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Dior Diorama Bag Reference Guide

Dior Diorama Bag Reference Guide

Dior bag is a lifelong dream for the fashionistas all over the world. Such a legendary bag is one of the best options to invest in and to add to your luxury wardrobe. Since Dior Diorama bag was released, it immediately became an it-bag. Here is our Dior Diorama Reference guide to help you decide if you need one. 



Diorama bag is quite a recent addition to the French fashion house collection. It debuted under the creative direction of Raf Simons and was first presented at the 2015 Spring-Summer fashion show. But despite its young age, it has already become as successful and iconic as the timeless Lady Dior.

Lots of celebrities immediately started wearing Diorama after its official release in 2015. For example, Rihanna immediately fell in love with Diorama and Raf Simons signed one of the bags for her. So this small exquisite bag quickly turned into an it-bag.



The sophisticated design of the Diorama bag is ideal for strong and ambitious modern women. This is a harmonious combination between femininity and seriousness, futuristic and classic style.

Diorama is a classic flap bag. The main decorative detail is Dior's signature cannage motif: a large or micro embossed pattern. The bags are made of grained or smooth calfskin and feature crest-shaped magnetic clasp.

Diorama comes with a long adjustable chain/leather strap so you can comfortably carry it on the shoulder or across the body, and it is detachable.

The interior of Diorama is crafted in tone-on-tone or black thick leather or suede. Usually Diorama bags have a large inner compartment, 1 zipped pocket and 1 flat pocket.

When Dior creates new Diorama bags, they try out new textures, colors and even sizes. The 2015 Diorama used to be represented in 5 sizes: the WOC (7.5' x 4.7'), the Micro (5.5' x 3.5'), the Mini / Small (7.5' x 5'), the Medium (10' x 6') and finally, the Large (11.5' x 7'). The 2020 lineup has 3 sizes: the WOC (8' x 4.5') the Diorama bag (10' x 6') and the Diorama clutch (7.5' x 5').



The Diorama lineup consists of clutches, bags and wallets in different materials and designs. Starting from 2015 his lineup has been continuously changing. In the last years Dior was experimenting with shapes, leathers, bright colors, bird and flower prints and various patterns.

The 2020 Diorama collection features unconventional textures like metallic, satin, or ultra-matte finish. As far as colors are concerned, they are sophisticated nude (champagne, blue-gray, powder pink, silver-tone) or classical black.


Price Comparison: USA vs UK vs Europe





Diorama clutch 

$1,650 - $1,750

£1,200 - £1,300 ($1,485 - $1,610)

€1,250  - €1,350 ($1,360 - $1,470)

Diorama bag

$3,600 - $3,900

£2,600 ($3,220)

€2,750 ($2,990)

Diorama wallet 

Not available

£450 - £930 

($560 - $1,150)

€480 - €980 




Dior Diorama vs Chanel Boy

Dior Diorama is often compared to Chanel Boy. The bags are pretty similar, and Dior is even sometimes accused that they copied the Chanel Boy's design as it was released three years earlier (if you want to see for yourself, check our article on top 3 most iconic Chanel bags). Let’s see: which bag is more suitable for your wallet and wardrobe?

The price for a Chanel Boy starts from $4,200 while if you want a Diorama, be ready to spend at least $3,200.

The most popular size is almost similar: the Diorama bag is 10 x 6 x 3″; the Chanel Boy is 10 x 6 x 3.5. But both bags come in a variety of sizes.

The interior of a Chanel Boy is always fabric while that of a Diorama is lined with suede or leather.

Chanel Boy features a clasp that you need to press to open. Diorama has the magnetic opening, so that you can easily open it with one hand.

The chain strap of a Chanel Boy is quite heavy. The Diorama chains are very light because the chain links have been hollowed out. 

And last but not least, Chanel Boy has a large signature logo on the front while Diorama doesn't shout Dior with the logo being hardly noticeable.

If you are a fan of Dior or Chanel, it’s not a question for you: just choose your beloved brand. Both bags are incredibly beautiful! But if the brand doesn't matter that much, think about your wardrobe. If you need a bright spot of blue, red, yellow, or green, choose Chanel as it comes in a variety of different colours. If you need an elegant nude or black accessory to complete your outfit, choose Dior.

The idea of both bags is to complement the look of a strong and ambitious woman of any age. Both designs represent a perfect balance between classic and modern style, so they’re suitable for both 25-year-old and 60-year-old women. 

And if it is your first designer bag and you are considering of buying a pre-loved one, check our guide to choosing your first preloved designer bag. But if you are planning to buy a pre-loved high-end bag, the best decision is to get professional authentication first in order not to end up with a fake one. 

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