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chanvel caviar vs lambskin

Chanel Caviar vs Lambskin: Which Leather To Choose?

Are you planning to purchase your first Chanel bag? Taking into account exorbitant Chanel prices, you need to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of both materials before pulling the trigger and purchasing a Chanel classic flap. We'll compare Chanel caviar vs lambskin, listing the tips you need to examine before making the choice.

At Bagaholic, we've been dealing with authentic Chanel bags for over 10 years, and we're ready to honestly share our experience with both leathers. Let's see the advantages and disadvantages of Chanel caviar and lambskin leathers.

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Caviar vs Lambskin: A Though Comparison

 chanvel caviar vs lambskin comparison

Chanel Caviar

chanel caviar vs lambskin caviar

If you're buying a new Chanel from the boutique, the medium-sized Classic Flap is currently only available in lambskin. At the same time, you can find a secondhand medium caviar flap Fashionphile.

Small, Jumbo and Maxi sizes are available in caviar. However, in resale you can find plenty of options 


What is Chanel Caviar leather?

Chanel caviar is a type of leather used by Chanel in the production of their handbags and accessories. The leather is known for its pebbled texture and durability, commonly found in Chanel's Classic Flap Bag. This type of leather is also known as "plongé" and is made from calfskin that has been treated with an embossed pattern to create the signature grained look.

The term "caviar" is used by Chanel to evoke a luxurious image of refinement and elegance, and also because the grains are visually somewhat similar to caviar.

Caviar is considered to be the most durable Chanel leathers. However, it's a little bit more nuanced. The texture may also vary depending on the type of caviar leather used and the bag's size, with some being harder and coarser than others.

For example, vintage single flap Jumbo bags have been created using smooth, delicate caviar, which is nowhere near the stiff material used for small flaps.


Chanel Caviar vs Calfskin

Chanel uses calfskin a lot across their purses. For example, not only is caviar grained calfskin, the same material is used for Reissue 2.55 purses. Although it might look differently, it's the same leather, only with a smoother look and touch.

Chanel calfskin used for 2.55 bags is also a very durable material. No prone to scratches, it's an excellent alternative to caviar.


Chanel Caviar Pros & Cons

chanel caviar pros and cons

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Chanel caviar leather has both pros and cons that should be considered before purchasing a handbag or accessory made with this material.


  • Durability: Chanel caviar leather is known for its high durability and resistance to wear and tear. The pebbled texture and firmness of the leather make it less prone to scratches and scuffs compared to other types of leather.
  • Low-maintenance: Due to its resistance to wear and tear, Chanel caviar leather is low-maintenance and easy to clean when the bag is not vintage. It does not require frequent treatments, making it a practical choice for everyday use.
  • Classic and Versatile: Chanel caviar leather is a classic and timeless material, appropriate for different styles and occasions. It is available in various colors and hardware options that can match different outfits and preferences.

chanel caviar vs lambskin classic flap

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  • Stiffness: While the stiffness of Chanel caviar leather is a factor that contributes to its durability, it can also be a disadvantage for some who prefer softer, more pliable handbags. The leather may require some breaking in to feel more comfortable.
  • Texture: The pebbled texture of Chanel caviar leather may not be to everyone's liking. Some people may prefer smoother leathers such as lambskin, which has a more luxurious and delicate texture. In addition, if the bag is vintage, it might accumulate a lot of dust and grease between the grains, making the leather sticky and hard to clean.


Pros Cons
Very durable, not prone to scratches Once it's looses the shape, it's hard to restore it
Structured Rough and quite heavy
Good resale value Vintage bags need professional cleaning


Summary: When Should You Choose Chanel Caviar?

chanel caviar vs lambskin classic flap small

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A classic Chanel bag in caviar might be an excellent choice for you if the following qualities are valuable to you.


You don't want to baby your bag every time you go out, and you want to be sure its corners will not get scratched easily

You like structured silhouettes and stiff openings don't bother you.

Good resale value

If you plan to resell the purse sometime later, it makes sense to go with caviar just to make sure the bag will stay in its original condition due to its durability.


Chanel Lambskin

chanel caviar vs lambskin classic flap in lambskin

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Chanel used lambskin leather to manufacture theirs bags for over 70 years. It's the signature Chanel premium material, which is smooth and soft to the touch.

To ensure that the Lambskin leather is soft, the skin gets tanned along with the wool that remains on the skin which adds a smooth layer.

Lambskin is a luxurious material. At the same time, it's extremely vulnerable to scratches and color transfer, so you'll have to keep an eye on your bag. To preserve the natural beauty of a a lambskin bag, keep it away from anything that could create scratches or dents on its surface.


Chanel Lambskin Pros & Cons

chanel caviar vs lambskin which to choose

When it comes to Chanel lambskin leather, there are several pros and cons to consider.


  • Prestige: Lambskin leather is known for its incredibly smooth and soft texture, giving Chanel classic flap bags a luxurious feel.
  • Elegant and Supple Appearance: Chanel lambskin leather has a delicate and supple appearance, making it visually appealing to many fashion lovers.
  • Lightweight: Lambskin leather is lighter in weight compared to other leathers, including the Chanel caviar.

chanel caviar vs lambskin classic flap in lambskin pink

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  • Vulnerable to Scratches and Wear: Lambskin leather is relatively delicate and prone to scratches and marks, requiring careful handling and maintenance.
  • Less Durable than Caviar Leather: Compared to Chanel's caviar leather, lambskin is less durable, and its softness makes it more susceptible to damage from everyday use.
  • Requires Regular Care: Maintaining the beauty of lambskin leather means using the right leather conditioner for Chanel bags to preserve its softness and prevent aging or discoloration.


Chanel Lambskin Pros  Chanel Lambskin Cons
Velvety feel, the most luxurious leather Too vulnerable to scratches
Wide array of styles and colors available Expensive (keep in mind you won't wear it every day)
Elegant and supple Requires utmost storage
Lightweight Needs regular care


Summary: When Should You Choose Chanel Lambskin?

chanel lambskin leather

A classic Chanel bag in caviar might be an excellent choice for you if you consider the following qualities valuable:


No leather can compare to the luxurious feel of buttery soft lambskin. 

A bag for going out

If you're looking to purchase a handbag for going out, Chanel lambskin might be a better option, as it's clearly unique.

You're careful with handbags

If you don't have long nails and maintain all you bags in neat condition.


    Chanel Caviar vs. Lambskin Prices

    While you might wonder, which leather is more expensive, it's extremely hard to say which leather is more expensive, caviar or lambskin.

    When it comes to retail prices of Chanel classic flap bags, they're similar. A small Chanel flap bag retails for $9,600, whereas a medium-sized classic Chanel bag goes for $10,200 at the boutiques. Considering the size difference, the prices are the same.

    Caviar vs Lambskin Prices USD
    Chanel Small Classic Flap in Caviar $9,600
    Chanel Medium Classic Flap in Lambskin $10,200


    There's barely any difference when if comes to retail prices, and the same goes for the prices of vintage secondhand bags.

    If you're looking to purchase a secondhand Chanel, here are some factors that will determine Chanel pricing:

    • purse's condition
    • age of the purse
    • color
    • collection
    • size

    Mostly, the leather of the bag doesn't matter in terms of a secondhand bag's price. 


    Chanel Caviar vs Lambskin: Summary

    It's worth noting that personal preferences and lifestyle should also be considered when choosing between caviar and lambskin. If you drive a car and have dozens of designer handbags in your collection, Chanel lambskin might be a good choice. It will be just one of many bags that you take out from time to time.

    Need to Authenticate Chanel Caviar or Lambskin bag?

    We, at Bagaholic, offer authentication service for every fashionista in doubt.

    For starters, you can check the age of the bag you're going to buy. Check Chanel serial number online to see when a Chanel bag was manufactured.

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