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13 Designer Laptop Bags For Women That Fit a MacBook Pro 15"

13 Designer Laptop Bags For Women That Fit a MacBook Pro 15"

The most popular question on every purse forum «Which designer bag should I buy to fit my laptop?» is finally answered. We are glad to offer you over 15 options of designer laptop bags for women and men that fit a MacBook Pro 15", with all the details and measurements! For your convenience, we've divided them into several groups according to each fashion house.

Some of the bags from our selection are actual designer laptop bags for women or men, others are just spacious enough to fit a laptop

When fashion houses started to create their stylish masterpieces women carried only small purses to carry just a lipstick and keys. Over time it became clear that we need more spacious bags for our essentials. Carrying a laptop has become a must, so the consumer demand shifted towards laptop bags.

Let's see which designer laptop bags for women are available on the resale market.  

Louis Vuitton Fashion House

Louis Vuitton Galliera GM

designer laptop bags for women from louis vuitton galliera fits macbook

Galliera GM has an open top with a single magnetic button and can be worn on a shoulder. The signature LV canvas makes this bag a luxury purchase for every modern woman.

This roomy Louis Vuitton hobo is one of the best designer laptop bags for women if you own a MacBook Pro 15" or 15.7". It's spacious, so you will have extra space for other items. The only downside is that the purse only has one large compartment, so you'll need to protect your laptop with cover to avoid scratches.

As Galliera is available in several sizes, make sure you get the GM size. It's the largest. 

Dimensions of the bag: 19.7" L x 7.9" W x 13.4" H.

If you think that this bag is for you, if have a Galliera GM in stock in our online consignment shop!


Louis Vuitton Antheia Hobo Bag

louis vuitton laptop bag antheia hobo

Louis Vuitton Antheia is a great choice for everyone who is carrying her bag the whole day. It has two great advantages: it's super light-weight and roomy. It's so huge that it easily fits a MacBook Pro 15" and an even larger laptop.

With its relaxed look, Antheia has one large inside compartment, so don't forget to use a cover for your device. A single handle is thick and allows you to carry the purse on the shoulder.

Dimensions: 17" L x 6" W x 12" H.

If you want this purse to become your everyday laptop bag, it's discontinued. However, check out our store. We might have an Antheia Hobo bag in good pre-owned condition!


Louis Vuitton Brea MM

louis vuitton laptop bag brea mm

This vintage Brea is one of the best Louis Vuitton purses to take to the office and it also fits a MacBook 15". But you might not like the idea of not being able to close your Brea after putting your device in it. One zipper closure won't function easily with a MacBook 15" inside. So for a larger laptop, it is not the best idea.

However, if you use a smaller device (13") a Brea MM might become a stylish laptop bag. With a laptop of this size, you will be able to close the bag. If you want to authenticate Louis Vuitton Brea, use our date code checker.

Dimensions: 13.25" L x 5" W x 10" H.


Louis Vuitton Shelton GM

louis vuitton laptop bag shelton

Measurements: 15" L x 3.5" W x 11" H.

The Shelton messenger was specially created by Louis Vuitton for carrying documents and laptops. It was designed to fit a MacBook 15", so it's an excellent men's designer laptop bag.

Although it looks like a bag made for men, women can use it as well. The bag has several compartments and a zipped closure with an additional flap with a magnetic button. Shelton is convenient to wear on the shoulder. All in all, it's a great Louis Vuitton laptop bag for women and men


Louis Vuitton Roman GM

louis vuitton laptop bag roman mm hobo

Roman GM is another vintage men's laptop bag by the Louis Vuitton fashion house that is convenient for documents.

The unisex style of this laptop bag is suitable for both men and women. It is a bit smaller than Shelton GM but thanks to a flap it can fit a 15" laptop, though not perfectly. Roman GM laptop bag might be useful when you don't have a choice, the bag still looks nice even with a large laptop inside. But if you own a smaller device you won't face any problems, it fits great.

Measurements: 14.5" L x 5" W x 11" H.


Louis Vuitton Lockit MM

louis vuitton laptop bag suhali

Surprisingly for all fashion lovers, the iconic Suhali Lockit from goat leather can also fit a 15" laptop. But we do not advise to carry a large laptop inside. This vintage bag barely fits it, and you don't want your device to be put into it with effort.

However, for a smaller laptop, Lockit is perfect. The purse has one large compartment and a zipped top closure. Two handles allow to wear the Lockit either in hands or on the elbow, which might not be convenient for carrying a laptop.

Measurements: 13.4" L x 7.1" W x 11.8" H.

If you have already fallen in love with this iconic model in black Suhali leather, check our online shop, we have this Louis Vuttion Lockit in stock!


Louis Vuitton Bosphore Backpack

louis vuitton laptop bag bosphore

Measurements: 12.25 L x 4.5" W x 14.25" H.

One of the top-selling Louis Vuitton backpacks is also good for a laptop. It is spacious enough to fit a MacBook 15" inside and you will even be able to close it. But once you see the shape the backpack acquired and the edges of the laptop sticking outside you'll give up this idea. Although for a laptop of smaller size it is a great solution. Use a cover to protect your laptop when carrying it in the Bosphore backpack. 


Yves Saint Laurent Fashion House

Saint Laurent Amber Tote

Best Designer Laptop Bags That Fit a MacBook Pro 15

Spacious and elegant, this bag is big enough to fit a MacBook 15" but it is extremely difficult to carry it without damaging the gentle leather of the purse or the laptop. Laptops of smaller sizes are preferable for this bag. The top of the bag is open, and there is only one zipped pocket among several compartments inside. Measurements: 14" L x 5.75" W x 10.25" H.


Saint Laurent Shopper Perforated Leather Tote

Best Designer Laptop Bags That Fit a MacBook Pro 15"

This purse was created for carrying many essential things and it will also fit a 15" laptop, although it might be not convenient to wear a large laptop in this bag because it barely fits.

For smaller laptops, this YSL bag is a wonderful idea, especially if you use a protection cover. The shopper has only one large compartment and double handles to wear on the shoulder.

Measurements: 14" L x 5" W x 11.15" H.


Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Large Bag

Best Designer Laptop Bags That Fit a MacBook Pro 15" ysl

The name of the bag itself says that it was designed to carry all the essentials, including a laptop. A MacBook 15" will fit inside and there will be still a lot of space for other stuff. The bag has two large compartments with an open top. Measurements: 14.2" L x 7.4" W x 10.7" H.


Chanel Fashion House

Chanel GST XL Bag

Best Designer Laptop Bags That Fit a MacBook Pro 15" chanel shopping tote

A large shopping bag by Chanel is perfect for a MacBook 15". Its interior is divided into two compartments, so carrying a laptop with other things won't be a problem. This bag is ideal for office and extremely elegant. Two handles with silver chains have special leather pads for shoulders which makes it an ideal bag for daily use. One of the best MacBook Pro bag for ladies!

Measurements: 17" L x 5" W x 10" H.


Chanel Cerf Tote

Best Designer Laptop Bags That Fit a MacBook Pro 15" chanel serf tote

One of the few bags in our list that has a detachable shoulder strap. The length of the bag allows you to fit a 15" laptop, though it will be impossible to close it. In case if that's not a problem you can carry your laptop in this Chanel purse. With smaller devices, it will be possible to close the bag.  TheCerf tote is equipped with the well-known CC-lock. Measurements: 15" L x 7" W x 9" H.


Chanel Paris Biarritz

Best Designer Laptop Bags That Fit a MacBook Pro 15" chanel biarritz

This bag was created for Chanel's travel collection and you may rest assured that it is huge. One the the best designer laptop bags for women, it's designed to fit a MacBook 15", as well as other things you might need. It has a large roomy compartment with a zipped closure on the top. There are several pockets for small things both inside and outside the bag.

Chanel Biarritz is one of the best MacBook Pro bag for ladies. It's also timeless so even though this silhouette has been discontinued by Chanel, no one will ever find out cause it stays so relevant.

Measurements: 15" L x 6" W x 12" H.


Hermes Fashion House

Hermes Double Sens

Best Designer Laptop Bags That Fit a MacBook Pro 15" hermes double sens

A simple but spacious bag by Hermes. The bag has no hardware but it is perfect for carrying a laptop. The Double Sens bag exists in two sizes, both are roomy enough to fit a MacBook 15". The bag is convenient to wear on the shoulder but it is impossible to put it on the floor. Measurements of the smaller Double Sens 36: 14" L x 3.9" W x 11" H.


Hermes Evelyne TGM

Best Designer Laptop Bags That Fit a MacBook Pro 15" hermes evelyn

A great and stylish bag to carry a laptop. TGM is the biggest size in the Hermes Evelyne collection. Is has a comfortable shoulder strap. The interior has only one compartment, so a cover for a laptop is a must. A MacBook 15" will fit in the bag perfectly. Measurements: 15.4" L x 3.5" W x 14.6" H.


Hermes Garden Party 36

Best Designer Laptop Bags That Fit a MacBook Pro 15" hermes garden party

An elegant bag for a small laptop. Although the size of the purse is big enough to fit a MacBook 15", it might damage the bag. The form of the Garden Party also doesn't allow to put a big device inside. When carrying a laptop in this Hermes bag use a cover to avoid scratches. The purse has two handles to wear on the elbow or in hands and a snap closure. Measurements: 13.5" L x 6.5" W x 10" H.

You can buy a pre-loved Hermes Garden Party in our online shop with a 50% discount!


Hermes Birkin 35

Best Designer Laptop Bags That Fit a MacBook Pro 15" hermes birkin


First of all, the Hermes Birkin bag is a dream of every fashion lover. No one actually considers beforehand what to put inside, because first you need to lay your hands on the legendary purse.

If you plan to carry a MacBook 15" in Birkin 35, we're sorry to deliver the bad news. It will tightly squeeze inside. And that's what you don't really want for this kind of purse. Although it is possible to carry smaller laptops in your Birkin bag.

Measurements: 13.75" L x 4.25" W x 11" H.


Other Designer Laptop Bags Worth Mentioning

Gucci Ophidia GG Tote

This bag was designed to make your business days easier and stylish. It's convenient to wear and has a lot of space for all your documents and, of course, your laptop. A MacBook 15" slips inside the bag without any effort. The bag has an open top and one huge compartment for all your essentials. Measurements: 17.2" L x 5.9" W x 12.9" H


Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Tote

This roomy bag from the Italian brand is available in different sizes. The largest one is spacious enough to let MacBook 15" slip inside easily. The interior of the bag is conveniently divided into two compartments. Solid chain handles with shoulder pads make the bag convenient to wear the whole day. With a 15" laptop it will be impossible to close the bag but smaller sized devices will fit perfectly. Measurements: 15.7" L x 6.3" W x 9.8" H

If you want to actually see how these purses fit a 15" Macbook Pro and how they look like with the laptop inside, watch this video!


Our constantly changing world dictates its own rules. A modern woman is always on the move. She needs to be a professional but also wants to emphasize her feminine nature. That's why more and more women are looking for stylish bags to carry all the documents and devices they need for work, and we created a list of best 12 designer laptop bags for women!

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