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Chanel Mini Flap Reference Guide: Everything You Need to Know About The Smallest Chanel Bag

Chanel Mini Flap Reference Guide: Everything You Need to Know About The Smallest Chanel Bag

Talking about chic bags is never tiresome, especially if they are manufactured by Chanel. Here's your Chanel Mini Flap Reference Guide that includes everything you need to know about this iconic Chanel flap.

For over a century the brand has created several iconic purses that are pursued by fashion lovers all over the world. Having a Chanel bag is proof of exquisite taste, even if it is not a classic, like Chanel minis which are, nonetheless, among the most popular bags the fashion house sells. Here is our guide on these luxury beauties.



What Is a Chanel Mini Flap?

chanel flap mini size

Simply speaking, it is a miniature version of the Chanel classic flap bag. Indeed, when we look at Chanel minis we see all the distinctive features of the classic flap bag: the signature CC-lock on the front, a leather-interlaced chain, a single compartment, a zipped pocket, and a back outer pouch. 

Mini flap bags are not a part of the permanent line, they are released as seasonal bags. Although, lately they have appeared on runways every season, there was a time when fashion lovers started to think mini flaps had been discontinued. Their recent triumphant return attracted a lot of attention and the line has found new fans. Mini flaps are released in many colors and textures, but the most popular one is the legendary black. 



2 Types of Chanel Mini Flap: Rectangular and Square

chanel mini square vs rectangular

Chanel mini flap comes in 2 shapes, rectangular and square. A rectangular mini flap is a bit shorter and narrower than a square one. The length of the shoulder strap is also different. The strap of the rectangular mini flap is 23" long. The strap of a square mini is a bit shorter  (21") which makes it not very comfortable for cross-body wear. 

Until recently rectangular mini flaps were released with edge stitching. It made Chanel bags look more structured. But as minis are seasonal items it's hard to guess what Chanel will do next time. Mini flaps from the latest collection didn't have any edge stitching. Colors, material, and even shape might change. The only thing that doesn't change is the size.


Chanel Mini Flap Bag Sizes

The name itself points out that mini flaps are the smallest bags in the Chanel family. And it's natural that people are concerned about their sizes. While choosing a luxury purse to buy it's very important to make sure it won't only suit your style but will be spacious enough to fit your essentials. It would be a disaster to buy a chic and expensive bag and not be able to put a mobile phone inside. Luckily, Chanel mini flap bags are spacious enough and can fit not just a simple phone.

Rectangular Mini Flap 7.9" L x 4.7" H x 2.4" W
Square Mini Flap 6.7" L x 5.3" H x 3.1" W



What Fits In a Chanel Mini Flap?

Looking at a Chanel mini flap many people are questioning its practicality. What things can you fit inside such a tiny bag? Surprisingly, these purses are quite roomy if you know how to use space effectively. 

First, the Mini flap is a perfect addition to your outfit, when you don't need plenty of things. All essentials like car or house keys, a smartphone, and a lipstick fit in a Chanel mini flap easily. But check measurements of your phone, as it can be too big to fit a square mini flap. Both square and rectangular won't fit a full-size wallet, so you may take only some cash to put inside a zipped pocket. A coin purse is the largest type of wallet that you can easily fit inside. A flat cardholder, a driving license, or an ID can fit into the small Mona Lisa pocket on the back of the purse.


Where to Find a Serial Number in a Chanel Mini Flap bag?

If you're looking for a secondhand Mini Flap, it will have a Chanel serial number inside. To locate it, just open the purse and take a look at the left bottom corner inside the purse.

Modern Mini flaps, however, have chips inside. The chip is attached on the front part, on the back of the clasp.


How Much Are Chanel Mini Flap Bags: US vs UK vs Europe

A Chanel bag is an amazing investment, because the fashion house tends to increase prices for their purses. The cheapest Chanel mini flap bags are now available for customers in the UK, as the fashion house relocated its headquarters to London in 2018.

Here are the most recent price guides for all Chanel Classic Purses: 

After the usual price increase, a square mini flap purse became £2400, and a rectangular model costs £2730 for. In Europe, the birthplace of Chanel, the mini collection is also relatively affordable. The official retail price of a square mini flap bag is 2680€, and the rectangular mini flap costs 3050€. Besides, if you are a foreigner, you can enjoy a VAT refund. Customers from the USA would pay $3500 for a rectangular Chanel mini flap plus sales tax of the state.

         UK Europe  USA
Chanel Mini Flap (square)  £2400 3050€  $3500
Chanel Mini Flap (rectangular)  £2730 2680€  $3200



How Is Chanel Mini Different From Chanel Classic Flap?

It has been already mentioned that mini flaps resemble the iconic classic flap bag. But when examining two purses closely, it's easy to spot some differences.


Mini flap is significantly smaller in size than any of the variations of the classic flap bag. If you prefer to travel light or need to carry just a few essentials in your luxury purse, mini flap is the best choice.


All classic flap bags are rectangular and the mini model exists in a square shape but looks as elegant. This feature makes it stand out from other purses.


Chanel mini flaps are seasonal pieces, so they cost relatively less than other legendary bags of the brand.


The classical model has two flaps, while mini has only one. Chanel lovers say that it makes mini flap even more spacious than it looks.

If you want to know more about Chanel Classic flap bags and other world-famous styles, check our article on the top 3 most iconic Chanel bags.



Are Chanel Mini Flap Bags Worth It: Pros and Cons

Buying a Chanel bag is always exciting. However, it is quite an investment. If you have doubts about your choice, we have gathered all the arguments in favor of getting a mini flap and against it.




If you want an exquisite and elegant bag from Chanel, this is your chance! Mini flap has almost all the features of the classical flap bag but costs twice less and looks as stylish.


Mini flap will be suitable for both an evening outfit and an everyday look. The size allows you to take it to a dinner party or to run errands. It's a perfect addition to a cocktail dress or a casual outfit.


The bag is comfortable for cross-body wear. There's nothing to add here, everyone understands the importance of this!


Owning a mini bag is very popular right now. What can be more wonderful than having one from the legendary brand? The Chanel fashion house made the right call when they decided to return these mini beauties.

Shape and Size

If you manage to buy a square mini flap you will be in possession of something unique, as it is the only Chanel flap bag of this shape. A small size of the bag allows you to play with colors, while choosing your purse, as a mini bag won't be overwhelming your outfit.




Yes, it is also a con for some people who want to possess something exclusive. The wave of popularity of small bags made Chanel mini flap a must-have for many purse lovers. 


If you have many essentials to carry with you, the limited space of the Chanel mini flap might not be enough for you. You won't fit an iPad there, or even your smartphone, if it is quite big, might be too large for this bag.

Not a Classic

If you want to purchase a true classical purse, Chanel mini flap is not for you. It is only a seasonal piece. Moreover, no one knows how Chanel mini flap will look like next season. Fashion house releases bags in different colors, shapes, and materials. Mini flap might not appear next season at all. All this makes it hard to find the perfect variant.


So, is it worth it? A general answer is, obviously, yes! Although it depends a lot on your style and income. Chanel Mini Flap is significantly lower in price than any other purse of the brand but it is still expensive. It's not considered a classical bag of the fashion house but it has the same excellent quality and looks cute, elegant, and stylish.

Mini Flap is perfect for daily wear and can serve you for many happy years. It's also a great investment too, as Chanel normally increases the retail price of all their items. Buying a Mini Flap is buying something exclusive, as they are released in limited quantity and are changed from season to season.


What To Do Next?

If you are considering buying a Chanel Mini Flap on the pre-loved market, beware of counterfeits and read our guide on how to authenticate a Chanel Mini Flap

And if you are still not convinced watch our video reviews and comparisons of Chanel Mini Flap and other luxury purses. 


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