Rebag is a real gem to sell a luxury purse. The process of trading is simple. First, make some photos not hiding any signs of wear or damage. They should be clear. Typically it takes 1-2 business days to check your pictures and give you an offer. If you accept it, you ship bag to the store, and get paid immediately after they receive and examine it. Rebag services are free. It's also your rightful choice to decline the trade.



Collector Square is a consignment store based in Paris but providing their services worldwide. It specializes in handbags and accessories. Sellings are performed via filling in a form online or contacting the team by email. You get an answer within 48 hours. The store also organizes shipping by DHL. Collective Square commission for all services equals 35%.


StockX is the first international live marketplace. It serves as a third side in the trading process. A person interested in selling bags, shoes, or accessories lists them on the website and wait for the buyer. When you have one, you ship your piece to StockX. They examine and authenticate it and then send it to the customer. StockX accepts bags with no signs of wear, and the number of approved designers is small. The selling fee for bags is 14.5%. Plus there's a compulsory 3% fee for processing payments.



The RealReal accepts plenty of products by numerous designers. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada are among the most popular luxury bag brands that the platform accepts. Trading with The RealReal is easy, they provide pick-ups in more than 20 cities across US. If this option is not convenient for you, shipping with a prepaid label is also possible. Authentication and pricing are performed by the team and you receive money after your item is sold. Fee for sellers varies from 40 to 85%.



Based in the UAE, The Luxury Closet is an online boutique that offers services for both sellers and customers. They accept all kinds of luxury items - clothes, shoes, handbags, watches, and jewelry. Their website is simple but has all the necessary information and tips. After uploading pictures and providing the team with basic details you wait for an answer or an offer. If you accept it, The Luxury Closet team will take care of everything - delivery, authentication, cleaning, and listing. The processing fee is $25 plus they charge 35% of the price.



Founded more than 20 years ago, Fashionphile is US resale website. It is designed only for selling and buying luxury purses, accessories, and jewelry. Fashionphile accepts bags of every style and condition, there's a high chance every pre-owned item finds a customer. The shop authenticates each bag itself and offers a lifetime return policy. They charge 15% of every bag under $3000 and 30% of each purse more than $3000.


ThredUP is one of the very few consignment stores where the process of selling is constantly changing. They accept clothes from more than 35.000 brands and have special requirements. Before sending items to them make sure to follow their rules. They should be clean, freshly washed, and flawless. The first thing to do is to order a free kit where you put everything. After sending a kit back to ThredUP you get evaluation. Payouts depend on the price but for a luxury brand they reach up to 80%.


The concept of Material World is simple: trade in everything that doesn't bring you joy anymore. The selling process is the same as with ThredUp. Put your items into a special kit, ship it and wait for an answer. You get an offer after evaluation. In case you disagree, you can request your things to be returned to you. Although the service is free, there's a $5 deposit.



Mosh Posh is an online designer consignment store that will gladly receive your luxury shoes, handbags, or accessories. All you need to do is to fill in a detailed form on their website and to enclose photos of your item. After that they will make you an offer and if you choose to accept it, Mosh Posh will send you a pre-paid label. Be specific when describing conditions of your luxury belonging, as the store has the right to terminate the offer when finding any differences.



Rebelle offers a quality marketplace for purchasing and selling designer items. It has a high reputation and offers sellers an exclusive concierge service. You send an item to Rebelle and the team takes care of all the rest. When the item is sold, money is transferred to your account. When you want to sell an item on your own, you set the price yourself. But in this case, you are responsible to provide all descriptions and measurements as well as conditions of your shoes or bags. It's important to know that Rebelle services can be provided only for people living in the EU.



Re-SEE is an online store based in Paris but shipping and accepting pieces from all over the world. They specialize in luxury clothes, handbags, and accessories. You can choose to submit an online application form, get the estimated value of your belongings, and then ship it to them for final examination and sale. The other way is to schedule an appointment and to present your items for evaluation in person. The store will take care of all the rest if you reach an agreement. You will be charged a 60% commission from the sale price for each thing sold.



Swap is another popular consignment store to sell clothing and handbags. The process is easy but may take plenty of time. The first thing to do is to ship your items using a pre-paid label and wait for the answer. Swap has quite high criteria, so don't attempt to put everything you don't need just in case. They have penalty fees in case they reject more than 50% of your parcel. All approved items will be photographed,  priced, and listed on the website. When your item is sold you will get a payout up to 70% (if the item wasn't cheap) excluding $11.90 fee for sorting, listing, and shipping.


What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA) is a US-based online boutique that specializes in clothing, bags, and jewelry. They are ready to buy your luxury items, but they specify on their website that the store doesn't consign. The list of approved brands is relatively short compared to other shops. The whole process from the first contact until getting paid takes approximately 3 weeks. First, you send photos and a full description of the item, then you ship it to the buying team, experts examine it and make a final offer for you. If you accept the offer, the check will be sent to you within 3 weeks.



Couture Boutique, although it has a Frech name, is based and functioning in the USA. It claims to provide the fastest process of selling your pre-owned luxury items, like handbags, shoes, and accessories. The platform offers two options for sellers: directly sell it to the shop or to consign. The process is the same for every method: you take some photos of your item, then send it with pre-paid label received from Couture Boutique and wait for the final evaluation. Consignment allows you to get up to 75% of payout, while with direct purchase you receive only 60% of the price.



Yoogi's closet is a marketplace for selling luxury clothing, shoes, jewelry but the priority is given to bags. The process of selling your things to Yoogi's Closet is similar to Mosh Posh. First, you provide the team with clear photos of your used pieces and a full description. After that you receive a pre-paid UPS label to ship your luxury belongings to them. A team of experts authenticates and verifies your bag, evaluates its price and makes you a final offer. Then you can choose between direct purchase and consignment. With consignment, you will be charged a 30% commission fee, with direct purchase you receive check or payment via PayPal within a couple of days.

Farfetch claims to give your designer bag a second life. It provides an excellent service. First, the team will look at the pictures and read your description. If they find a bag suitable for them they organize a free pick-up at the most convenient time for you. After collecting your precious item they verify it and give you their final offer. Farfetch doesn't pay for your bag in cash or via PayPal. You receive a credit to use on their website to find and buy another bag. The amount of the credit equals the sum they offer you, no fees or commission.



Patatam was created for people who are willing to sell as many clothes as possible. They ask to send at least 20 items for evaluation, specializing mostly in women's and kids' clothes. You get a pre-paid bag from the service to put inside all your stuff cleaned and ironed. Patatam accepts only clothes in very good condition, with no holes or stains. The service is free but if you want to have some rejected items returned you need to pay for delivery.


Consignment Stores That Require Personal Visit


LePrix is perfect for consigning your high-end bag. It's not only an online market, they also have partnership agreements with more than 500 certified stores to provide excellent service. It's necessary to bring a bag to the closest boutique for authentication and verification. LePrix wants your pre-owned things in perfect conditions, so keep that in mind before choosing this place for trading.



Plato's Closet is one of the very few stores here that ask to bring clothes directly to them. It has a wide chain of shops throughout the country, and you can easily find one closest to you. Plato's Closet accepts bags, shoes, accessories, and clothing. They ask to bring everything you don't need to the store and wait until they do an evaluation. Typically it takes no longer than 30 minutes. After that you will get an offer for your items and can immediately get cash.



Buffalo Exchange is a perfect way to get money for luxury clothes. This platform works via personal drop-off only, so make sure you have a Buffalo Exchange shop nearby. Make an appointment and bring your items. Now they don't accept more than 30 items. The evaluation process may take up to 3 days. After that, you will be notified about the selling price of each item they are interested in. You will receive only 30% of it if you choose a PayPal method or 50% when choosing a Digital Trade card.



Crossroads offers 4 different ways to sell clothes and accessories you don't need anymore. You can choose to bring your items directly to the shop or use a 24/7 drop-off service. There's also a consignment option with up to 70% payouts in cash. If you don't have a Crossroads in your area they will be happy to provide you with a spacious bag with a pre-paid shipping label. You can trade your clothing and get a trade credit that’s good at any of Crossroads stores. They pay 50% in trade of what they price your items to sell for in the store. One of the advantages of selling items personally in the shop is a possibility to receive cash on the spot, but if you choose this option, you get only 30% of the price.



LXRandCo unites more than 80 retail stores in North America and specializes in selling luxury handbags. They offer a simple procedure for everyone willing to sell their pre-loved purses. You fill the form on their website and after approval pay a visit to the nearest shop. Typically LXRandCo replies within one business day. After examining your high-end bag and checking its condition, they make you a final offer. You don't pay any fees for evaluation of your bag, it is free and you can decline the offer if you don't like it.



Platforms To List And Sell Used Items On Your Own


Vestiare Collective is a luxury resale store that is ready to take your clothes, shoes, and handbags. The process is very simple, and you can upload your items using their website or mobile app. The Vestiaire Collective team has prepared plenty of advice to compose a detailed description of the item you plan to sell. You set the price yourself and then wait for an expert to evaluate your offer and list it. One of the great advantages of this platform is that you send them your piece only when it's sold. If you don't want to spend your time listing your items yourself, Vestiaire Collective also offers consignment services. Their website provide detailed information about their fees in different currencies, starting from $17 for cheap pieces and going as high as 25% of the price.




Poshmark is mostly famous for its easy way to sell your designer clothes but they also accept handbags and even makeup. They have a mobile app where you can create a profile and add pictures and descriptions of your items. It also allows you to set your own price. For all sales on Poshmark you will get 80% of your price, and the rest is their commission.




The famous eBay is a marketplace for almost everything that can be sold or bought. The audience of this platform is enormous. That might be a reasonable solution for selling some luxury stuff. Fees are changing every time and are different for various countries. eBay also charges sellers for listing items and starting an auction. The platform takes about 10% of the sale price of any item you sell, and in case, the buyer chooses PayPal transaction you will be charged for it, too.


Depop is another platform for selling your pre-owned clothes, bags, and accessories. You create a profile and using either their website or app list your items for sale. You set a reasonable price, pick up keywords, make a proper description, take clear pictures, and provide all the information about the thing you plan to sell. You don't pay anything for listing, but once it is sold you'll be automatically charged 10% of its price.



Tradesy is another convenient platform for selling your luxury bags. However, they do not specialize in purses only. The main categories are clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories. You can use both the website or the smartphone app to place your item, and Tradesy will help you with descriptions giving numerous tips and examples. You can list everything for free, but as a seller you will be charged a fee for each purchase. Tradesy takes $7.50 commission for everything under $50, and 19.8% for items above that price.



If you are looking for a low commission website to sell your designers' clothes, you may try Mercari.  It won't be a fast sell, though. The process may take weeks, so you can use this platform, if you in a rush to get rid of your items. The selling fee is 10% and it is charged only when the transaction is completed. There's also an additional 2% fee for depositing your money if the amount is less than $10 and the same fee if your bank account rejects the transaction, so the money returns to your Mercari account.



Grailed will mostly help your husband or boyfriend to get rid of unnecessary luxury clothes. It specializes in men's clothing and accessories. When you create a listing, be sure to add at least three clear and high-quality pictures for the item to be submitted. The website has 4 categories, one of them is for high-end wear only. The commission represents 6% of the sale price taken by Grailed itself plus around 3% of PayPal fees, so totally you will be charged 9%.



Shopify will help you create your own store where you can sell all the luxury items you own. This platform allows to start a business on a commercial basis. With Shopify you will be able to sell your clothes and bags not only on the platform itself, but also using other websites, social media, and online marketplaces. To get access to the admin panel and instruments you need to sign up and pay a monthly fee for using the platform. Basic Shopify services cost $29 per month plus a $2.9% fee for online transactions.




Asos Marketplace is an online platform that unites small shops, which can sell items of their own label or multi-brands collections. It's a perfect place to list your luxury items and clothes if you have plenty of them to sell. First, you apply on the website and get an approval to act as a boutique seller. Each boutique is a unique store, you are allowed to make changes and promote your store. Each product can be shown in five pictures. Listing is free and unlimited but you will be charged 20% of the price for every item sold. 




Bonanza is often compared to eBay and getting more and more popular with people. It's one of the most recommended online marketplaces both for selling and buying. It offers sellers unlimited listing without any fees. The best selling category is women's fashion and accessories, but almost everything can be placed on the website. Bonanza don't charge any transaction fees, customers pay directly to sellers. Fee per sale is fixed and equals 3.5% of the price.



Plenty of people choose Storenvy for its simplicity and convenience. Here you can sell your high-end items in your own store. Creating a store doesn't take much time and effort. You can list up to 500 products at a time without any fees. Service is free unless you plan on making updates to your store. For those who want to have some premium features Storenvy has small monthly fees. The commission of the marketplace is fixed and equals 15% of the total sale price (shipping included).



Vinted is an online marketplace for buying, selling, and swapping your clothes. It is as simple as eBay. After you create an account you can start listing your items and setting your own prices. Customers, however, can propose a lower price than you expect and that's quite normal for Vinted. The use of the platform is free of charge, but for every item that you sold there's a small commission fee from 3% to 8%.



Preloved is a great website with more than 200 categories of things to sell. It's a nice and cheap opportunity to get money for your old luxury clothes, bags and accessories. The process reminds selling goods on eBay, although you won't be charged anything for listing and selling. Preloved provides multiple tips for making your ad as noticeable and attractive as possible, so if you have never sold anything online before, you can look through their advice. Preloved is based in the UK, but you can use it in other countries too.


Platforms For Selling Locally


Craigslist is a platform for literally anything. From job offers to selling cars and trucks, there are plenty of things you can find there. And it's obviously a well-known platform for selling pre-owned clothes, shoes and handbags. The website won't charge any fees for listing personal items, but it might be really hard to sell anything there. The audience might not be willing to buy luxury pieces for reasonable prices, and you will be getting cheap offers only.



Shpock stands for a shop in your pocket. This marketplace is focused on local selling, and has both a website and an app. To start selling just take a picture of the item, enter a few details like title, size, and category. Set your price and wait for customers to notice your ad. The platform is really helpful for selling clothes and, to our great surprise, is completely free.



OfferUp works in the same way as Craigslist. You can sell everything you want on the platform. You list an item and wait for messages from potential customers. OfferUp is free for both buyers and sellers in case of an actual meeting and payment in cash. However, for items that include delivery and payment via PayPal there's a transaction fee of $7.9. Reviews say that OfferUp is more convenient and safe than its analogs, there's less spam in messages and less fraud.



Selling with Carousell is simple. All you need to do is register and follow some easy steps. Both the website and the mobile app have plenty of tips to help you with the process. Carousell works in the same way as OfferUp or Craigslist, you can actually meet your buyers, or choose Caroussell's delivery options. You can sell everything you want here, there are no limits. Listing and selling is free, the only thing you need to pay is a 2.14% transaction fee.



The advantage of selling via VarageSale is selling clothes in your local area. It resembles an online yard sale. It's perfect for all kinds of items and you don't need to think about shipping or delivery. You can use the app to list an item for sale, adding photos and descriptions. Once the customer is interested in something, you can meet in person. VarageSale services are free and you don't need to pay for anything.



Facebook Marketplace is attracting more and more people each year. Here you can basically sell anything you don't need anymore. Keep in mind that the selling process is different for merchants and individuals. You log in with your FB account and list an item for sale. As simple as that. There are no listing fees and in case your item is sold you will be charged a small fee. It's 5% of the sale price. Delivery and shipping conditions are the subject of discussion between a customer and a seller. Facebook Marketplace serves only as a known and convenient platform for listing items.


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