4 ways to minimize the scratches/stains on your lambskin purse with what you have at home, be it Chanel or Dior

I still remember the feeling I got when I first touched an expensive lambskin bag. It was Lady Dior. If you ever had a lambskin bag, you know that lovely supple lambskin feel. It's butter-soft and you instantly know the bag is expensive.

You buy the bag and make it your holy grail. I mean it's sitting in the closet for several months because you're afraid to touch her. Then you attend a special event and scratch it with your new manicure. Or even worse: a lady in a pompous sequin dress bumps into your new handbag.

All in all, there it goes. A scratch that's driving you insane cause the bag's not perfect anymore. And it should be perfect.

The most stressful part about the damage is that if you go straight to the Chanel, Dior or whatever fashion boutique, they won't do anything about the wear and tear. They surely can replace any part of the bag which will cost you a fortune but they won't recolor the bag (except Hermes).

So here are your options: you either find a good leather surgeon and send them the bag or try to minimize the damage at home. Obviously, there are pros and cons to both options but you can definitely try to remove the wear and tear and if it doesn't work, then ask for professional help.

Here are 5 ways for you to how to minimize the damage or even remove it - with little or no investment at all. You don't need any special leather care products unless the lambskin is deeply damaged.



Minimizing scratches can be tricky. You should be very careful  

Option 1. Use your natural oil

This is not the first option you wanna try on your $6000 bag but hey - let's discuss it first.

Lambskin is leather. Like every leather, it needs an oil that's why it's recommended to always condition your bags to prevent them from drying. You can't make it worse.

- take a cotton bud

- rub it gently against your forehead

- buff the scratch gently against the direction of scratch to smooth the tiniest leather bits back down

- repeat again if necessary

 If the scratches are superficial, they will likely 

Option 2. Use your body lotion.

Any brand will do but the cheaper, the better. Why? It doesn't contain a wide array of chemicals we don't need. Nivea thick body cream would be perfect.

- take a half pea of the lotion

- massage it onto the scratch

- repeat if necessary

chanel flap how to clean

 The scratch or corner fade will become less visible.

Oil stains

Use talcum powder for oil stains

Grabbed a Big Mac in McDonald's and then it dripped through the paper bag onto your expensive lambskin? Use talcum powder to get rid of this stain.

- Put talcum powder on a stain and leave it on for several days

- Repeat the procedure 5-6 times

The stain won't be gone straight away but in 5-6 iterations, it should work. Talcum powder won't hurt your purse in any way so if it doesn't work, you can turn to handbag spa professionals.

Color transfer stains

The best way to avoid color transfer on your bag is to spray your bag with a protector before you take it out for the first time. It can be Apple guard or Collonil, just be sure that 

If you haven't done it and the purse already has color transfer, let's try to save it. Never try this on a gentle lambskin purse. However, if your bag's leather is firm and nice, you can use alcohol-free baby wipes and gently remove the color transfer. 

It's very important to never use wipes that contain alcohol because these take away the color easily.

Be gentle! If you can't see the wrong color on your cotton bud, stop the experiment.

 chanel reissue hot to clean color transfer


Baby wiped work perfectly on Chanel Reissue bags. 

Hopefully, your bags will stay as new as long as you have them!

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